How to Paint Wine Glasses

How to Paint Wine Glasses – Great Ideas for Painting Wine Glasses

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Wine glasses are available in all shapes and sizes. Instead of only using them to enjoy your favorite merlot or mojito, you could use them to create a fun art piece that can be shared with your friends and family. Below, we will learn how to paint wine glasses, and this segment includes everything that you would need to know and more. To keep the excitement from bubbling over, keep reading to find out more!



Different Types of Wine Glasses

When it comes to wine glasses, you should know that there are different types of them. Each glass is designed to enhance the aroma and flavor of a specific type of wine; however, there are also all-purpose wine glasses available. Red wine glasses are usually characterized by their large bowls and long stems, making them ideal for elegant designs.

For similar designs, but on a smaller scale, white wine glasses are a great choice, specifically a chardonnay glass.

The larger opening allows for more intricate designs, and it is easier to prepare for painting. We would not recommend using sherry wine glasses since it has a very unique shape, which could make it difficult to prepare for painting. Other types of wine glasses that should be considered for painting include:

DIY Painted Wine Glasses

  • Stemless wine glasses
  • Flute wine glasses
  • Slight taper rose glasses

Ultimately, whichever one you choose will come down to your preference and you will only be limited by your imagination when it comes to wine glass painting. Each glass design is an opportunity for you to create something completely unique.



The Best Paints to Use

As you would expect, some paints will work better than others when it comes to adhesive properties; however, there are more factors to consider when choosing paint. You will need to consider pigmentation, blending, viscosity, and cost before you dive into using different types of paint. Keep in mind, the paint that you will use for glass is the most important supply that you would need. This is because it would have the greatest impact on the finished product and regardless of your talent, you will more than likely end up with a poor finish if you choose a poor paint. Below, you will find a table that will give you a good idea of what type of paint you can use.

Painting Wine Glasses

Type of PaintShould It Be Used?
Poster Paint
Tempera Paint
Standard Acrylic Paint
Acrylic Enamel Paint
Enamel Glass Paint
Acrylic Glass Paint
Oil Glass Paint


Oil Glass Paint

Oil-based paints tend to be less common for glass than other kinds of paints, but if you enjoy working with oils, they may be preferable. Colors can be translucent or opaque, as well as vivid and high gloss. Because oils do not easily wash off in water, the final object may be gently hand-washed.

Apply with a soft brush and wipe up with alcohol rather than water and soap.


Acrylic Glass Paint

Acrylic paints designed specifically for glass, plastic, and crystal, are often translucent and intended to simulate stained glass. Certain types must be oven-cured for increased longevity. Acrylics, like enamels, may be painted on using a soft, malleable brush or sponged on. Colors may be blended together provided they are from the same brand line, and you are able to mix the paints when you decorate wine glasses, just like you would if you were painting on a standard canvas.

Wine Glass Painting


Enamel Glass Paint

Enamel paints may be used on glass in addition to other flat or glossy surfaces such as ceramics or metal. Select transparent or solid enamels; transparent gives the object the appearance of stained glass, yet the color will vary when different-colored liquids or things are placed within. Air-drying enamel paints for up to three days prior to curing in the oven is common, while heat curing is recommended for some manufacturers.

For a textured look, apply enamels to the paint with a tiny, soft brush or sponge.


Acrylic Enamel Paint

This is a wonderful option since it adheres to a broad range of surfaces, including glass, and makes a durable outer layer that helps keep your color intact. This is a popular choice for wine glass painting as it combines the best qualities of oil-based and acrylic paint. It is more durable than regular acrylic paint but is not oil-based, so it will not turn yellow with time.

Paints to Decorate Wine Glasses


Standard Acrylic Paint

This paint also adheres to glass. However, because it never completely dries, it can easily peel off while washing. It is not suitable for items that need to be washed, such as a painted drinking glass or vase. If you are learning how to paint wine glasses, then this is a great way to practice different designs as the paint can easily be removed.

However, as far as paints for wine glasses go, there are better permanent solutions than this.


Tempera Paint

Another temporary paint, known as tempera, is ideal for children as it is non-toxic, but it will not stick to glass for long as it is water-soluble. Furthermore, this is another type of paint that is perfect for learning how to paint wine glasses.

Painting Wine Glass Ideas


Poster Paint

Although it works nicely on glass, the overall color fades with time and is easily removed with water. If you opt for painting wine glasses using poster paints, be sure to coat it with a layer of protection, select a pattern that adapts well to a solid color, and do not use it for anything that has to last.


Wine Glass Paint Kits

Wine glass paint kits are a great way to purchase everything that you need when painting glasses. While these kits are great for one-time use, they can be expensive if you are entertaining a lot of people as you will end up spending $20 or more for one or two glasses, a paintbrush, and small containers of paint. However, you will benefit from having everything that you would need in one kit, so the only thing that you should do is shop around and try to find the kits with the best value for money.

Since painting wine glasses has become very popular, you will easily be able to find a good-value kit at an arts and crafts store.

Decorate Wine Glasses



How to Paint Wine Glasses

DIY-painted wine glass activities are very popular these days and if you are keen on learning how to proceed then you are in luck. The process is quite simple, and you do not need any special equipment to yield good results. To ensure that you can do a good job, you will need the following materials to decorate wine glasses.

Wine Glass Painting Ideas

  • Paper towels
  • Foam brushes
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Wine glasses
  • Paint (preferably acrylic enamel paint)
  • Paintbrushes of different thicknesses


Step One: Prepare the Surface of the Glass

When it comes to different painting wine glass ideas or painting the glass in general, you will always need to prepare the surface. Start by washing the glass in warm soapy water and ensure that you dry it completely as the paint will not adhere to a wet surface. Once you have washed the glass, use rubbing alcohol or white vinegar to remove any residue from the surface, then allow it to dry for up to 10 minutes.


