how to draw a unicorn

How to Draw a Unicorn – Step by Step Instructions

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Unicorns have enjoyed great popularity for a long time. Originally the mythical creature was the star in the comic film “The Last Unicorn”, today it is a symbol for the good, noble and energetic. We will show you how to draw a unicorn step by step in the guide below. You will also find some unicorn drawing easy pictures here as inspiration for your own drawings.



The Ever Popular Unicorn Trend

Talking about a trend is an outdated concept here because the unicorn has established itself as a long-standing figure. Especially among female fans, it stands for being girlish and innocent. Unicorns stand for the positive and good, with which many people can identify. So we will assume that we will continue to see many drawn unicorns in the future. Read on for our how to draw a unicorn easy guide.



Unicorn Features and Abilities

The unicorn is characterized by its elegance. It is usually a noble and proud horse-like creature with a flowing mane, which has a straight, sinuous horn in the middle of its forehead. Magic abilities are attributed to this horn.

It is said that a touch with a unicorn horn can heal sick people from their diseases. The tears of the unicorn are said to dissolve petrifactions and bring the dead back to life. Drinking the blood of a unicorn is said to make one immortal. However, here we dedicate ourselves to the comic-like depiction of unicorns, where it is much easier to draw the animal.



Unicorn Drawing Easy Guide – The Head

Since the unicorn is almost exclusively drawn as a comic figure, there are countless possibilities to draw these mythical creatures. We simply start with a unicorn head, which we decorate and design accordingly. The whole thing can be combined very well with hand-lettering writing. Below we will take a look at the first approach on how to draw a unicorn, including some cute unicorn drawings.


Step 1 – Draw the Basic Shape of the Head

We will start with the simple head shape. For this, we first draw the head, followed by the ears and the neck. Then add the nostrils, the mouth, and the eyes. Optionally, you can draw a flower on the ear for very cute unicorn drawings.

how to draw a unicorn step by step


Step 2 – The Unicorn Gets a Pony and a Horn

A unicorn is nothing without its horn. That’s why we add a twisted horn that sticks out from behind the pony. You can draw the pony nice and wild. In order to paint the whole thing easily afterward, we do not draw the single hairs of the pony, but the outlines. After all, it is a comic unicorn.

unicorn drawing


Step 3 – How to Draw Unicorn Tails

In our example, the tail is a very important element that hides the transition to the body. It can be drawn very undulating and exaggerated. Again, we draw the contours, so that we can color and paint the whole thing afterward.


unicorn drawings


Step 4 – The Unicorn Drawing Gets its Color

Finally, you can add some colors to the unicorn – in this example, we used nice pastel shades. You can use either colored pencils, pastel pencils, or watercolors. Another possibility is to color it digitally with a tablet, which is what was done in this example. Et voilà, we have just painted our first unicorn head.

how to draw a unicorn


More Variations of Unicorns in Comic Style

Based on our instructions you can further vary the whole thing and draw your very own unicorns. Once you’ve learned the basics, it’s really easy. Here is an example of a unicorn picture where the approach was very similar. Learning how to draw unicorn styles differently is always fun.


cute unicorn drawings



How to Draw a Unicorn for Advanced Artists

Once you have internalized the basic technique, you can combine what you have learned with the Zentangle technique, for example, and turn your drawing into a real masterpiece.

how to draw unicorn



Unicorn Drawing – Templates and Ideas

If you are looking for further inspiration and unicorn designs, we recommend taking a look at coloring pictures. You can use them as excellent painting templates and sources of inspiration. We have compiled the best unicorn coloring pictures in a separate article.


If you wanted to know how to draw a unicorn step by step, then the guide above should have covered everything you wanted to find out. Unicorn drawing is fun for everyone, and knowing how to draw these creatures can be fun for kids or help adults to grow as artists. We hope that this quick guide on unicorn drawings has helped to inspire you!


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