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Best Fabric Markers – What Are the Best Pens to Write on Fabric

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Ever heard of how fabric markers can restore the colors on your clothes and any other fabric materials that have faded? Well, if you did not know about this, then this article is for you. Not only do these fabric markers restore the shine to your clothes, but they are also suitable for any form of fabric art. The great thing about fabric markers is that they do not require any special skills or expertise, all you need is a love for working with fabrics. Play around with different colors that are compatible with your fabric material, then you are good to go.  Follow our guide on the best fabric markers below to help you find the perfect set.

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Getting to Know the Fabric Markers

These are permanent markers that contain paint, dye, or ink used to design fabric materials. They are not like normal markers because their liquid is permanent on the fabric. The markers will last longer on your clothes and will not come out as a result of washing.

Fabric markers come in loads of colors, which makes using them more enjoyable. So you can have all the fun you want by mixing and matching your fabrics with the markers. If you have been looking for an amazing way to add color and shine to your fabrics, then go for these markers. You will enjoy the process because they are very easy and cheaper too – especially compared to those other processes that require heat and machines.

The best fabric markers come in handy because they save you from moving from one printing shop to another looking for the best printing machine to do your job. And the bad thing about printing machines is that they are on a large scale, making them costly. Fabric paints are also available on the market as an option to do the same task. However, it is better to use fabric paint pens because they are easily portable and very effective. The other thing is that fabric markers require less cleaning after the process as compared to fabric paints. They are also suitable for kids. So putting all of those advantages together, fabric paint pens are your best choice. The best fabric markers should be versatile and durable for many different uses.

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Alcohol vs. Acrylic-Based Fabric Markers

The best fabric markers come in two types, either alcohol-based or acrylic-based. Your choice of a fabric marker is based on the type of project you want to do. This also means that you have to assess the fabric type before you decide on the type of marker to use for your project.

Note: Alcohol-based markers work well with materials like plastic, leather, and many more, while acrylic-based markers are suitable for any material.


Alcohol-Based Fabric Markers

These fabric marker pens are mostly used on non-porous surfaces. They produce amazingly beautiful designs because they can bind the pigments together during the process. So you can use them for your leathers and plastics to obtain excellent results.


Acrylic-Based Fabric Markers

These fabric marker pens can withstand UV rays.  When compared to alcohol-based fabric markers, these markers are opaque. This is because acrylic-based fabric markers are highly durable and long-lasting. Thus, they do not easily lose their color or vibrancy.



The Best Fabric Markers

The process of searching and getting the best fabric markers for your project can be stressful. This is because the market is flooded with a variety of these markers from different brands, making the selection of the best product daunting and at times confusing. We have chosen some of the best fabric markers below to help you get a better understanding of what to look for.

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Best Overall: LIQUITEX Professional Fine Paint Marker Set

The colors offered by this marker will not fade, they can last for a very long time. The markers are made from a combination of high-quality pigments, and they do not smudge either. The application process is very easy and amazing results are guaranteed. This brand is acrylic-based.

The best thing about these fabric markers is that they are very flexible to use. This means that if you make any mistake during your art project, you can easily wash off the marker as long as it is still wet. The markers become permanent when dry, so be sure to fix all your mistakes before they get dry. However amazing results are guaranteed whether wet or dry since they are very easy to use.

Also, take note of the nibs on the markers to ensure total control of the marker when doing your project. These nibs can produce thicker lines. This is because each marker comes with a 2 in 1 set of nibs. The first one is suitable for delicate and precise thin lines while the other one is for those broader, thick lines.

This fabric marker pen set has a variety of colors ranging from yellow hues, brilliant blue, titanium white fabric markers, and so on. You can also apply them to water-based paints since they do not bleed easily. They are a perfect choice if you want to blend them with other markers to add more vibe to your artwork. The brand is rated overall best because you can apply these markers to a variety of surfaces.

