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How to Make your Own Jewelry at Home with Jewelry Kits

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Jewelry making is an amazing craft to be able to do by yourself. In addition, it makes a wonderful career where you can sell your designs online and share your talents with the world! The best jewelry-making kits out there will come equipped to give you the basics of the craft, and you can buy specific kits to fit the style of jewelry you would like to make. You could get a ring-making kit, or an earring-making kit, or even a necklace kit. Ultimately, any jewelry kit for adults will allow you to create incredible creations for all your friends and family. This tutorial will describe everything you need to know about jewelry making for beginners who want to learn how to make jewelry at home. If you are beginning jewelry making, then this is the right page for you! Keep reading for an extensive explanation of jewelry making for adults.



Reasons for Making Jewelry Yourself

Jewelry-making is something that everyone can enjoy. You might be a grandmother who has her grandchildren over for the weekend and so you buy a jewelry making kit for them so that you can help teach them how to make jewelry at home (or whenever they visit you) which is an amazing pass-time and an even better bonding experience for you all. The whole family can get involved over the holidays and so much fun can be had while honing in new skills.

Social Aspect of Jewelry Making

You might be someone with a flair for creative arts, and you have decided you want to start a career in jewelry making, and this is the best way to start your journey. There are jewelry-making kits for adults that are designed for every type of jewelry that you might be curious to learn how to make. This can empower the young adult, and give them some financial independence from their parents, also while developing an understanding for fair trade and working with their hands.

Jewelry Kit for Young Adults

There are many reasons you would want to learn how to make jewelry, ranging from making your own to suit your unique style, to making jewelry as gifts or to sell. There is a kit to suit every style of jewelry that you wish to make, from a ring-making kit to an earring-making kit. All you need to have is the inspiration and the motivation to get started.

Jewelry-Making Kits for Family Fun


Popular Ideas for Jewelry Making

Pinterest is an amazing tool for all designers and DIY weekenders. There are endless ideas posted by so many people all around the world, so you will never be starved for inspiration. Regardless, we have some ideas for you that will cut out some time of having to research the different styles.

  • Pearls are amazing because they can be dressed up or down, you do not have to make a string of pearls, but you can incorporate them into a bead pattern that will amaze everyone.
  • Check out the charm section at your local bead store, there are so many designs and many of them have ornamental properties that are perfect, just as they are unaccompanied by other beads, or placed among a string of beads as a necklace. You could even make a charm bracelet for your child’s birthday present.
  • You might prefer the neutral look, so you choose beads to suit that. There are also colorful beads that will look just as beautiful
  • Make a set of earrings that do not match as a kind of contemporary asymmetrical design which is super fashionable right now

Making Beaded Necklace Kit



Instructions for Making Jewelry at Home

Now that you know all about the best jewelry-making kits, and the different brands that have manufactured them, you can begin to learn how to use them. We have laid out some basic guidelines that are useful in making various types of jewelry. There will be instructions included in most of the kits that you buy, but if there are no instructions, you can always find tutorials online, and those will help inspire some ideas on what to make with them as well.


Organize Your Materials

Most of the kits you buy will come inclusive of a bead box, which looks similar to a fishing tackle box that holds the bait. Each compartment neatly holds each type of bead in one space so that it is easier to see what you want to work with. It can be quite overwhelming when your bead box is unorganized, so we recommend keeping a handle on this as you work.

Organized Jewelry-Making Work Area

When you want to make some jewelry, we highly recommend making your workspace reflect your organized bead box and declutter anything that has nothing to do with jewelry-making. This will make it easier to find any stray beads that may escape your grip.


Jewelry Ideas

There are so many ideas all over the internet, and this can be slightly overwhelming because you might not be able to decide on which design you want to make first. Before you explore your thoughts with all the ideas you might find on Pinterest, you can check out the ideas that we have for you.

  • Bracelets with personalized messages
  • Pendant necklaces
  • Wire earrings
  • Rings with gemstones attached
  • Earrings can have clasps that clip onto your ear instead of poking through pierced ears. (Not everyone has pierced ears)
  • Charm bracelets
  • People are even making mask-themed jewelry now

Face-Mask Themed Jewelry


Measuring for Jewelry-Making

Measurements are important with all crafts. This is to make sure the jewelry you are making will fit the person it is designed for. There is nothing worse than having spent so much of your time and giving all your love to one item, and then it does not fit the finger it was meant to fit. Even a necklace needs to be measured properly, particularly with chokers, because every neck is not the same thickness.

