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Best Hot Glue Gun – How to Choose the Best Hot Glue Guns

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What’s with all the buzz around hot glue guns? Well, you can use hot glue guns on anything. This includes your shoes, books, crafts, woodwork, and more. These guns have a few benefits when compared to normal adhesives. You may find the process of getting one a bit daunting though, as there are so many different hot glue guns out there. We will make this a bite easier for you with our best hot glue gun guide below.



Defining Hot Glue Guns

These machines have been manufactured to melt glue sticks at high temperatures to enhance their adhesive properties. They are produced as an alternative to the normal water-based glues. Hot glue guns provide a fast and strong bond that is suitable for many different uses.

The glue sticks are of different sizes and they do not fit in the same hot glue guns. Some hot glue guns are designed for home use, some are designed for industrial and large-scale projects. Each glue gun uses a different type of glue stick.

There is an adjustable nozzle that is attached to the hot glue gun. This nozzle gives you total control over the gun when you are doing your glue applications. Hot glue guns have a smart trigger that ensures you have a steady hand to avoid having sticky and messy applications.  This is also a safety measure. The guns come with heat settings with a lot of variable options. High temp glue guns with high watts are suitable for outdoor projects.

These high-watt hot glue guns are more dangerous to use and they promote a high risk of burning. Because of this burning problem, some suppliers now sell the guns together with finger protectors. The use of protective glues can be helpful too. Hot glue guns with low watts can be used by kids since they are safer with a lower temperature. We will look at hot glue guns in detail below:

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Using a Hot Glue Gun

Hot glue guns have many uses. You can use them in your home and explore different kinds of crafts and doing woodworks and repairs. They are used on a daily basis in most industries to create products.

A big benefit of a hot glue gun is its fast-drying time. Most adhesives take ages to completely dry after application, but these hot adhesives dry in less than a minute after application. They create durable double bonds that tend to last longer. We will discuss how hot glue guns are made and how best you can use them in your home. There are also cordless glue guns with maximum flexibility.



Furniture and Woodwork

You can use hot glue guns in your home for making, repairing, and fixing furniture or any other wooden items. You can use them on many different surfaces like fabrics, wood, MDF, and so on. There are also short glue guns that are specifically made for wood. They speed up the drying and production time, making the process of woodworking easier.

A glue gun with high watts is most suitable for wood. It offers plenty of heat and enhances the adhesion properties of the glue sticks. High-temperature glue guns are perfect to be used in most homes. Check out the one below:

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Best Hot Glue Gun for Woodwork: COBIZ High Temp Glue Gun

Cobiz is one of the best brands in producing high temp glue guns. They are well known for producing high temp glue guns that have dual power settings. This full-sized hot gun should be at least 60 watts so that you can have a more controlled application and allow it to cool properly. Moreover, these heat settings are suitable for small and finer projects.

You should use at least 100 watts when working with this gun, especially when working on tougher surfaces like cement, fabric, and so on. 100 watts will be more than enough for strong heat and adhesion. The other advantage associated with this gun is the copper nozzle. This nozzle takes 1-3 minutes for the gun to warm up. It also comes with finger protectors and has metal attached to it, so that you can prop it up safely.

Cobiz also attached an inbuilt safety mechanism that prevents the gun from overheating when you are using it. You also get 10 premium white glue sticks and a free rubber protector. These white glue sticks are odorless and provide you with a firmer hold when you are using the gun.

COBIZ Full-Size High-Temp Hot Glue Gun
  • A rapid heating, dual-power hot glue gun
  • Full-size ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Safe and efficient design for easy use
View on Amazon


  • Consists of two heat settings
  • Has a quick warmup time
  • Has a high temperature
  • Can be used on many surfaces
  • Has added safety features
  • Contains odorless glue


  • Many people prefer a smaller glue gun
  • Comes with 10 glue sticks only



Using Glue Guns for Fabric and Footwear

These guns are quite tough and durable when it comes to working with fabrics. They provide a seamless adhesive that leaves no residue behind. They are mostly used in factories to make and repair shoes. Fabric glue guns are also perfect for home use in adding décor. They are also used to add rhinestones to shoes and the clothing industry. You can also use them for repairing soles on your shoes and holes in your fabrics.

