Wood Projects for Kids

Wood Projects for Kids – Top Woodworking Ideas for Children

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Introducing easy woodworking projects for kids can be a great way to help boost their confidence, be creative, and use their hands to build something fun and useful. There are lots of simple woodworking projects for kids, and it is not just for boys either, girls can have just as much fun with woodworking. 



Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids

There are some wood projects for kids that are extremely simple and only involve a bit of sanding and painting. These are great for younger kids, but there are also more challenging wood crafts for older kids, which can involve cutting, hammering, gluing, and drilling. Below is a selection of some easier wood crafts for kids.

Teaching Kids to Use Woodworking Tools


Wooden Stamps

This is an easy project, although it does involve a bit of hammering, so be careful with those little fingers. Besides a hammer, you will need a fairly thick tree branch, sandpaper, various items like a screw or small nut, and a chisel. Also, a small saw will work great to cut the branch into about 12 cm pieces.

Wooden Stamps for Kids

You then take the screw and place it sideways on the side of the piece of wood you have smoothed and sanded. You then use a hammer to create indents of the screw design in the wood. You can do the same and create designs in the wood with the nut and chisel. The deeper the indent, the better the design will come out once you paint and use it as a stamp.


Wooden Popsicle Stick Ideas

There are many ideas for using wooden popsicle sticks, as they are easy and safe to use for most ages. The sticks can easily be painted and glued together to make all kinds of shapes and designs from animals or some other fun sculptures to more functional ideas like a lantern or planter. Some other more functional ideas include the following.

  • Serviette holder
  • Frame
  • Bracelet
  • Small shelf
  • Coaster
  • Small storage box

Popsicle Sticks for Kids' Wood Projects


Practicing Hammer Skills

When teaching younger kids woodworking, it is important for them to learn safety and how to use the tool correctly. A great beginner project for kids is the nail hedgehog. The wood can be cut into a triangle shape, almost in the shape of a doorstop. You can then add eyes by painting or drawing them on. Now you can begin hammering in the nails, so it eventually looks like a hedgehog. For safety, have the kids hold the nail with some pliers or a peg, until they become more confident with using a hammer.

Child Practicing Hammer Skills


Wooden Holder for Crayons and Pencils

Pencils and other items can easily get lost, or you have to scratch around to find one in a drawer. To help create a more organized look, make a wooden holder for these items. You can maybe purchase a bulky length of wood, but it is more likely you have, or can easily get, one-inch by three or four-inch scrap pieces. These you can then glue together to form a square length of wood. Holes are then drilled into the wood, the size of the pencil or crayon, evenly spaced. In a larger block of wood, you could also drill single bigger holes with a bore drill, so that multiple crayons or pencils can be stored in a single hole.

Pencil Holder for Kids' Wood Project


Easy Storage Boxes

Simple boxes, ones with lids or without lids, are quite easy to make, and these are perfect for beginners or kids. Boxes are a good choice for beginners, as it involves all the basics of woodworking, and once made, can be useful around the house. There are, of course, many ideas besides a traditional wooden box, for example, using yardsticks or old wooden rulers to make a box. You can make it fun and more unique by creating a design like a treasure chest box.

Wood Storage for Children


Kid’s Tent

Most kids love camping, even if it is just in the backyard, so why not teach them some basic woodworking skills by making an easy-to-construct tent. The easiest method is to create a simple A-frame tent, it might not be up to the great outdoors when going away for camping, but it is perfect to have fun with inside or in the backyard.

Garden Tent Project for Kids


Fun Tree Swing

Kids love to swing, and most adults do as well, so making a swing can be a great bonding time with the kids. Not only can you teach some basic woodworking skills, but once the project is done, there is some fun to be had. A simple idea is to make a rope swing that only requires a few items including some rope, a wooden block, and some tools.


Walking Wood Blocks

This is a project that has more to do with fun than anything else. These walking blocks can also be described as stilts, just not as high up. They consist of blocks of wood that have some rope attached to them. The child places their foot onto the block and holds the rope and tries to walk around with them, which might take a little practice to get right.


Simple Picture Frame

These can make great gifts for mom and dad, however, making a frame can be a little challenging as you need to understand how to join the wood pieces for the frame. There are also other easier wooden frame ideas. For example, a magnetic photo or picture holder that only requires four short lengths of wood that will fit at the top and bottom of your photo or image, magnetic strips that are placed on one of the lengths of wood, and some twine for hanging the picture up.