They are also suitable for layering since they are not prone to mess. You do not have to worry about making mistakes or creating a mess when working with this brand because the markers have been designed to offer you full control when in use. They also have a quick drying time when compared to other fabric markers. Overall, these are probably the best fabric markers for all kinds of uses.

LIQUITEX Professional Paint Fine Marker Set
  • Set of six wide nib professional paint markers
  • Water-based, lightfast, and permanent acrylic markers
  • Suitable for use on multiple surfaces
View on Amazon


  • The fabric markers are suitable for several surfaces
  • There are several colors to choose from
  • Two nibs enable you to draw either thin or thick lines
  • Effective for multiple layering


  • You may require multiple coats to get the best results


Best Fabric Markers for Pros: MOLOTOW Acrylic Paint Markers

The markers can produce excellent results even on non-smooth surfaces because of their high-quality pigment feature. This fabric marker set is suitable for several surfaces. These surfaces include paper, ceramic, fabric, and so on. The nibs of these markers enhance their adhesion properties and they can be refilled. They also come in a variety of colors which include zinc yellow, signal black, mild shock blue, brown, and so on. The variety of colors offered by this brand are UV resistant. Thus, they do not fade away so easily with time.

They cover a larger surface area with amazing designs, thus they have a thin pigment. The opacity of these colors is incredible because of their thin consistency. Proper use of these colors will result in amazing and colorful designs. They offer rich, vibrant colors that will make your project look impressive in every way. They are best suited for professional artists.

MOLOTOW One4All Acrylic Paint Marker Set
  • High-covering, premium acrylic-based pigments
  • A clever refillable pump marker system
  • The set includes ten different vibrant colors
View on Amazon


  • Incredible color opacity performance
  • Great quality
  • Covers a larger surface
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Refillable design


  • They are expensive


Best for Arts and Crafts: SHARPIE Stained Fabric Markers

This set of fabric marker pens has been formulated to be suitable for any type of fabric. Each set includes eight different markers in a variety of colors – ranging from purple, yellow, red, orange, and so on. These markers are permanent, thus they do not fade very easily. Their bold colors are bright enough to be customized to your preferences.

Their designs are long-lasting since they do not fade so easily. Always store your markers in a horizontal position for safekeeping and to improve their overall performance. You can use them in layers, ensuring a very rich color. The Sharpie set comes with a brush tip that enables you to draw either thin or thick lines. Their ink sticks very easily to different materials and it does not fade after washing. It is environmentally safe to use these markers because they are non-toxic.

SHARPIE Stained Fabric Markers
  • Thick brush tip markers for bold writing and drawing
  • Each pack includes eight different fabric marker colors
  • Developed to resist fading when being washed
View on Amazon


  • The markers are non-toxic
  • Suitable for any type of fabric
  • Ability to draw either thick or thin lines
  • The ink does not fade off easily


  • The colors may bleed on some fabrics


Best Value: CRAFTS 4 ALL Fabric Markers

This group of markers is completely non-toxic, which makes them safe to use even on baby clothes. They do not contain any harmful chemicals. Anyone can use them, especially beginners, because they are easy to use. School kids can also use this brand for art learning purposes. They come in a pack of 24 colors, thus providing quality markers in a wide range of shades.

These fabric markers have rich and quality pigments. The quality colorful designs produced by this brand are very impressive. They give your designs a sophisticated and unique look. They are highly durable, thus they can last for a very long time without fading. You can use them for a variety of purposes ranging from handbags, baby items, or any type of clothing. They do not fade easily from UV exposure or weather conditions.

CRAFTS 4 ALL Fabric Marker Pens
  • A premium quality set of 24 different fabric pens
  • Super-versatile pens for fine or thick lines
  • Child-safe, non-toxic, fade-proof, lightfast, weatherproof
View on Amazon


  • The set has highly durable colors
  • Consists of high-quality pigments
  • Has a non-toxic formula
  • Comes in a large variety of colors
  • Can be used by anyone


  • Low opacity features make it suitable for fabrics with light colors


Best Fabric Markers for Kids: CRAYOLA Fabric Markers

This pack comes with 10 fabric pens that will enable you to do amazing customized designs. This set of markers consists of fine tips that work well when doing fine lines that contain precise details. The colors range from white fabric markers to red, pink, green, and more.