Measure while Making Jewelry


Various Skills for Jewelry-Making

There are so many skills that require some fine motor abilities that you can learn when you start making your own jewelry. There are some basic things that you can practice before you attempt to make anything worth gifting or selling for that matter. They are as follows:

  • Practice making different knots
  • Practice threading a needle, or putting beads onto string
  • Cutting wire with wire cutters
  • Bending wire with pliers
  • Open and close jump rings with pliers

Skills for Making Jewelry



Final Suggestions for Jewelry-Making

To make the experience of jewelry-making for beginners an easier process, we have some final suggestions that will help make sense of everything we have mentioned throughout this tutorial in a summarized form.

  • Make sure the tools you use are high quality.
  • Play around with all the styles until you find one that suits you.
  • Practice makes your techniques perfect.
  • If you want to make necklaces, make sure you purchase a necklace kit, and if you want to make a bracelet there are jewelry-making kits designed for that purpose. Make sure you buy one that is designed for the type of jewelry you want to make.
  • Design your piece of jewelry before you start making it, that way, you will not get stuck at one point without knowing where to go with it next.
  • Learn the terminology of jewelry-making so that beginning jewelry-making is not so confusing when you read the instructions, especially for jewelry-making for adults, because children will have their adult parents or guardians helping them through the instructions.
  • Organize your beads and findings in bead boxes. These look like fishing bait boxes.
  • Make sure the surface you are working on is decluttered before you start, and try to keep the space organized while you work by putting all equipment and materials back where you found them.
  • Close the bead boxes in between taking out beads and working with them, so that in the case that you knock the bead box over, the beads are safe in the box and will not scatter all over the ground.
  • Reuse beads from old pendants or earrings that you love.
  • Buy all your materials used for jewelry-making in bulk because you will get better value for money.



What Makes a Good Jewelry-Making Kit for Beginners?

It will not help to look for a general jewelry-making kit, unless you want to fork out a lot of money. Each kit, though designed for beginners, is also designed to create a specific type of jewelry There are kits for making rings, necklaces, earrings, and more. When you buy the kit, make sure you have read every word on the packaging, because somewhere it will tell you what skill level is needed for the making of the jewelry. Make sure you have bought one that is meant for beginners if you are starting your jewelry-making journey now. Here are a few things that make a kit a great one for those beginner jewelers.

Jewelry Making Kits for Beginners


Jewelry Components

Regardless of what skill level you are equipped with, there are a few items of equipment that you require for any skill level, and should be included in every kit for beginners, as well as jewelry kits for adults who are at a higher level. They are as follows:

  • Pliers with a round nose for making perfect circles with wire, and other reasons
  • Pliers for chains
  • Pliers with a flat nose for the crimps
  • Pliers that are wire cutters

Jewelry-Making Kit with Pliers

You may have been confused when we mentioned terms like crimps and findings. It is always recommended to be familiar with the jargon of whatever skill you are learning so that reading the instructions does not confuse you any further than the range of strings or wires will already do. Here is a short glossary of the jewelry-making terminology that is important to remember.



This is not the highlight of the piece of jewelry that you make, like the pendants and the beads. These are the connectors, clasps to close the item, hooks for earrings, jump rings, and so on. These will come in all different types of metals to suit the style of the item you are making.

Assortment of Jewelry Findings


Jump Ring

We mentioned the jump rings above, which are part of the findings. Jump rings are little circular shapes (rings) and they are used to connect to a chain or other clasps. Use a pair of jewelry pliers to open the ring and then loop it through whatever you are connecting, then close the ring securely.

Jewelry-Making Jump Rings



This is like a detailed and larger jump ring that often comes with a beautiful design to suit the necklace you are making. They are typically used to connect a larger pendant to the chain, and the chain loops through the actual bail. Normally they are glued to the pendant, but the chain fits loosely through the top of the bail.

Bail Type Jewelry Finding



These are also an essential part of a jewelry-making kit. There are various types of clasps, for example, a carabiner clasp, also called a “lobster clasp” as it resembles a lobster claw. This is the part that you open and close to fit your head, wrist, ankle, or whatever part of your body that the jewelry was made for. There are two parts to the clasp. The one that opens, and the other that loops through. The closing part is what secures it so that it does not fall off.

Decorative Jewelry Clasp



If you do not want a continuous line of beads, you can use crimps to secure beads in sections along the string you are making the jewelry with. They look like tiny metal beads that you squish together tightly to hug the thread, and the bead will not be able to pass the crimp.

Beads and Crimps on Wire

As we said, this is a short glossary, which is ideal for beginners, because most kits will not go into too much detail too soon. You can buy kits that are more advanced once you have perfected the beginner’s skills. Then you can start to learn the rest of the terms that come with jewelry-making. Each kit will come inclusive of various items that will suit the specific types of jewelry they are designed to make. Make sure that you study the box, and read the packaging thoroughly because it will explain what is included in the box. But generally speaking, there should be some standard jewelry-making items that you will find in almost every box, like chains, string, wire, or cord.