A fabric hot glue gun is quite different from a hot glue applicator. A hot glue gun can heat up the same way as a hot glue gun, although the hot glue applicator does not take the glue inside. A hot glue applicator is only used to heat glue on surfaces to melt and activate it to provide a firmer hold. However, you can use both hot glue guns and hot glue applicators with shoes, fabrics, and so on. Below are some of the best options you can choose from:

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Best Hot Glue Gun for Fabrics: BLUSMART Mini Hot Glue Gun

When it comes to mini hot glue guns, this one is the perfect size. It enables you to store it easily and take it anywhere with you. It is a mini hot glue gun that is best suited for small projects. The kit contains 30 glue sticks, giving you a large platform to bring out your creative and designing skills. You can use it on fabric decors, paper, and so on.

It is also suitable for glue gun crafts. To properly warm up it requires 3-5 minutes. The technology has been improved further to perfect the trigger, thus giving more control on the trigger. The nozzle also has the best control when it comes to glue output. This control feature minimizes leaking and messes. This gun has a voltage of 20 watts. Overall, this is one of the best mini hot glue guns out there.

BLUSMART Mini Hot Glue Gun
  • A very fast-heating mini hot glue gun
  • Accurate trigger propulsion and nozzle control
  • The gun comes with 30 environmental-friendly glue sticks
View on Amazon


  • Best value for money
  • Comes with 30 glue sticks
  • Contains 10 colored sticks
  • The trigger is easy to use
  • Easy-to-carry glue gun


  • Not ideal for outdoor projects
  • Has one size nozzle
  • Not ideal for large projects


Best Glue Gun for Clothes: WORTHOFBEST Hotfix Applicator Kit

The toolkit and set from this brand come with rhinestones and a Hotfix applicator that can do wonders for your wardrobe. These rhinestones come in 19 colors that you can mix and match to suit any design or occasion. Each of the rhinestones has glue underneath. This means that the hotfix applicator will heat this glue, melting and activating it. In this way, the paint will be able to stick to the footwear and clothing.

This Hotfix applicator kit comes with seven tips making it versatile for fabric designs and elements. The kit also comes with a zip bag and tweezers to add more fun to your work. There is a manual included in the set so that you can get started quite easily. This applicator takes at least two minutes to warm up.

WORTHOFBEST Hotfix Applicator With Rhinestones
  • A complete hotfix rhinestone setter kit for clothes
  • Includes a wide selection of different colored rhinestones
  • An easy to use and high-quality hotfix tool
View on Amazon


  • Suitable for kids too
  • Only needs two minutes to warm up
  • 19 rhinestones colors included
  • Nozzles are included for finer details
  • Set comes with the necessary tools


  • Not a glue gun but an applicator
  • Does not contain or use any glue sticks



Uses of a Hot Glue Gun

We have looked at the different types of the best hot glue guns that are available. A hot glue gun is important when it comes to crafting. They have a variety of uses, especially in our homes. Below are some of the best glue gun crafts and projects.

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Repairing and Binding Books with a Hot Glue

A hot glue gun is recommended for many uses, including books that have been knocked down with wear and tear. So, if you need to repair some of your old textbooks or novels, then the hot glue gun can work. Usually, books are tightly bonded together using toxic glue under an industrial-strength hot-melt process. You can also use some of these industrial-strength glues at home through painting or spraying on. Its best to use mini hot glue guns for this type of application.


Using Hot Glue for Labels

You can also use the hot glue gun for making labels, especially for your household items. The hot glue gun does not leave any residue compared to buying an already-made store label. All you have to do is to add a small amount of glue to the back of your label. Smoothen it out when you are applying it onto the surface. It will stick properly to the surface.



