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Welcome to craft-art.com, your blog for DIY, Crafting and Painting. Have you always wanted to be creative and explore your DIY skills? Did you always want to be an artist or just start painting as a hobby? Do you want to improve your skills and knowledge in home decor and crafting? Then we got you covered. On craft-art.com, you find all the Tutorials, Inspirations and so much more about DIY, art, and craft topics. Immerse yourself in our creative world!


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Rebecca Fleming  [ Interior Designer, Crafting Maniac, Content Editor ]


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Israel Benloulou  [ Digital Artist and Content Creator ]


izzybllIsrael Benloulou aka IzzyBll is a digital artist and content creator from Israel, currently living in South Africa. Originally, he started his career in videography but later shifted his focus to digital graphic art. He specializes in using digital drawing software like Photoshop and Procreate. Drawing and photo editing have always come naturally to Izzy, and he now has 5 years of experience in the industry, working on commissions for various renowned brands such as Audi. Izzy creates drawing tutorials on his drawing tablet and produces related content for Craft Art since 2021.

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Robert Thompson  [ Woodworker, DIY-Expert, Content Writer ]


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