How To Draw a Pineapple

How to Draw a Pineapple – Tropical Fruit Sketching Session

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The pineapple is the fruit of summer, with its warm yellow tone and spiky green leaves. The delicious and sweet pineapple is always a treat to eat or even blend into a drink. It is also a fabulous fruit to learn to draw, which is exactly what we will be teaching you in this easy pineapple drawing tutorial. Our easy-to-follow instructions on how to draw a pineapple will show you how to create a realistic pineapple drawing in just 15 steps. Gather your art supplies and let us get started drawing this tropical fruit.



How to Draw a Pineapple Step by Step

Both experienced and beginner artists can benefit from our pineapple drawing guide. We will cover all the basics from construction lines to shading and coloring in your pineapple drawing. The image that follows is a breakdown of all the steps you can expect in this easy pineapple drawing tutorial. Soon, you will have a beautiful realistic pineapple drawing of your own.

Steps for Drawing a Pineapple


Step 1: The Pineapple’s Main Body

The very first step in a pineapple illustration is to draw your pineapple’s main body. Find the middle of your page or canvas and sketch an oval shape. You are in control of the size of your pineapple sketch, so create this oval in any size you prefer.

Pineapple Sketch 1


Step 2: Creating a Leafy Crown on Your Pineapple Drawing

The signature leaves on the very top of the pineapple are next. If you have ever seen a pineapple, you would know that they are spikey and sharp. Sketch your leafy crown with spikes and remember to make it tall but not as tall as your pineapple’s body. Your leaves should attach to the oval you drew in step one.

Pineapple Sketch 2


Step 3: Outlining the Body of Your Pineapple Sketch

You will now outline the construction lines you created in steps one and two. Simply follow the pencil lines you sketched lightly for both the pineapple’s spikey leaves and the main body. Remember that the leaves have thorn-like spikes on them too.

Pineapple Sketch 3


Step 4: Adding a Textured Inner Pattern to Your Pineapple Illustration

Focusing inside your oval you will now add a pattern to create the textured skin of your pineapple drawing. These lines slope and, in between each one, you will add spikes to emphasize the pineapple’s texture. You should make sure to draw each line individually and you’re your time as you eventually cover the entire main pineapple body with fine lines and texture. It is helpful to follow the curvature of your oval shape.

Pineapple Sketch 4


Step 5: Adding the Bottom Leaves and Stem to Your Realistic Pineapple Drawing

Once your pineapple body has texture, you will once again move to the leafy crown area of your realistic pineapple drawing. The construction lines you drew in the second step should be utilized for this part. You can create a stem and individual leaves beneath your pineapple’s crown. The leaves should bend in a downward manner and the leaves which surround it will curve in the direction they face.

Pineapple Sketch 5


Step 6: Outlining the Crown of Your Pineapple Drawing

While you are focusing on the leaves of your pineapple illustration, you will now go back to the crown area. Just above the lower stem leaves, you can now draw some bigger and straighter leaves. These leaves should also be a little longer because they are the main leaves on your pineapple drawing. You should have realistic-looking pineapple leaves by the end of this step.

Pineapple Sketch 6


Step 7: Adding Texture to the Crown of Your Pineapple Illustration

The texture of your leaves will be the focus of this step. You can now draw several finer lines within both the stem and crown leaves. Add a few lines on each leaf. You will notice that this helps create some texture to your pineapple illustration leaves.

Pineapple Sketch 7


Step 8: Adding the Base Coat to the Pineapple’s Body

You can now start to add some color to your easy pineapple drawing. Select a regular paintbrush and a warm yellow paint and apply an even coat to the entire body of your pineapple sketch. You can do the same with a shade of light green or iguana for the crown leaves. Be sure to paint evenly!

Pineapple Sketch 8


Step 9: Creating Shading and Contouring in Your Realistic Pineapple Drawing

The next step is adding structure and contouring to your pineapple drawing. You will be working on the entire pineapple illustration. Choose a soft, small paintbrush and light green paint. Add a bit of tone around the braces within your pineapple’s body.

Pineapple Sketch 9


Step 10: Adding More Color to the Body of the Pineapple

The second color coat will now be applied to your pineapple body. Choose a light brown or orange shade of paint and a soft, small paintbrush. Begin to blend the shading on each brace from step nine.

Pineapple Sketch 10


Step 11: Creating Highlights and Shading on Your Pineapple Drawing

Your sketch will need highlights and shading to make it look like a realistic pineapple drawing! Select a soft brush and a little white paint and begin filling the spikes on the body of your pineapple. Once complete, you can add several lines and dots in a dark purple and blend them into the spikes. Now choose a darker orange paint and a smaller soft paintbrush and begin gently adding strokes within each brace of your pineapple’s body. You want to ensure that the yellow is still quite visible so do not overdo it. Lastly, clean your brush and add a bit of black paint to lightly shade around each brace. You should also add a bit of shading under the first layer of leaves.

Pineapple Sketch 11


Step 12: Applying More Color to the Pineapple’s Crown Leaves

Once again focusing on the pineapple’s leafy crown you will now apply a second color coat. Using a soft paintbrush and dark green paint you can begin to gently apply some paint to the inner leaves of the crown.

Pineapple Sketch 12


Step 13: Adding the Final Color Coat to the Crown Leaves

When the second paint coat has dried, you will add the final bit of color to the crown leaves on your realistic pineapple drawing. Using a soft paintbrush and dark green paint you can begin coloring the leaves to help blend and fade the three shades of green used.

Pineapple Sketch 13


Step 14: Adding Highlights and Shading to the Pineapple’s Crown Leaves

Load a soft paintbrush with a bit of black paint and add a little shading in between each and every leaf. You may also want to use some dark green paint and create a few shading lines within each leaf. Lastly, select a sharp fine tip paintbrush and apply white paint in strokes across each individual pineapple leaf for some extra highlighted texture.

Pineapple Sketch 14


Step 15: Adding the Final Touches to Your Realistic Pineapple Drawing

This is the last step in our how-to-draw a pineapple tutorial. You will again select a sharper and finer paintbrush and begin outlining your pineapple illustration using corresponding colors. Make sure you do each part of the pineapple individually and use the correct color for each section. The reason we trace our outlines in this way is to give our pineapple sketch a seamless look without any visible lines. Finally, using a soft paintbrush and a touch of black paint you can add a shadow just below your pineapple.

Pineapple Sketch 15


You have completed our easy pineapple drawing tutorial, well done! You should have a lovely tropical pineapple illustration on your page or canvas. We hope you are happy with the result and that you enjoyed this guide on pineapple sketching. We are sure that once you are confident you will be adding many other wonderful fruits to your must-learn list!



Frequently Asked Questions


Is It Easy to Learn How to Draw a Pineapple?

Yes, it certainly is easy to draw a pineapple when you have the use of our how-to-draw a pineapple tutorial. Our guide will teach you how to create a realistic pineapple drawing in just 15 simple steps.


How Can I Sketch a Realistic Pineapple Drawing?

If you would like to create a realistic pineapple drawing then following our easy pineapple drawing tutorial is a good place to start. Follow our step-by-step guide and we will teach you how to add shading and highlights to help make your pineapple drawing very lifelike and realistic.

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