Step Two: Cover the Rim of the Glass

Tape the outer edge of your glass with masking tape. The top 3/4″ of the rim should be paint-free. Since certain paints are hazardous, avoid painting on any area that may end up in your mouth. Furthermore, if the paint comes into contact with a liquid or your lips, it will disintegrate faster.

Check that the tape is level. If it is not flawless, it is very simple to fix, and for optimal results, use masking tape.


Step Three: Start With Your Design

You may place a single piece of tissue paper or paper in the glass, fasten it, and then utilize the pattern to apply and paint over the image if you sketch it on paper or tissue paper. Tissue paper is simpler to deal with since it bends easily. If you would like, you can freehand an abstract or a geometric design, ultimately, it all depends on what you like.

Stuff your glass with material like a quilt batting or a sock and then place your sketch inside.

Wine Glass Painting Stencils

The soft inside will hold it securely in place. Purchase self-adhesive stencils from your local craft store. It can easily be found if you can imagine its existence. Stencils are now available in sticker form, so you can just attach them to your wine glass and start painting away.


Step Four: Sketch the Design

Sketch your design onto the glass with a fine-point sharpie or a whiteboard marker. If you don’t like your sketch, you may “erase” the marker or paint with a Q-tip or a piece of cotton coated in rubbing alcohol. This is a crucial step when it comes to painting wine glasses and you will need to ensure that you are happy with the design before moving on to the next step.

Paints For Wine Glasses


Step Five: Paint Your Design

Trace your pattern on the exterior of the glass with a thin paintbrush. The pattern has been attached to the inside, so you are not painting directly onto it. You can make any color you desire with the three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue). To brighten or darken your colors, use white or black.

Add polka dots, swirls, stripes, stars, and other patterns to your DIY painted wine glass design with extra paint.


Step Six: Let the Glass Dry

You might require several coats of paint to achieve the appropriate coverage on your wine glasses. Allow a sufficient period between coatings for your hand-painted glasses to dry. If you do not allow the paint to dry, the colors will end up mixing and you could end up with an undesirable finish. You should also allow the paint on the glass to cure for up to 21 days, or you can cure it in an oven at 350℉ for 30 minutes.



Tips and Tricks

Now that you know how to paint wine glasses there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that you get the best results. These can be used to create unique designs or as a way to make the painting process easier.


Stick to Paints Designed for Glass

When buying paints for wine glasses, it is important to consider the adhesive properties of the paint itself. For example, using water-based paint is a bad idea as you will be able to easily wash the paint off after you have used the glass. Instead, enamel paint will allow you to get the finish you would like without compromising on the durability of the design.

Wine Glass Painting Methods


Use Masking Tape to Create Designs

Instead of trying to draw straight lines or specific shapes, you can use masking tape to cut out the design to ensure that you get the perfect design. Once you attach the taped design to the glass, paint around it and then peel it off. You will be left with a flawless design with straight lines.


Use Layers of Paint

While you could be tempted to paint the glass in one go, you should always wait for the paint to dry before applying a new design. This can be used to give the glass some texture and you could also use it to create more intricate designs that incorporate more than one color.

Painting Wine Glasses DIY


Cover Your Paintbrush

By covering your paintbrush, you will create uniform lines that will look great on the glass surface. The uninterrupted finish will create contrast and you will also be able to use two different colors to achieve this type of design.



Design Ideas

If you are looking for the best painting wine glass ideas, then we have a handful of them in store for you. While these are mainly ideas, you can use them or take inspiration from them to create your own unique glasses. You will not need to purchase any additional materials as you will only need to ensure that you are capable of thinking outside the box.


Adopt a Theme

There could be a reason why you are learning how to paint wine glasses in the first place. It could be Valentine’s Day or Christmas, nevertheless, you could take inspiration from the special day and incorporate it into your design with a red and white or red and green color scheme.

This does not have to be a specific holiday, it could be a party theme too.


Use the Shape of the Glass

By using the shape of the glass as inspiration, you can create designs that flow very well. For instance, if you are using a round glass with a large bowl, you can incorporate round designs such as bubbles or flowing waves of different colors. For glasses with more angles, you can use sharper designs that will tie in much better with the glass.

Painting Wine Glasses Methods


Two-Tone Paint Design

If you tape off half of the glass and paint each section a different color, you could create a unique background that will allow you to use different colors. You could also play around with different paint finishes, such as gloss black and matte black for a unique design.


Dip the Glass for a Unique Design

If you have the paint to spare, you could mix different colors and dip the glass into the paint mixture for a unique effect. However, it is important not to blend the paint as you will be left with a weird-looking color. This will work very well with stemless wine glasses, so if you have any, this will be a design that you need to try.

Painting Wine Glasses Process


Painting wine glasses can be a lot of fun, and this has been the latest craze in the world of arts and crafts. The painting process is meant to be enjoyed, so try not to put too much pressure on yourself when it comes to your design. Furthermore, you should do your best and allow yourself to make mistakes. Since it is glass, you can clean it and you will be able to start over. Nevertheless, we wish you good luck and that you have a lot of fun with your wine glass project!




Frequently Asked Questions


Do I Need to Sand Glass to Get the Paint to Stick?

No, there is no reason to sand the glass as the right type of paint will stick if you have cleaned it properly.


What Is the Best Paint to Use for Painting Wine Glasses?

We recommend using acrylic glass paint, as this will have the most durable finish while also having the best color. This type of paint is also specifically designed for glass, so it is the best option available.


Will I Be Able to Wash the Paint off the Glass?

This depends on the type of paint that you are using. However, if you would like to start from scratch, you will be able to clean the paint from the glass with acetone.

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