Crayola fabric markers are suitable for both dark and light fabrics. The designs do not fade off so easily even after several washes. The markers work on any type of fabric, thus making them versatile. They are suitable for kids ages 3 years and above because they are non-toxic.

CRAYOLA 10 Pack Fabric Markers
  • A set of ten different fine line fabric markers
  • Perfect for colorful, detailed designs on clothes
  • AP certified non-toxic and safe to use
  View on Amazon


  • Anyone can use them, especially kids who are 3 years and older
  • They are very affordable
  • The set comes contains a variety of colors
  • Suitable for a variety of fabrics


  • The ink runs out very quickly



Factors to Consider for Buying the Best Fabric Markers

The type of marker used during fabric artwork is really as important as the fabric itself. There are various factors to consider when buying the best fabric markers. We will explain these simply below to help you find the perfect set of markers.

fabric pens



Well, this depends on you! You can choose the color you want based on the meaning you want to illustrate in your artwork. Go for colors that are suitable and compatible with your fabric. This is because most of the fabric markers sold on the market come in a variety of colors. Avoid colors or shades that will make your artwork look like it’s fading out.


Ink Quality

You should seriously consider this factor when buying the best fabric marker pens because it can really affect your artwork as well as the fabric. You must go for quality ink so that you do not end up messing with your artwork. Avoid markers that are associated with runny and messy ink. Opt for ink that is not too thick because it will take long for it to be absorbed.



Stay away from fabric markers that contain toxic and harmful chemicals. Always do a thorough investigation on the type of fabric marker you want to purchase so that you make sure it does not contain anything toxic. This is because toxic chemicals can affect your health or you might end up reacting. The best way to investigate is by checking customer reviews.



Always opt for markers that are suitable for many fabrics and surfaces. Besides being used for fabrics, the markers you choose must also be suitable for materials like paper, wood, and so on. This will give you enough room to use your markers on different surfaces for a variety of artwork designs.

fabric marker pens



Fabric markers that do not fade easily are your best choice. Your designs can last for longer if the ink does not come off so easily. The best markers do not fade after washing the fabric. Go for fabric paint pens that have high-quality ink so that the ink will not fade after several washes.


Bleeding Ink

If you are one of those people who like using a lot of colors on your artwork, then stay away from bleeding inks. Bleeding inks will spoil your work, resulting in a mess. This is because when the colors bleed, they also seep into each other. Make sure you choose fabric markers that contain non-bleeding ink.


Drying Time

Choose fabric markers that have a very short drying period so you do not get stuck on the same project for a long period. Some fabric markers require up to 24 hours of air-drying time for the ink to settle permanently into the design. Other markers require heat to be set, which makes the process far more labor-intensive. Analyze and choose the best method that works for you.


Fabric Type

The fabric type also determines what type of marker to be used. You need to get a marker that is compatible with the type of fabric you will be using. Not every marker works well on rough fabrics, some markers are easier to use on smooth fabrics. Failure to get the right marker for your fabric type might greatly affect your artwork.


Size of the Tip

Tip size determines the appearance of the design on the fabric. The tips can either be a fine one or a bullet tip. A fine tip is suitable for delicate designs that are associated with a lot of detail, which enables you to draw thin lines very accurately. A bullet tip, on the other hand, is suitable for thicker lined designs. Analyze your design first before you make a choice on the type of fabric marker which has the correct tip.

Note: The process of choosing a tip can be stressful for some people, that is why most fabric markers sold on the market contain both tips. So if you purchase one of those markers with both tips, then you wont have to change markers all of the time.