Anyone interested in scrapbooking, making decorations, and getting creative with crafting needs a glue gun. The best glue gun crafts range dramatically, as glue guns are so versatile. Mini hot glue guns can be used for all sorts of hobbies and crafting projects regardless of size.


The Best Glue Gun for Crafts

A hot glue gun is essential in craftwork because the glue dries quickly. The application process becomes less messy and easy to do. You can also use non-toxic and odorless glue. The general rule of thumb states that hot glue guns which have low watts are suitable for small projects.

You can also opt for a low or high-temperature gun when doing your crafting work. The low-temperature guns are safe to use, especially with kids because they can only heat the glue sticks. They are suitable for beginners because they do not get too hot. On the other hand, high-temperature guns are suited for bigger projects and outdoor use.

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The Best Hot Glue Gun for Crafts: SUREBONDER Mini High Temperature Glue Gun

This glue gun heats up to a very high temperature to ensure that the glue forms a very secure bond with any material it is meant to adhere to. The gun is very small, making it ideal for gluing in hard to reach areas. It is also very portable for those who need a glue gun on the go. Even though it does get very hot, it is quite well made and will not leak out, so it can be used by children for crafts and schoolwork. The extra long power cord is particularly useful for ensuring that gluing happens in the safest area, instead of the nearest surface to an outlet.

Surebonder provided this glue gun with a narrow nozzle, meaning that you will get a very thin line of glue, which is ideal for those detailed projects.. This gun type is highly suitable for fabric, wood, ceramics, and so on. If you are looking for a product that is budget-friendly and universal, then this is your best bet.

SUREBONDER Mini High Temperature Glue Gun
  • 10 watts, 120 volts mini glue gun for very high temperature bonding
  • Very compact glue gun for crafting projects and easy portability
  • Small nozzle for detail work and extra long 5 ft. power cord
View on Amazon


  • Mini size suitable for kids and crafting
  • Glue heats up to very high temperature for better bonding
  • Suitable for various surfaces
  • Extra long power cord
  • Very affordable


  • No glue sticks included
  • Not suitable for large projects
  • No on/off button, must unplug to switch off


Best Low-Temperature Glue Gun: ADTECH Mini Hot Glue Gun

This mini hot glue gun has been specifically designed for kids. It protects the hands from getting burned during the process of using it. It has a low temperature of about 75 degrees Celsius cooler than any other gun on the market. You can use it on fabrics or paper crafts because it has only 6 volts of power.

It comes with 10 mini glue sticks that make it easier for you to get started once you purchase it. Because of the mini size, it is ideal for children to hold comfortably and walk around with it. The low temperature will also prevent you from getting burned by the glue. Once it has melted you have to act fast and stick it down.

ADTECH Ultra Low-Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun
  • A mini hot glue gun designed for child-friendly use
  • The cool temperature protects fingers from burns
  • Very simple and safe to use
View on Amazon


  • Comes with 10 glue sticks
  • Low temperature prevents burns
  • It is small and easy to use
  • It is quite safe for kids


  • Suitable for small projects only
  • Dries too fast



Tips and Tricks for Using a Hot Glue Gun

It is quite clear now that you can use these hot glue guns for DIY projects and also for doing all kinds of small projects at home. We have offered a few tips and tricks below that can help you when you get started with a hot glue gun. These also reveal some of the best glue gun crafts that you can do.

  • A hot glue gun can be an essential item in adding traction under the rugs and mats in your home.
  • You can also add blobs or lines underneath your shoes and socks to prevent yourself from slipping when wearing them.
  • You can add glue to your hangers to prevent your clothes from slipping.
  • They are a safer option when it comes to sealing boxes that have been packed for traveling to prevent tampering.
  • You can also use them to add more fun to your décor. You can use it as a medium for your glass items, then painting over them to add more texture.
  • You can also use them safely for repairs just like any other glue. You can use it to repair frames, toys, and so on.
  • They are also a great alternative for a sealant. Some people use it to protect and seal surfaces. You can also use it to create protective covers for the blades on your knives or any other sharp items in your home.
  • These hot glue guns can be used to add some sought of “feet” under your household items or any other heavy furniture to prevent any damage to your floors.
  • Some of the guns can be used to create colorful waxes that can be used on different canvases.