Making a Wooden Picture Frame



DIY Wood Projects for Kids for the Home

Our next group of simple wood projects for kids is of ideas that are both fun and useful around the house. There are many wood projects for kids that can be added to your home décor, both inside and outside.

Child Assembling Chairs for Home


A Coat Rack for the Bedroom

You may be thinking why a kid would be interested in making this item? However, what if it can be interesting and fun, such as making a Lego-themed coat rack? This project is relatively easy, but does require some sawing, sanding, drilling, and painting and does involve basic woodworking knowledge. In the end, you will have a unique and fun coat rack that the kids and the whole family will love. Another simple idea is to use a piece of wood and wooden dowels, which serve as your hooks, or you can simply attach some hooks to the wooden piece.


A Wooden Bookshelf for All Those Loose Books

If your kid loves books, then they should have plenty lying around in their room. Not to mention school books and other items that could go nicely onto a shelf. This particular project can be rather difficult, so should be done under supervision. Of course, you get anything from one shelf to multiple shelves and designs, so you will need to do some planning for this. Besides a bookshelf, you can also make wooden bookends. This is an easier project, and you can be a little more creative in your design.


Wooden Toothbrush Holder for the Bathroom

Kids, in general, do not enjoy brushing their teeth. So, to get them a little more interested in the process, let the kids help you make a wooden toothbrush holder. This is more fun than just using a glass or old plastic holder. There are quite a few designs to choose from, some can easily stand on a shelf, while others can be mounted onto the wall.

Wooden Toothbrush Holder Project


Create a Unique Wooden Door Stop

This is another useful item you can use around the house, and the kids can help you and learn some woodworking skills in the process. You can decide on the traditional doorstop that slides underneath the door, or you can go for the block of wood that is simply placed next to the door.


Place a Wooden Welcome Mat at the Front Door

Impress the neighbors with a homemade wooden welcome mat. The best wood for this project would be cedar or mahogany, so it can work out to be a little expensive if you are on a strict budget. You could try using pine, but it can warp, so you will have to treat the wood properly if you go this route. All you need is a length of wood that is two by two inches. Cut as many into the length you need to make the mat. Then there is a bit of drilling, sanding, and treating the wood before tying everything together with rope.


Make a Wooden Paper Weight for Someone’s Desk

Small woodcrafts for kids can be a great way to introduce woodworking. This requires minimal effort to create. You will need a  three-inch-by-three-inch wooden cube and some acrylic paints. You could use your imagination, for example, why not hammer a nail in the center at the top of the wooden cube and paint the cube red or green to look like an apple. Using some color and black paint, make the cube look like some dice, or bore a wider hole into the top of the block of wood, creating a space for a small plant.


Craft Wooden Coasters for Hot Coffee Cups

Coasters are always something you can use around the house. There are many ideas, which make this perfect for those with all abilities including beginners and kids. You can try creating all kinds of shapes from round to square and even a minimalist X-shaped wooden coaster.

DIY Wood Coasters and Holder Project



Father-and-Son Wood Projects

Woodworking has been stereotyped over the years as something a man does. Maybe it is still a lot like that today, but thankfully those ladies who are interested in woodworking are also getting in there. So, these wood crafts for kids can be done with the help of any adult caretaker.

Father and Son Wood Projects


Wooden Birdhouses

Maybe you are an avid bird watcher, and your child has shown some interest. What can be better than creating a birdhouse, so that you can watch all the birds that come into the garden together. There are quite a few designs, and you can add your own creative ideas as well.

DIY Wood Crafts for Kids


Kid’s Workbench

If your child is seriously interested in woodwork, then making a workbench is the logical next step. This way you can teach the basics of woodworking and create a space where all the tools can be kept and organized. The bench could also be a learning table where painting and other activities can be done. If you do not want to do such a large project, consider something smaller like a wooden toolbox.


Camping Stool

Camping is another activity that can create some good family bonding. When camping, you can always do with a sturdy, portable camp chair. The easiest version of a camping chair would be a tripod chair, which has three pieces of wood and some Saturday, weatherproof canvas for the seat.


