Places That Will Cut Wood for You

Places That Will Cut Wood for You – Best Wood Cutting Services

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Many DIY and craft projects involve wood and in some cases, it can be a bit of a headache to cut a large piece of lumber, particularly if you do not own the right tools. While it can be tempting to try to power through a piece of oak with a standard hand saw, we implore you not to do that. Instead, there are plenty of places that will cut wood for you for next to nothing. Below, we have listed all of the information that you would need when it comes to finding out where to get wood cut.



Home Improvement Stores

If you were to run a Google search stating, “wood cutting services near me”, we guarantee that you will have a few home improvement stores pop up. These are establishments that offer wood and other building supplies. Lowe’s, The Home Depot, and Menards are among them. These shops should not be leaned on to make accurate cuts for construction projects. However, if you only need a few bits of wood chopped, they will typically do it if you ask.

Most home improvement shop chains only do rough cuts when it comes to breaking down sheet wood as well as dimensional lumber so that consumers may take the wood they purchased home.

Companies do not want personnel to be tied down for hours cutting special orders, nor do they want customers to complain when the wood is not cut to their precise requirements. Rough cuts imply that they cannot be guaranteed to be accurate. Rough-cut ends might not be perfectly square or to the lengths you specify.

Guide to Wood Cutting Services

Due to safety concerns, home improvement stores will not allow consumers to use accessible saws to cut wood. Some companies may rent you tools in exchange for a deposit including a signed risk waiver. You will find some of the most popular places that will cut wood for you below with their policies regarding cutting wood.


The Home Depot

The majority of consumers buy lumber from large box retailers. This is due to the fact that they are easily accessible, often inexpensive, and virtually always have popular timber kinds in store.

Surprisingly, most large box retailers provide free basic wood-cutting facilities and charge a nominal cost for extra cuts. The Home Depot is a great example in case you were wondering, “will Home Depot cut wood for you?”.

Every Home Depot location offers a cutting service in the back of the store that provides straight cuts in accordance with The Home Depot wood-cutting standards. However, the quantity of cuts available varies in each store. For example, the nearby Home Depot may provide at least three cuts, but other locations may only offer one.

Home Depot Will Cut Wood

The services are overseen by a professional shop worker. As a result, you can count on highly competent services. Furthermore, Home Depot saws can handle all sorts of cuts as well as wood varieties. They even have dimensional cutouts available. Will Home Depot cut wood for you? Yes, but unless you make a special request, Home Depot does not normally cut engineered wood items.

  • Standard cuts are free
  • Professional customer service
  • Offers dimensional wood-cutting services
  • Will cut a broad range of solid woods
  • Will only cut wood that has been bought at the store
  • Will not cut engineered wood



Seeing that we are looking at different home improvement stores, you are likely wondering, “will Lowe’s cut wood for you?”. In fact, Lowe’s cuts engineered wood quickly, compared to The Home Depot, which requires official requests. Nonetheless, there are some things that you should be aware of about Lowe’s wood-cutting services.

Lowe's Will Cut Wood for You

First, will Lowe’s cut wood for you for free? Sadly, no. Initially, the store provided free wood cutting. However, the free wood-cutting solutions were discontinued as part of a recent Lowe’s policy review. Instead, just the initial cut is now free, with subsequent cuts costing a nominal price.

The plan is to simply cut wood so it fits into your truck or car. Anything outside of that is subject to a fee.

Second, does Lowe’s cut lumber to length? The situation is not as simple as it was previously. You will, of course, be liable to pay for the additional cuts. But, even more significantly, Lowe’s is on a quest to increase worker productivity. If you want your wood cut to size, you need to be equipped with the number of cuts, indicators, and precise measurements. If you were wondering, “does Ace Hardware cut wood?”, they do and it is a good alternative to Lowe’s.

  • Excellent customer service
  • A broad range of cuts are offered
  • Engineered wood and solid boards will be cut
  • You cannot bring wood bought from another store
  • You will need to pay to have your wood cut



Menards stores will also cut wood for you. Perhaps you have read on a few blogs that it does not. While they do cut wood, the only issue is that it is not free. Furthermore, Menards does not cut wood from outside the store. That is the policy of the company.

Your Menards location defines the types of cuts and lengths of wood that may be made, so it will be different depending on where you go.

The cost of wood cutting varies from store to store. Costs are primarily determined by the kind of wood, the sort of cut, and the total length of the cut. Many retailers; however, charge $1 for each rough cut. If you are lucky, you could receive the first couple of cuts for free. We feel that this is one of the best places to go if you are unsure of where to get wood cut as they will cut a variety of different wood from boards to treated wood. However, they do not cut plywood as this is already available precut.

