Furniture Touchup Markers

Furniture Touchup Markers – How to Fix Small Damages

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Your home is somewhere that you not only live but also take pride in. In daily life, wear and tear are bound to happen to your wooden furniture and over time small marks and scratches will become visible. Do you then need to strip the wooden surfaces down and spend a fortune on repairs? Fortunately, the answer is no! A wood stain marker is ideal to use if the damage is small, they are simple to use and a cost-effective solution to fix your issue. You can apply the furniture touchup pens in seconds and it will provide you with a clean, smooth wooden surface with no fuss or hassle.



Types of Furniture Markers

A wood touch-up pen or a furniture scratch repair kit can cover small marks and blemishes on your wooden surfaces with ease. You may have to redo the touch-ups from time to time but a single application should last a few months. The best repair kits will last for a long time.

You can purchase wood scratch repair kits in either stain or ink. The ink version is very much like a normal marker and will temporarily cover the marks. You will get a more durable application when using the stain option and it will withstand polishing or wiping of the surface over time. Your best option is therefore the wood stain pen.

Furniture Markers

You can find an assortment of products for furniture scratch repairs that offer a large number of different colors to find the best match for your wood. You just need to select the color that you think is as similar to your wooden surface as possible, apply the marker directly to the scratch, and then wipe it down and allow it to dry.

If you are trying to achieve a particular color that you can not find to purchase you can always layer a lighter and darker shade over each other. We recommend you test it first to confirm you have the correct wood color before you being applying to the marked area. There are many wood scratch repair products available, here are a few in more detail.


Wood Touch-Up Pen

This product will cover any minor scratches or marks permanently. You will find they are normally in the form of a chisel felt tip pen. The felt tip makes the pen easy to use and it will cover and repair blemishes and scuff marks quickly. This is the go-to product to cover any minor scratches or marks with a permanent result, on wooden surfaces.

There is a thinner tip option available which is a brush tip pen that is ideal for more detailed application. These pens are also referred to as graining pens as the finer tip can reproduce grain scratches and in-fills. When you have finished applying the pen, we suggest you apply a sealer coat to provide additional protection.


Valve Wood Staining Markers

Most paint markers have a valve action and can be used to stain and seal scratches on an assortment of wooden surfaces. Thicker fluids are dispensed by the valve and we recommend you test out the marker before applying it to your wooden surface. Before you begin applying the marker you should shake it (ensure the cap is on when shaking it). These markers are much more versatile than the felt tip options and tend to last longer.


Fill-Sticks or Wax Sticks

You normally get these wood scratch repair products in a set with your wood touch-up pens, but they can also be bought separately and are amazing for dealing with any scratches on furniture. You can even use the stick on hard leather items or plastic. The fill-sticks are a type of wax that you can rub directly onto the surface and no specialized application is required. Where the problem is you simply rub the wax on and then wipe away any excess. You may need to warm the stick up slightly if the environment you are working in is cold.

How to Use Furniture Touchup Pens


Other Touch-Up Tools

You also will find distressing pencils and graining pencils. You can use the graining pencil to add color to the actual grain lines of the wooden surface. It can be applied to finished wood, over wood fillers, and epoxy sticks. You can recreate grain lines and form distress marks when using the distressing pencil. You will have to apply a topcoat after using either of these products to ensure added protection.



The Benefits and Disadvantages of Using Furniture Markers

Using a furniture touch-up pen is easy to do and quick and will assist in hiding any scratches and marks on your wooden surfaces. You should get great results if you are using a high-quality furniture marker and doing the job correctly, but like with anything, there are some disadvantages.


  • When compared to other types of finishes it is a cost-effective option
  • Simple to use and works quickly no specialized knowledge or tools needed
  • Simple to carry around with you
  • The ink or stain is quick-dry so you can use the furniture piece almost immediately
  • Comes in an assortment of options for stunning results
  • Available in different colors

  • Colors may not always be as indicated
  • Certain products leave marks and take a long time to dry
  • Certain of the markers may be toxic
  • Short shelf-life
  • You may ruin the wooden surface finish if you use incompatible colors



The Best Furniture Touch-Up Pens

There are several different scratch repair do-it-yourself methods available such as coffee grounds, tea bags, lemon juice, mineral oil, and more. These options may work for a little while but a professional furniture touch-up kit will provide a longer-lasting solution. What follows are more details about four of the most frequently used furniture touch-up markers available.

