How to Draw a Lotus

How to Draw a Lotus Flower – Depict This Mystic Bloom With Ease

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The lovely lotus flower is highly regarded across history and in many cultures, as a spiritual symbol of resurrection. Each day, this special bloom opens and closes its array of petals. Would you believe that this is all done according to where the sun is in the sky? This stunning aquatic blossom is the subject of today’s how-to-draw-a-lotus-flower tutorial. Drawing a lotus flower does not need to be a time-consuming, or confusing past-time, especially when you have the best tutorial around to show you how to do it the right way! Once you have all the supplies needed and have decided where you’d like to sit, we can get started!



A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw a Lotus Flower

Are you ready to learn the basic steps to draw a lotus flower? Our fun and essay-to-follow instructions will teach you how to draw a lotus step by step. Our easy-to-follow guide, which involves creating the flower outline, applying the base coats, and creating texture and shading, will have you drawing a beautiful lotus flower sketch in no time! Our picture below shows the progression of the 14 steps that you will work through to draw a lotus. Take a moment to look at each step so that you know what to expect from this tutorial.

How to Draw a Lotus in Easy Steps

The best part is, no matter what artistic level you are at, this how-to-draw-a-lotus-flower tutorial will be a source of guidance and inspiration. Even those who are skilled in drawing can learn a thing or two! Choose the colors you would prefer to use on your lotus flower drawing, get your paper, sketchbook, canvas, or digital device ready, and we will get started!


Step 1: Drawing the Seed Pod’s Foundation Outline

The first step will be laying down the foundation outline of the center seedpod. Whatever canvas you have chosen, be it paper or a design tablet, you will need to draw an oval-shaped circle in a horizontal position, similar to an egg positioned on its side! Remember that if you are using a digital art medium, to make the foundation layer separate so that you can erase it later on.

Lotus Sketch 1


Step 2: Creating the First Flower Petals of Your Lotus Flower Drawing

You can begin adding the main flower petals onto the oval-shaped seed pod. Make each petal rounded and plump, and face the tips upwards.

Lotus Sketch 2


Step 3: Sketching the Side Petals of Your Easy Lotus Drawing

Your lotus is beginning to take shape already! Continue adding petals to your lotus flower drawing by drawing them on the sides of the top petals. They should expand outwards.

You can sketch five petals in total.

Lotus Sketch 3


Step 4: Outlining the Lower Petals of Your Lotus Flower Sketch

To complete the outline, you will need to continue adding petals to your lotus flower drawing. Add these petals to the lower area, and draw them at an angle. Focus on this step as you want to create a lotus flower that looks realistic!

Lotus Sketch 4


Step 5: Drawing the Stem and Seed Pod of Your Easy Lotus Drawing

Well done! You have completed the petal outline of your lotus flower sketch. Now, you will add the stem. Do this by drawing two straight lines under the bottom area of your flower petals.

Add details to the seed pod in the middle by adding short lines.

Lotus Sketch 5


Step 6: Applying Color to Your Lotus Flower Drawing

With any art project, you have to work in layers! By this phase, you will have created all of the foundation outlines needed for your entire lotus flower sketch! Now, you will add the base coat of paint.

Take a regular paintbrush and a pink shade of paint, and apply to coat the whole flower, leaving out the stem.

Lotus Sketch 6


Step 7: Applying Color to the Stem and Seed Pod

You will now use a yellow shade of paint to fill in the inner seed pod. Again, a regular paintbrush will suffice. Next, you can begin adding a touch of dark green to the stem of your lotus flower sketch.

Lotus Sketch 7


Step 8: Adding Highlights to Your Easy Lotus Drawing

Your lotus flower drawing should be looking quite lovely! Add light and shading to each lotus flower petal by using a small paintbrush and white paint. You can add highlights to the center of the petal in an upwards brush stroke.

This will add texture too!

Lotus Sketch 8


Step 9: Adding Texture to Your Lotus Flower Sketch

Adding texture to a picture is not as hard as it may seem. Using a sharp paintbrush and a dark pink shade of paint, gently shade the tips of the lotus flower petals and trace the edges.

Lotus Sketch 9


Step 10: Enhancing Your Lotus Flower Drawing’s Texture

To complete the texture on your easy lotus drawing, you can select a sharp paintbrush to add tiny hairlines to the petals. These are delicate lines along the body of the petals.

If you feel that your lotus needs more texture, you can continue to add a darker shade to the tips of the petals.

Lotus Sketch 10


Step 11: Shading Your Lotus Flower Sketch

The next phase will be to add shading to your lotus flower drawing. Use a small paintbrush and lilac paint, and carefully create a shadow on the lower lotus petals and along the edges of the top petals. You can do the opposite now by a light shading in the gaps of the individual petals. Next, dab a mixture of yellow and red paint and add the finishing touch to the bottom center of each petal of your lotus flower sketch.

Lotus Sketch 11


Step 12: Adding Highlights to the Seed Pod of Your Lotus Flower Drawing       

Highlighting the seed pod won’t take too long! Apply some white paint by using a soft paintbrush, and dab short brush strokes over the center area.

Repeat the process using orange paint.

Lotus Sketch 12


Step 13: Adding the Finishing Touches to the Stem of Your Lotus Flower Sketch

We are only two steps away from completion! Select a soft paintbrush and dark green paint, carefully adding texture to the stem.

To finish it off, add a touch of black paint and add shadow to the stem.

Lotus Sketch 13


Step 14: Completing Your Lotus Flower Drawing

This step will conclude your how-to-draw-a-lotus-flower drawing! Now, simply remove any stray pencil lines with an eraser and gently trace around the edges with the same shades of color used to create your painting.

Lotus Sketch 14


Bravo! You have reached the end of our how-to-draw-a-lotus step-by-step guide, and you should be proud of your achievement! Learning to draw a lotus is not as simple as it looks, but with our easy-to-follow how-to-draw-a-lotus-flower tutorial, you will be able to create this beautiful flower with ease!



Frequently Asked Questions


Is It Easy to Learn How to Draw a Lotus Flower?

The lotus flower is a simple outline to follow. Its gorgeous petals are silky-looking in a lovely shade of light pink. Learn to draw a lotus in no time with this easy-to-follow tutorial!


How Do I Draw a Lotus Step by Step?

You have come to the best place to learn how to draw a lotus flower! This is a simple step-by-step guide designed for artists of all levels. So, even if this is your first-time putting pen to paper, we have got you covered! Get your art supplies and let us start drawing!

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