Since we have looked at the uses and types of glue guns. It is only fair that we look at glue sticks and their different types. We will look at the best ones that you can choose from. The following is a list of some of the different types of glue sticks available.

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Glue Sticks

Glue sticks are made to be resistant to high temperatures and humid conditions. You get a lot of glue sticks that can be used with high or low temperatures, others have been designed to fit specific hot glue guns.

The other thing to consider when purchasing glue sticks is to assess and check whether they will be compatible with your hot glue gun. For example, mini glue sticks are not suitable for a full-sized gun. Glue sticks also come in different colors suitable for crafting, and they can come in standard or plain colors. Below are some of the best glue sticks when you are purchasing them separately:


Best Glue Sticks: GORILLA Hot Glue Sticks

Gorilla glue sticks come in a pack of 30 hot glue sticks that are clear in color. The brand is mostly recognized for producing high-quality glue sticks that have superior strength. These hot glue sticks are suitable to use both under high and low temperatures. If you are working on any delicate work, then the low-temperature ones are suitable. The high-temperature ones are suitable for making strong bonds.

These hot glue sticks take at least 45 seconds to be fully secured for you to begin your application process. They also take quite long to dry. These glue sticks are safe to use indoors and outdoors, no matter the weather conditions. They are suitable for glass and metal, and they are 4 inches long by 0.43 inches wide. They are suitable for most full-sized guns.

GORILLA Full Size Hot Glue Sticks
  • Weather-resistant glue for indoor/outdoor use
  • All-temperature glue suitable for any glue gun
  • Versatile and impact tough glue sticks
View on Amazon


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Pack comes with 30 sticks
  • They are quite affordable
  • From a trusted brand
  • Suitable for low and high temp


  • Requires a long drying time


Best Mini Color Glue Sticks: EWPARTS Glitter Hot Glue Sticks

This comes with five packs of 10 different glue sticks. The pack contains 50 glitter glue sticks in total. They are made from non-toxic EVA materials, making them safe to use. They are suitable for low volts of about 30 watts. It is advisable to use them indoors and for smaller projects to obtain the best results.

EWPARTS Glitter Hot Glue Sticks
  • A full set of mini multi-color hot glue gun sticks
  • Environmentally-friendly glitter glue formula
  • Versatile glue sticks suitable for a wide range of applications
View on Amazon


  • Comes with 50 glue sticks
  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • Comes in 10 different glitter colors
  • The pack is affordable


  • Not suited for high temp guns
  • Only suitable for indoor projects

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are There any Cheap Hot Glue Guns?

Most of the hot glue guns sold in most shops are suitable for home use and are quite affordable. Even if they are quite affordable, it does not mean that they are not of high quality. Do not forget to purchase the glue sticks separately. Buying cheap hot glue guns can be a great idea if you pick the right product.


What is a Hot Glue Gun Price?

The hot glue gun prices vary from brand to brand. Some of the hot glue guns are sold separately and others come in a set that is inclusive of hot glue sticks.  Hot glue gun prices range from $10 to $100 and above. However, you should first check the quality of the hot glue gun, glue sticks, and so on.


What is the Best Glue Gun to Use for Crafts?

A hot glue gun with low wattage or a minigun is suitable for crafting. This is because the best hot glue gun should be safe to use, easy to handle, should not burn you, and suitable for a variety of surfaces.


Where to Buy Hot Glue Guns?

Now that you are inspired, the question is: where to buy hot glue guns? You can purchase hot glue guns from any local hardware stores, or online stores like Amazon. While you are at it, you can also check for suitable glue sticks.


Now that we have covered everything from the best hot glue guns to the best glue sticks, you are now able to purchase what can work for you. Remember crafting is not only about repairing and restoring, but also about having fun in the world of art. So have a happy time crafting!


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