Wood Scratch Pen


The Best Wood Staining Markers: KATZO Furniture Repair Kit Wood Markers

This kit comes with 13 pieces which include six wax sticks, a sharpener for the wax sticks, and 6 furniture markers. The 6 markers are each a different color which is, black, mahogany, maple, cherry, oak, and walnut. You should be able to find the color you require from those included and if not you can always blend two colors. To blend take the first color which needs to be the lighter option of the two and apply then wipe the surface down with a cloth. Then on top apply the darker color immediately to achieve a color that is a closer match to the wooden surface.

The wax sticks can be harder to use, they can be difficult to match correctly to your wooden surface and so we recommend mixing colors. You can use wax sticks on other wooden items, not just furniture. The quality of the repair kit is amazing and will assist in covering scratches and scuff marks and any discoloration on your wooden surfaces. Both the wax sticks and color markers dry quickly and are simple to use. The markers provide you with intense colors and you should therefore apply them lightly and wipe away any excess immediately. You want a finish whereby your color blends in and the surface is smooth and even.

KATZCO Furniture Repair Kit Wood Markers
  • Includes Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, and Black shades
  • Top-quality markers and wax sticks that cover scratches, nicks, and scuffs
  • Simply draw over the scratch and allow it to dry for stunning results
View on Amazon

  • Does not give off a bad smell
  • Available in different colors
  • Amazon Best-seller
  • Does not bleed and dries quickly
  • Durable and simple to use
  • Affordable
  • Decent size tip

  • It is more pricey than similar products


The Best Improved Furniture Markers: REJUVENATE Furniture Repair Markers

These markers are available in 6 colors which are oak, espresso, maple, walnut, cherry, and mahogany. The product is imported and will assist you in getting rid of any minor damages, scuff marks, and scratches. You apply the marker and remove any excess before it dries. It can be used on laminate flooring and hardwood and they are great to restore old furniture pieces and cabinets. To achieve a good color match you can blend colors, remember to begin with the lighter shade before then applying the darker shade. We recommend you test out the marker before using it directly on your furniture piece to ensure you have the correct color.

The liquid is absorbed into the area quickly and it is normally not necessary to apply a second coat. The markers are well priced and if needed you can always buy more. They are not acidic and do not give off a bad smell so will in no way damage the surrounding area (certain formulations are acidic and they will often leave a white mark). This is perfect for use to cover any small scratches. Sadly you will have to pay a little more for this product in comparison to other markers due to it being imported.

REJUVINATE Furniture Repair Markers
  • The set includes maple, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and espresso
  • Easily apply to the damaged area with an exact color matching marker
  • Works great on hardwood floors, laminate floors, and all wooden furniture
View on Amazon

  • Quickly absorbed
  • Provides permanent color
  • Includes alcohol wipes for simple cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Great for both beginners and professionals
  • Variety of colors and you can also blend to achieve customized colors
  • Dries fast

  • Expensive due to being imported
  • Only get a little ink
  • May have a slight odor
  • Colors can be darker than initially indicated
  • Only so many colors available
  • Does not include wax sticks 


Best Professional Wood Touch-Up Pen: MINWAX Wood Finish Stain Marker

These stain markers are from a popular brand that is liked by many do-it-yourself enthusiasts, they make an assortment of stain products and not just this stain marker. This is a single pen, not a set that contains oil-based Minwax wood stain, and is amazing for small projects and your wooden surface worries.

The pen can be used on cabinets, doors, wood furniture, and an assortment of other wooden surface items which live indoors. The markers are perfect for quick repairs to marks and scratches on your wooden surfaces and they come in a variety of wood color finishes. We suggest you buy a darker and lighter pen so if necessary, you can blend the colors to achieve a better color match.

Thanks to the chisel tip you can get into gouges and scratches with ease and it will provide amazing coverage. You will note the final finish is quite glossy so if the original finish is matte the repair may stand out. It is best used on small marks as it offers an even look and the stain is absorbed better and therefore gives you an even finish. We suggest you use a wax stick on a larger scratch. A lot of users have noted that these stain markers can take some time to dry and that even after 24 hours you run the risk of smudges.

If you try and use this marker over fillers it will not offer you good results as the stain will simply sit on top of the wax. You do not have to work quickly when using this marker, you have some time to create and blend the color match you require. You can use a hair dryer or fan to try to speed up the drying time, ensure that the hairdryer or fan is in its lowest setting. You will only require a little bit of stain and it will spread evenly over the scratch mark area.

