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The 20 Most Beautiful Mandala Coloring Pages to Draw and Paint

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Not only can you draw Mandalas yourself, but they are also ideal for printing and coloring for young and old. Mandalas are especially suitable for children, as they can have different degrees of difficulty depending on the fineness of the design. Below we have included a wide range of free mandala coloring pages, which you can use for private use free of charge.



Understanding Coloring Mandalas

A Mandala is a geometrical form, which has magical or spiritual meaning for different faiths. In Western culture, on the other hand, the artistic geometric shapes serve for relaxation and meditative activity.


Where Do Mandalas Come From?

The art form is already very old. The first cave paintings in the form of circles with a central point were painted about 25,000 years ago. Also in the culture of the Indians, Aborigines or the Celts there were round geometric drawings with a center. In Asia, this form of drawing was then further refined. Colors also came into play at this time. Thus the representations of mandalas as we know and appreciate them today developed.



Instructions for Mandala Coloring Pages

Coloring mandalas is very meditative for children as well as adults a pleasant leisure activity. Coloring mandalas is even said to have therapeutic qualities. This is probably due to the fact that by coloring mandalas you allow yourself to immerse yourself in an activity and live in the moment.

You open the door to your creativity and ground yourself. Mandalas to color are very suitable for meditation – Tibetan monks use mandalas as a meditation exercise for a reason. The work on the mandala coloring pages strengthens concentration and focus. This is suitable for every age group.

But the most important thing is clear: The main reason is to have fun!

For this reason, we have put together some printable mandalas to color in, so that you can get started right away. You can simply click on the free mandala coloring pages and open them with the PDF Reader. There you can print out the coloring pictures directly or save them on your hard disk for later use. These are free templates and images that you can use and print out for personal use without restriction.



Mandala Coloring Pages for Kids

These mandala coloring pages for kids are a little easier to fill in because they contain larger areas. However, they are also suitable for adults.


mandala coloring pages


mandala coloring pages 2

,mandala coloring pages 5 mandala coloring pages 3 mandala coloring pages 4



Printable Mandalas to Color for Adults

These mandalas are not only suitable for adults and professionals for coloring, but also for patient children and teenagers.

printable mandalas printable mandalas 2 mandalas to color 5 mandalas to color 4 mandalas to color 2 mandalas to color 3 printable mandalas 5 mandalas to color mandala coloring pages 4 mandala coloring pages 5 mandala coloring pages 3 mandala coloring pages 2 mandala coloring pages printable mandalas 3 printable mandalas 4



Instructions: Paint and Draw the Mandala Yourself

Drawing and painting mandalas yourself can also be a therapeutic process. You can add as many details as you want, and create a mandala that is completely personalized to you and your style. This can be a very rewarding process for anyone wanting to advance from just coloring in printable mandalas.


So if you enjoy painting mandalas, you should definitely try to draw your own artwork from scratch. You can combine this perfectly with the Zentangle technique too. Enjoy printing out these mandalas and getting lost in the coloring process – it can be a seriously therapeutic activity for all ages!


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