  • Cuts and sells scrap wood
  • Very professional customer service
  • Tool rentals are available
  • More cost-effective than other stores
  • Plywood cutting is not available
  • No precision cuts are offered
  • Only available in 14 states (WY, IL, NE, WV, MO, MI, WI, SD, IA, KY, ND, IN, OH, KS)



Local Sawmills

We will admit that one of the last places that we would consider to have wood cut is a local sawmill. But if you think about it, it would not be a bad idea since they primarily deal with local tradesmen. This means that they need to ensure that each cut is exactly to the specifications that were provided. However, you will more than likely be paying more for a cut, but we believe that this is worth it as it is more difficult to try and shave off pieces of wood to meet specific dimensions.

The reality is that this is the only location on our list dedicated to sawing logs into wood pieces and huge boards down to smaller, perfect-size plates. So you can immediately see the advantages.

In general, a sawmill provides any type of wood-cutting service you would require. Sawmills, for example, use massive power equipment to cut any sort of wood be it soft or hard. They also have skilled personnel to provide professional guidance and other services. The main disadvantage is that sawmills tend to be ideal for huge projects. Therefore, carrying a few boards of wood to the sawmill just to be cut to size is inefficient and may be costly. Sawmills usually have pre-cut wood on hand, so it would not hurt to ask if they have what you are looking for before buying wood to be cut.

Sawmill will Cut Wood for You

In addition to the wood that they have on hand, sawmills are more than likely to be stocked with specialty lumber. The reason for this is that they generally deal with contractors or those who work in the construction industry, so they usually ensure that they have a broad selection of lumber variations on hand. Pricing is usually between $0.25 and $0.50 per board; however, this could change depending on your location and you may end up paying more if it is a small job.

  • Excellent wood-cutting services that can be tailored to your specifications
  • You may get a discounted rate for larger projects
  • Have a large selection of power tools that allow for very specific cuts
  • Can be very expensive for smaller projects
  • Not as accessible as home improvement stores



Local Workshops

Workshops are not always the most ideal places to cut wood. However, a few shop proprietors are gracious enough to do so, sometimes for free. It frequently relies on the connection you have with the owner as well as the amount of effort that is required to have the wood cut.

It is important to note that not all of workshops are set up for woodworking, as some of them might specialize in metalwork, which means that they might not have the best equipment needed to cut wood.

A workshop owner, for instance, may not be willing to chop an enormous amount of lumber for free. Some people will not do it for money. As a result, we recommend that you only take lumber to a nearby workshop for cutting if you are on good terms with the owner. Furthermore, consider this solution just for light loads.

Cut Wood at Local Workshop

The ability to order any wood-cutting service is a significant benefit of cutting wood at the local workshop. Most workshops include circular saws, power saws, band saws, and other equipment since they, too, require these pieces of machinery for everyday work. Some workshops may specialize in working with specific types of projects, for example, cutting countertops or panels for closets.

  • Specialty cuts are an option
  • No queues
  • Easily accessible
  • Unsuitable for large wood projects
  • Woodworking tools are not always available for special cuts


Community Makerspace

A maker space is a communal workshop where expertise and equipment are available. In addition, you can use the communal space’s wood-cutting instruments. Nevertheless, the equipment is frequently insufficient to meet all of the demands of the people in the space.

Community Makerspaces will Cut Wood

Furthermore, the performance of the tools may be compromised due to improper handling by amateurs. However, you must be a member in order for your wood to be cut at the maker space. You can also utilize a member’s membership if you know them. Here you will have access to basic saws, such as a table saw or a circular saw. You might not be able to get the most intricate cuts, but it is enough if you are looking for simple cuts.

  • A cost-effective option if you are learning basic woodworking techniques
  • Access to a variety of basic equipment and power tools
  • A great space if you live in a city where garage space is uncommon
  • Tools are rarely in good condition
  • Plenty of people that you would need to share with


Trade Schools and High School Shop Classes

Cutting services are provided by local high school shop courses and trade schools in return for student experience. Students are supervised by a teacher. However, the cuts may be imperfect, and if precise cuts are required, this might not be the ideal solution. This does not imply that all of the students are incapable of making precise cuts, but rather that mistakes should be expected, especially for the fee, or lack thereof.

Woodshop Students Will Cut Wood for You

Depending on the course, cutting tools might be restricted to table saws as well as circular saws. As with a makerspace, the tools may not meet all demands, and the standard of the hardware may be degraded due to the use of novices who might not use it properly. Students will not provide perfect cuts, but they will provide basic cuts that will allow you to work with the lumber at home.

  • Beginner carpenters and woodworkers gain experience
  • Cheap and sometimes free
  • There is usually one nearby
  • Precise cuts are not guaranteed


Local Carpenters

Carpenters are much like handymen but with an exceptional knowledge of wood with the skills to back it up. Carpenters in your area are a fantastic choice for cutting wood for the work you are doing.