MINWAX Wood Finish Stain Marker
  • Chisel tip helps you get into deeper scratches and gouges with ease
  • Drying time allows you to blend and create the perfect color match
  • You only need a small amount to spread evenly over the scratch marks
View on Amazon

  • Reputable brand
  • Easy to use
  • Works well on small scratches
  • Assortment of colors available
  • Made using real wood stain

  • Does not give great results when used on big scratches
  • Takes time to dry completely
  • Can stain your clothing


The Most Popular Wood Touch-Up Pen: DAIXI Furniture Repair Kit

This furniture touch-up kit is one of the most popular on Amazon. With the kit, you will get six wax sticks, six furniture markers, and a sharpener for the wax sticks. The kit includes a good range of colors, including oak, mahogany, black, maple, cherry, and walnut. With this kit, you can easily cover any nasty scuff marks, nicks, and scratches on any wooden surface. The results are 100% permanent and highly effective.

You can also use this kit to cover any discoloration on many pieces of wooden furniture, including beds, tables, and cabinets. For an affordable price, you will receive excellent quality markers and wax. The wax pens and markers are incredibly easy to use. Simply choose the marker that best matches the color of your wood, apply the marker, wipe away any excess and allow the stain to dry. Once the stain is dry, you will have a waterproof and very smooth finish. The pigmentation of these markers is good, but if you need to darken the stain you can always reapply it.

DAIXISM Furniture Repair Kit
  • The kit includes 6 Repair Markers, 6 wax sticks, and 1 wax stick sharpener
  • Colors include Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, and Black
  • Top-quality markers and wax sticks that cover scratches, nicks, and scuffs
View on Amazon

  • Very easy to use
  • Fast-drying
  • Affordable
  • Resistant to bleed
  • Permenant color

  • May not be suitable for light wood surfaces
  • Relatively small color selection



What to Consider when Buying the Best Furniture Markers

Like anything, there are a variety of brands, price points, and types available in the market for wood staining markers. So, there are a few things you should consider before making your purchase.

The Best Wood Stain Pen



You are looking for a product that will last long. Certain ink markers will simply wipe off so you want to select a wood stain pen that will withstand UV rays, wiping, general wear-and-tear, and weather conditions. You want to find a wood staining marker that lasts for at least a few months before you are required to reapply.



You are aiming to hide and cover the marks on the wood surface, so picking the correct color is important. The majority of furniture scratch repair kits offer you an assortment of colors but there is also the option to buy individual markers. You also have the option of blending lighter and darker shades to create a unique color if needed. If you apply more layers of the same color the wood finish will become darker. You will note the colors in a set are normally labeled and will recommend which type of wood each works best.

Wood Stain Pen


Ease of Use

How easy is it to use? Poor-quality markers may cause further damage which will mean you will have to perform additional touch-ups and the process will take even longer and make cleaning up harder. To get the best results you want a good-quality marker that dispenses liquid evenly and smoothly. If you have a deeper scratch then bullet tips are best. If you make a mistake the stain will wipe off with ease using alcohol or turpentine. It should be easy to do touch-ups on furniture and most furniture touch-up pens should dry quickly.


Blending Capabilities

The ink or stain should be able to blend with other colors with ease, so a good-quality product should be compatible with the majority of other markers and brands. You will sometimes have stains that do not offer a good finish as they sink into the wood. Your go-to furniture touch-up marker should seamlessly blend into the surrounding color.


Wax Sticks

Most of the time you will not require a wax stick but in situations whereby wood has chipped off a wax, the stick will be useful. You can use a wax stick to fill in areas where there is a deep scratch or mark. You can apply the wax stick first and then apply the wood staining marker on top. Decent quality repair kits come with both markers and wax sticks.

Wood Touch Up Pen



You get furniture markers in a marker or pen form, always consult the product details before making your purchase. The majority of wood scratch repairs are non-toxic you should always double-check, particularly if you have pets and kids around the home.



Wood stain pens have been specifically created to be used to touch up wooden surfaces and should not be used as standard school markers. The wood touch-up pen should provide you with added resistance to fading and discoloration and should be able to withstand everyday wear and tear. Eventually, you will have to reapply for the finish, it should be able to last a few months at least.

A high-quality brand should have been tested by the manufacturers, make sure you are buying the right marker.



How to Use Wood Staining Markers

Once you have selected and bought your furniture marker it is time to apply them to your marks and scratches on the wooden surface. If you are using a wax stick (also known as a filler crayon), you might have to blend colors to get the best color match. Whatever you may be using you should apply the product to a test area to ensure the color is correct. You do not want your result to look worst than it was prior. Other than that, the overall process is quite simple.

When you are dealing with minor scratches you should complete the job in a matter of minutes. The time it takes will depend on how deep the mark or scratch is into the wood’s surface and if you will need to layer or blend colors. Before starting always ensure the wooden surface is clean from any dirt or dust.