Selecting a Top-Notch Jewelry-Making kit

If you are buying a jewelry-making kit for children who have never made a piece of jewelry in their lives, the best kits for them can be filled with plastic beads and other less-harmful tools and equipment. These are often quite cheap in comparison to kits that are designed for adults, even if they are beginners themselves. When you are buying a kit for an adult beginner jeweler, there are a few things that you must look out for that set them apart from a high-quality one to a low-quality one.

Using Pliers in Jewelry-Making

If you want to expand your skills towards a more professional one, then quality is important to consider. The beads will be made of better materials, and this is what makes the jewelry seem like it was made by a professional.


What Metal is Best?

Some people are not as fortunate as those who can buy any old earrings from any shop, no matter the quality of the material it is made with. Those people are lucky indeed because there are the sensitive-skinned folk who are limited with what comes into contact with their skin. These hypoallergenic people will only be able to wear metals like silver or surgical steel, and if the metal contains traces of nickel or copper, they might end up with swollen ear lobes, or rashes on their skin.

Some Jewelry can Irritate Skin


Various Jewelry-Making Kits for Beginners

The jewelry-making kits that are designed for the professional jeweler are not ideal for a beginner to buy because there will be so many more tools than what the beginner jewelry maker is accustomed to. The first thing of a newbie in the world of jewelry-making is to first learn the basic skills, and then you can expand your knowledge from there. The professional kits include all the extra tools and not the basic ones.

Types of Jewelry-Making Kits

A beginner’s jewelry-making kit is more about the pretty things like beads and charms. This can be great for someone who is starting and their idea list in their head is not as big as someone who has been making jewelry for a long time. This might seem limiting to the adult beginner jeweler who has a specific design in mind, and the kit they purchased only has certain types of beads. You can avoid that by making sure the beads in the kit are something you want.


Cost of Jewelry-Making Kits

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to just buy any jewelry-making kit without even a glance at the price tag. Budgets are very big for some people, or should we say small? That is not a serious matter, because there are jewelry-making kits that will cater to those who are aware of how much they are spending. If you manage to save up a bit, the more expensive kits are typically better quality and that means that they will last longer, and help you create more professional-looking jewelry. You expect to spend about 15 to 30 dollars for a jewelry-making kit for beginners, but that is one that is not as costly. A kit that is of a medium quality will cost about 30 to 60 dollars, but the more expensive kits will cost you up to, and sometimes over 100 dollars.

Making Jewelry Can Be Expensive



Recommended Jewelry-Making Kits

Buying any old jewelry-making kit will simply not do. There are so many different types of jewelry that you could be making, and each kit is typically designed to cater to making a specific type of jewelry. If you were to buy a bracelet-making kit, but you wanted to make a pair of earrings, you will encounter some difficulties when you start making them. There are a few considerations to keep in mind before you buy the kit. They are as follows:

  • How much patience do you have?
  • Are you willing to spend a lot of money, or are you on a tight budget?
  • How skilled are you?
  • What is your preferred type of jewelry that you want to make?
  • What type of metal do you want the jewelry to be made of?

We recommend that you do not skip the beginner’s kits if you have never made a piece of jewelry before. If you were to skip the set designed for beginners, then you might find yourself floundering in tools, and stumped as to what function they serve. To prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed, and thus avoiding using the kit altogether, then we recommend making sure you buy a kit that is designed for your capabilities. Here are a few examples of brands that have manufactured some epic jewelry-making kits. We have even included some advantages and disadvantages that you might experience when working with them.

How to Make Jewelry to Sell


Recommended Beginner’s Jewelry-Making Kit: PP OPOUNT Deluxe Jewelry-Making Supplies Kit

This is the ideal kit that has been designed for beginners. It is wonderfully kitted out with all the basic pieces of equipment to kick-start your journey and make it a smooth introduction to the world of making jewelry at home. There are many useful things included besides some handy tools. This includes the string you need to make the item, as well as 750 different types of beads that you will be able to play around with and make various bead pattern designs with.

That is not all! There are also more than 500 findings like the crimps, clasps, and jump-rings that will help you with the most basic tasks of jewelry-making. Lastly, this kit by PP OPOUNT is equipped with wire of various gauges, needles for threading the beads easily, and a beading mat so that when beads drop, they do not go flying.