Family Plaque

Why not include the kids in making something special for the house? A beautiful wooden sign or plaque with the family name and address can add that personal touch to any home. These plaques can also be made to place within the home. For this, you can use a base wood, onto which you can paint words like “family”. The kids can also make a sign for their bedroom door, “keep out.”


Wooden Piggy Bank

You can begin teaching kids the importance of saving by creating a piggy bank together. This can be in the shape of a box with a slit in the top for the money to pass through, or something more unique. For example, a popular idea is to choose a design like a letter or animal shape, but a simple square shape would also do. Plexiglass is then attached on one or both sides so you can see what is inside.


Wooden Loom

This will not only teach some woodworking skills but once done, the kids can learn how to loom as well. This is a two-for-one project for everyone. All you need is some plywood, some wire brads, a coping saw, sandpaper, a hammer, a pencil, and a ruler. The loom can be a basic square shape design, with the wire brads positioned around the edges.


Wooden Boat Ideas

Boys love boats, and there are many toy boats you can buy from the store. However, it is more rewarding and fun to make a wooden boat. Again, there are more challenging designs, but there are also really simple ideas. For example, you can take a thick branch and cut out a two-inch roundel, so you have a round flat piece of wood. Take a drill and make a hole in the center, where you can fit a stick. To the stick, you can glue some fabric that has been cut in a triangular shape. You can then secure and glue the stick in the hole. Your basic boat is now ready to sail.

Of course, if you have some skills and are feeling brave, then you can even attempt to build an actual boat with your kids. Just make sure they can swim before you test it!



More Simple Woodworking Projects for Kids

We have already gone through quite a few DIY wood projects for kids, but there are so many other ideas, and these include these few simple woodworking projects for kids. Not only do these simple wood projects for kids provide a creative outlet, but it also helps them to focus, improve concentration, and builds patience and teamwork.

Woodwork Teaches Teamwork


Small Wooden Catapult

This is a basic, yet fun idea that the kids will enjoy. You need a few basic supplies like a wooden block, a popsicle stick, and a few other tools. Once done, you can all have fun catapulting ping pong balls or table tennis balls all over the house.

Wood Catapult Project


Wind Chimes

 A garden is simply not complete without some wind chimes, although they can work just as nicely inside the home as well. Many of the designs are not very complicated and can easily be done by those who have less experience in woodworking. The projects can be as easy as peeling, sanding, painting, and varnishing some sticks. Attach some eyelet screws and hang them in a row on a low tree branch. For something different, there is the Balsa wood vertical wood chime, which is just as easy to make.

Easy Wood Wind Chimes Project


Wooden Toys

Toys are so expensive today, and once a child has played with them once, it is lain aside for something else that is even more interesting or breaks only after being used for a short time. Try going old school and create some wooden toys for the kids, and them involved in the process. Woodworking for kids can be fun and here are a few ideas.

Wooden Blocks Project for Kids


Robot Toy

Instead of getting the latest model action figure, get the kids involved in making their own robot toy they can then play with. This can easily fall under the category of easy father and son wood projects. One of the simpler wood projects for kids only requires some wooden blocks, some string, glue, and a drill. 

Wooden Robot Toy Project

This does require some cutting, shaping, and drilling unless you can find already made blocks of wood. Two larger blocks of wood make the body, while four smaller pieces form part of the hands and feet. Holes are drilled into the wood pieces and the string passes through these holes to complete the robot toy.


Doll House

There are some simple wooden dollhouse designs that anybody can make. Not only the dollhouse but many other smaller wooden items can also be made to go inside a doll’s house. Encourage the kids to help in the design so that they can make it their own.


Wooden Airplane

This is another toy that can be a lot of fun, both in the making of it and in playing with it afterward. There are all kinds of plans and tutorials available from really easy like using popsicle sticks or proper wooden plane design that require a little more expertise and tools. The wooden airplane can also double as a toy and a décor piece in the bedroom.


Wooden Tops

When it comes to woodworking for kids, this is an extremely easy project, even younger kids can get in on the fun. Of course, there are more challenging designs for the older kids as well. However, this simple version only requires some dowel sticks, a few small wooden toy wheels, a pencil sharpener, and sandpaper.