Prepping for Wood Stain Pen

Apply your wood stain pen to the scratch mark, you will want to wipe any excess off immediately as many of the wood stain markers dry very fast. You want to ensure that the mark does not stand out. When you have finished allow it to completely dry which will not take too long. If necessary, apply again when your initial layer has dried and keep doing so until you achieve your desired color. Finally, you can take a clean cloth or paper towel and buff lightly using circular motions.

If it is your first time using the product you must consult the instructions before beginning. You can test out the color on a portion of the wood which is hidden or apply it to another piece of wood that has a similar color and surface to the piece you are wanting to repair. You are looking for how close the colors match and the time it takes for the product to dry when testing. If you cannot achieve a perfect color match you can try using a lighter color first and then add a darker color on top and blend until you reach a color match.

If you are happy with the outcome of your test you can begin on the actual piece of furniture or wooden surface. When you are satisfied with the final application remember to put the cap back on your wood scratch pen before storing it safely.


Looking After Your Wood Touch-Up Pen

Like with anything you want the pen to last so it is important to look after it. To ensure the wood touch-up pen remains in working order ensure it is always sealed when not in use so that the pen does not dry out. When working you should have some paper towels available to wipe away any excess or mess. If it dries fast you can remove any excess with turpentine or use any other alcohol-based product. Certain kits even come with alcohol wipes for you to clean up any excess or mess.

Wood Scratch Repair

Ensure your wood staining pens are stored away from any children or pets, and that they are kept in a well-ventilated and dry space. Try to not be working in direct sunlight when using the touch-up pen as it can dry the pen out, and ensure the wooden surface is completely dry before applying the pen. Like any type of marker, it is best to store the pen lying flat as it stops it from drying out.


Removing Mistakes

Occasionally you will make a mistake when using a furniture marker and will need to fix it. The easiest way is to remove the mistake as quickly as possible using either turpentine or alcohol wipes. Follow these steps to fix any mistakes:

  • Consult the instructions on the product’s label
  • Make sure you are wearing a mask and gloves when working
  • Take a clean rag and some mineral spirits and dip the rag in the spirits
  • Where you want to remove anything rub the rag over
  • Carry on doing this until the spot is completely gone
  • When finished dispose of the rage correctly


Fixing Deeper Gouges in Wood

Occasionally the mark in your wood might be greater than just a small scratch. You can also come across small gouges in the wood that gives a small raised area. To begin with use 600-grit sandpaper, and lightly sand the area to even the surface out. Do this with care as you do not want to remove any of the surrounding finished wood.

Top Wood Touch Up Pen

Take the wax stick in a color that matches your wooden surface and rub the stick over the area which is damaged until you have filled the gouge. If necessary, you can blend two wax sticks to achieve the correct color. Any excess wax should be removed by using anything flat and hard such as the corner of a bank card. If any wax remains around the repaired area remove it and then apply a layer of paste wax to ensure an even finish.

A scratch or nick in your beloved wooden furniture is not the end of the world. With good-quality furniture touch-up pens, you can quickly and easily fill and cover any unwanted marks, and nobody will ever know they were there!



Frequently Asked Questions


Why do My Wood Touch-Up Pens not Stick to the Wood?

Unfortunately, with most wood, the grain of the wood is too tight or close and the fluid from the markers is unable to stick to the wooden surface. This often occurs with Cherry wood surfaces and then you would have to get a professional to repair the issue. In addition, certain markers (such as the Minwax wood stain pen) will not work when applied over a filler or wax.


Are There Different Types of Furniture Markers?

There are two forms of markers namely those that contain wood stain and those with ink. The ink option should only be used on small scratches and is not as durable The stain option lasts so much longer and provides permanent color that can stand up to everyday wear and tear. The stain option is your best choice if you are looking to touch up your wooden surfaces.


Who Can Use Furniture Markers?

Anyone can use a furniture touch-up pen as the markers are simple to use and take minutes to be applied with no professional assistance required. We do recommend you always consult the manufacturer’s instructions before beginning.


Is a Professional Required to Do the Job?

It is not necessary if you only have small marks and scratches as working with a furniture marker is pretty easy, anyone can do it! If you have a more serious repair, it will then be necessary to call in the services of a professional.


What are Furniture Touch-up Markers?

You can purchase furniture markers in a variety of colors that correspond to an assortment of types of wood. You then use the pen to repair any wood scratches. You can use a furniture touch-up marker to fix small scratches and scuff marks, it is easy to do and inexpensive.


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