Recommended Ring Making Kit: DEUXPER Sandalwood Ring Craft Kit

Wooden rings may not be the same as when they are made of expensive metals like silver and gold. But they have a sort of rustic charm about them, and they are much cheaper, which is great for beginners who have not honed in their skills yet for welding rings like a real professional. Deuxper has created a beginner user-friendly kit that promises to make a minimal mess, so long as you promise to as well.

You will get up to five different types of wooden rings with various textures, and this adds an element of versatility to what you can create. Then, when you look further, there are also some sheets of sandpaper that have different grits so the different rings. You will also be equipped with a circle tool for measuring the ring, as well as to measure the different sized rings.


Recommended Jewelry Necklace Kit: MODDA Deluxe Jewelry-Making Kit

This kit by MODDA is the deluxe version for all beginners. What makes it amazing is that you are not limited to making one type of jewelry, but you could make a necklace, a bracelet, and even an earring if you wanted. That way, you can make a matching set for your friend’s birthday present. This is a top-quality kit that can keep you entertained for a long time!

The beads are high quality and vibrantly full of color. If you feel like you might get confused with all the bits and bobs that go together, then rest assured, there is a manual with instructions that will explain everything that you need to know in a step-by-step process. Not only that, but the instructions also come with videos that give you visual representations and tutorials on how to make various pieces of jewelry. There are up to fifteen video tutorials.


Recommended Earring-Making Kit: EU TENG HAO Natural Gemstone Beads Kit

So many women these days are adorned with gemstones. This might not be a new phenomenon because we have been using gemstones as jewelry pieces since the dawn of civilization. But it is new for us to have kits for beginners where gemstones are involved. This kit by EU TENG HAO is equipped with about 550 gemstones of irregular shapes. Not only that, but there are stone beads that you can thread string through. You can expect to find a mixture of amethyst, rose quartz, kallait, fluorite, agate, and other popular stones.

Besides the gemstones, there are other important ingredients to make the earrings of your dreams, like the hooks that loop through your ear lobes. Regarding the findings, you will find all the usual findings that you need to make an earring, and there will be about 50 of each type of finding. These will all be organized into a plastic bead box that is included in the kit. This makes it easy to transport with you many times.


Recommended Bracelet Kit: FASHION ANGELS DIY Alphabet Bead Bracelet-Making Kit

Almost everyone has memories of having a bracelet that spells their names, or their best friend’s names that they swapped as friendship bracelets. Fashion Angels have created an amazing bracelet-making it that has all the alphabet letters made from plastic beads. This is a stunning kit that entertains children for hours, and it is safe for them to work with at the same time. They could even serve as baby shower gifts with the new baby’s name.

There are up to 1500 beads in this kit, and this includes various-sized beads of each letter in the alphabet. They are not all plastic either; some are made of metal and some are even shaped like doughnuts. You can expect to make up to 230 different bracelets with this kit.


There you have it. A bunch of knowledge on jewelry-making. Now you can go from learning how to make jewelry at home, to practicing and turning that knowledge into actual skills. We hope you found this tutorial on jewelry making for beginners helpful. Now it is up to you to go out and buy the best jewelry making kits for the style that you are itching to create!



Frequently Asked Questions


Are There Jewelry-Making Kits for Adults and Kids?

A jewelry-making for beginners kit does not always mean the kit is for kids; it can also be a beginner’s jewelry-making kit for an adult. A jewelry-making kit designed for children will be more basic and won’t include anything that could be dangerous for a child to use unsupervised. The adult kit will be a bit more complicated and include far more equipment and instructions.


What Kind of Pliers Do You Need for Jewelry-Making?

Pliers are an essential part of jewelry-making. They are often bought individually, but they are available in sets that cater for a wide variety of functions. Some manufacturers have included pliers in their ring-making kits, or earring-making kits, or their necklace kits. This is typically just the flat nose pliers, which is the most useful type of plier for jewelry-making.


Does a Jewelry Kit for Adults Include Beaded Designs?

When you purchase a jewelry kit for adults and children, there are instructions included that are provided by the manufacturer. These will explain how to use each item included in the kit, as well as some examples of patterns you can make with beads.


Are There Different Sizes of Metal Wires for Jewelry-Making?

If you are making earrings, we recommend using a wire with a gauge of 18. If you are making bracelets or even a necklace, then wire with a gauge that is between 18 and 22 will be suitable.


What Thread Is Best for Beading?

Thread tends to fray after a few beads have been looped through it. This can be frustrating, to say the least, so we would recommend using a nylon thread, and if that is not available, you can coat your string in beeswax and that will keep all the threads of the string together. Better yet, we recommend coating your nylon string with beeswax for the best string to work with beads.


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