Wooden Spinning Top Project

The dowel stick can be shortened slightly, and the one end made sharp. The wheel can be painted, and the sharpened end of the dowel can be lightly hammered into the wheel hole. You are then ready to spin your new wooden top.


Kid’s Building Blocks

Building blocks are great for improving fine motor skills as well as many other benefits. You can make them in different sizes, and various colors, and create a variety of shapes. The blocks could also have numbers or letters added.

Wood Block Puzzle for Kids Project


Wooden Games

Today kids are on their phones and computers too much, and they are missing out on the fun traditional games can provide. Not only are games like checkers or Jenga fun, but you get to spend actual face-to-face time with friends and family.  Wooden Jenga blocks are easy to make and can be painted in different colors. The blocks could also be small for the inside, or what about making a giant Jenga set for the outside? Below are a few more ideas for wooden game ideas.

  • Checkers
  • Chess
  • Memory game
  • Dominos
  • Yard dice
  • Scrabble

DIY Checkers Wood Project


Kid’s Balance Board

A balance board can be used by both kids and adults and provides many benefits. A of these benefits include improved coordination and balance. The balance boards can also help to strengthen muscles and improve motor skills and posture. A simple design only requires a piece of sturdy wood cut to size and some PVC piping. The wood board is then placed on the piping, which you then have to balance on. Other balance boards are all-in-one designs that require a bit more woodworking expertise.


Raised Wooden Plant Container

Teaching kids about the environment and all about plants and how to grow them is important. Most kids are fascinated by how things grow, especially if they planted the seeds themselves. This does take some patience and dedication, but the reward is worth it. These plant containers can be smaller for a few plants or herbs, or much larger for something like a vegetable garden. This is a more challenging woodworking project and is more for older kids under supervision.

Wood Planter Project for Kids


Nail Art

Moving on to another project that falls under simple wood projects for kids, nail art is fun, and anybody can do it. The base wood piece can also be prepared and painted if you want. Once the wood is ready, you need a lot of nails to hammer into the wood to form a pattern. String or yarn is then taken and wound around the nails to form a type of three-dimensional image of a word, image, or letter.


Ant Farm

To make this woodworking project, you will need a few materials and tools, as well as some basic woodworking skills. The structure should be big enough to hold a fair number of ants, but too big. Once it is made, you can then watch the ants turn it into their home. Some of the materials needed include two pieces of plastic sheeting, four pieces of wood that have been cut to size, some nuts and threaded rod, and finally some silicone sealer.


Wood Sculpting

To sculpt with wood, you will need to learn the various sculpting techniques and there are also sculpting tools necessary for the process. There are many amazing sculpting projects for children and beginners. The easiest way to begin learning is to start with whittling, which only uses a single tool, to begin with. Of course, sharp objects are involved in the process, so supervision is necessary for younger kids.


Funny Faces With Wood

This is a simple and fun way to work with wood shapes, have fun, and express yourself. This project is a wonderful way to make use of wooden cutoffs of different shapes and sizes. Lay down a larger piece that will form the face and use the different shapes and sizes of wood to create various faces. Move the wood pieces around to form different expressions. You could glue these pieces to create something more permanent, or then use the cutoffs for other projects.



Doing easy woodworking projects for kids is a great way to spend some quality time together. Wood projects for kids are also a great way to foster certain skills and encourage their creative spirit. So, we hope from these simple wood projects for kids, you can find something that you like and that you will share with your kids.



Frequently Asked Questions


Can Young Children Participate in Woodworking?

Yes, young children can do woodworking, as long as everyone follows basic safety guidelines and appropriate tools are used. Once children have grasped the basic woodworking skills and understand the tools needed for projects, they can move on and explore other more challenging woodworking projects.


What Does Hammering Teach Children?

When using a hammer at first, it can seem a little awkward, especially to young minds. So, starting out using pliers or a peg to hold a nail is a good idea to prevent injury to little fingers. Hammering helps to develop hand-eye coordination and can help to strengthen the hand muscles. It also teaches persistence and following rules while trying to improve their skills.


Is Woodworking Important for Kids?

Yes, woodworking is a great way for kids to learn and experiment and create things that you can use in day-to-day life. It develops critical thinking and is a way for kids to express themselves. Woodworking can even be a way to help with anxiety and provides a sense of fulfillment.

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