Many carpenters have the equipment and skills to accurately cut wood to your requirements. All you will need are the precise measurements and supplies.

For example, if you bought a digital plan for a structure, it would most likely come with a complete list of material lengths as well as assembly instructions. Then you will need the wood and the tools to make accurate cuts. You may have a local carpenter do the cuts while you manage the assembly. They are excellent at executing custom-cut wood at various angles.

Carpenters Will Cut Wood for You

A nearby lumber yard is a wonderful spot to look for a carpenter. Many carpenters’ business cards will be placed on a notice board or on a card rack near the front register. Another great way to find a reliable carpenter is through Google reviews and word-of-mouth, as people will rarely lie about their experience with a particular individual, particularly if the overwhelming majority has given this person a five-star online rating.

  • Perfect for custom work
  • Has a variety of tools at their disposal for different types of cuts
  • Can give you advice regarding your project
  • Can be expensive



Woodworking Shops

If you were to run a Google search for “wood cutting service near me”, you would likely get hits on a range of stores such as The Home Depot and Lowe’s. However, if you are planning to cut an expensive hardwood, the last thing you would want is a novice attempting to run it through a table saw.

Specialists will Cut Wood for You

Woodworking shops vary from maker spaces in that they are particularly designed to meet the demands of woodworkers. This implies that they will frequently have specialized equipment, such as lathes, that will perform well for distinctive wood cutting. Woodworking shops will cut wood for you and all you need to do is provide them with the dimensions and the wood.

You can also provide any further remarks for them to get started with. These establishments always charge a fee, although their work is excellent and their knowledge is unparalleled. When it comes to custom projects, you will more than likely need to consult them to determine the length and cost of the project.

Some woodworking shops are usually known for a particular type of service, so it would be best to find out what they have to offer beforehand. The staff is significantly more knowledgeable about the different wood projects and how to work with different species of wood compared to those at home improvement stores, so it would be a good idea to check them out online or via their respective social media pages. This will give you a good idea of what to expect regarding their craftsmanship and the type of projects that they generally work with.

  • Can be commissioned for special projects
  • You will get expert advice on various wood-related topics
  • Specialized cuts are available
  • Not as accessible
  • Can be expensive



Online Wood Cutting Services

There are a variety of factors that have contributed to the popularity of wood-cutting services in recent years. While the development of various services as a whole has surged, wood-cutting is one that has become incredibly popular for DIY enthusiasts. Most people are more comfortable with project assembly rather than cutting raw materials.

Online wood-cutting services will also allow you to get wood delivered on the same day as well as a variety of finishing services that will allow you to focus on the assembly of your project.

These platforms will usually have a variety of materials for you to choose from such as metal, plastic, and wood. While this is incredibly convenient, you should take note of the delivery fees that are listed on the websites. Some companies will deliver for free if your purchase exceeds a certain amount, so try and only use it for large quantities of wood.

Online Merchants will Cut Wood

Some of the most reputable online wood-cutting services include Cut My Plastic, Xometry, Woodcutters Depot, and Ponoko. Ultimately, this is one of the best options if you are looking for a quick and easy way of having wood cut and delivered to your doorstep.

  • Convenient
  • Discounts and reduced prices are common
  • No need to worry about transporting wood
  • Exotic wood species are not commonly available
  • Can get very expensive


Finding places that will cut wood for you is not a difficult process, as you can easily run a quick Google search and get hits on multiple businesses that provide the service. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that there are only a handful of places that specialize in certain types of cuts, so if you are after something specific, it would be best to shop around online or at specialty workshops. Getting wood cut for you is a great way to minimize waste and avoid mistakes and by doing this, you can get the best results for your project. Good luck!




Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Some of the Best Places That Will Cut Wood for You?

There are a variety of hardware and home improvement stores that will be more than happy to cut your wood for you. This includes True Value, Menards, Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, and Home Depot. Ultimately, it depends on the nearest places to you that will cut wood for you.


Are Wood Cutting Services Expensive?

Wood cutting services are usually free when you buy lumber at that specific store. However, if you bought the wood somewhere else, you will need to pay a small fee. Fortunately, this is nowhere near what you would pay if you were to buy power tools to cut the wood yourself. However, online wood-cutting services and local carpenters can get very expensive if you are looking at getting specialized cuts.


Does Ace Hardware Cut Wood?

Yes, they do! However, Ace Hardware is well-known for only doing rough cuts, which means that they exclusively cut untreated wood into planks. While Ace Hardware does cut wood, we would recommend going elsewhere as you can get specialty and custom cuts at your local lumber mill.

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