This factor is all about the transparency of the markers. The transparency of the marker will be clear on any designs. This factor plays an important role because it shows how your overall design will be depicted on the fabric. High opacity markers work well on dark fabrics, so the color will be transparent and visible enough on the fabric.  Light material is compatible with transparent markers.

fabric paint pens



Types of Fabric Markers

Fabric markers come in two different types, either permanent or non-permanent. It is important to try and understand the type of fabric marker that is best suited for your fabric. The most suitable marker will give you more advantages than negatives. Non- permanent markers are further distributed into two groups which are rounded tip or pointed tip.


Pointed Tip

These tips have pointed designs like bullets. The tips have a variety of uses, creating either thin or bold lines. If you are looking for easy-to-use tips, then opt for these non-permanent pointed tips so that you are hassle-free when switching from thin to bold lines.


Rounded Tip

The tips for this group are rounded, making them less suitable for thin and delicate lines. If you want to draw delicate lines that contain a lot of detail, then these tips will not work for you. They are best suited for bold lines.


Non-Permanent Fabric Markers

Non- permanent fabric markers make drawings and designs that do not last for a long time. These markers can store ink in their special storage containers. The designs and drawings made by these markers can be washed off very easily or you can just use a damp cloth to wipe off the design.

However, the ink of these non-permanent markers does not take exceptionally long to dry. If you are doing temporary designs, then this is your best option. Non-permanent markers work well on several surfaces, but they do not work on wet surfaces.


Permanent Fabric Markers

These markers can store ink in internal storage that is used during the artwork. Permanent fabric markers have a permanent ink that stays for longer even if the fabric or garment has been washed severally. If you are looking for markers that can make permanent designs, then they are your best bet. They are only suitable for dry surfaces and cannot withstand wet surfaces.

permanent fabric markers



How to Use Fabric Markers

Since you now have plenty of information on which fabric markers to buy for your project, we will now take a look at how you can use your fabric markers to obtain amazing and beautiful designs. Take note of the following steps:


Getting the Right Fabric

The fabric has an important role to play in selecting the right marker. This is because your fabric choice will also affect how well the marker will perform. Remember, there are two types of fabrics, either smooth or coarse fabric. This also goes for the markers; some markers work very well on smooth fabrics while the opposite is true for the other markers. Test your cloth markers first before you get started on the actual design.


Cleaning the Fabric

Ensure that the fabric you want to use for your design is clean before you begin the process. If the fabric is not clean, then wash and clean it first. Cleaning is important because it ensures that your fabric is free from dust and dirt.


Painting the Fabric

This is when the real work starts. It is advisable to draw your design in faint pencil lines first before you apply the paint. This will give you enough room to rub off and correct any mistakes before applying the permanent marker. Also, ensure that you work on old or scrap fabric for practicing means before you begin working on the actual design.


Thin Lines vs. Thick Lines

The size of lines that you will be drawing on your fabric is equally important as the design itself. This is because fabric markers come in different shapes and sizes. These size differences also apply to tip sizes. If you want to draw designs with bold and thick lines, then go for wide tips. However, if you plan on getting thin lines then go for fine tips.


Painting Larger Surfaces

You can also use your markers to paint large surface areas. However, you have to note that a large surface area will require more ink that may not be sustained by fabric markers. So, it is safe to use fabric paints instead of markers when painting large surface areas.


How to Write on Fabric Without Bleeding

Ink plays an important role when learning how to write on fabric without bleeding. This is because the ink can ruin your designs by messing with the final outlook. This mess usually happens when the inks seep into each other during the process. It is advisable to ensure that your garment is clean before you begin drawing your designs. This will also help in minimizing the risk of shrinkages.

Note: Leave the ink to dry properly before you start touching the design. You can either use opaque fabric or try ironing your designs to avoid ink bleeding.


Leave the Paint to Dry

Before you start thinking about washing the garment, leave it to dry and make sure that the design has dried properly. You can opt for at least 24 to 72 hours. The other option is to use a dryer to blow the painting so that it dries very quickly. The dryer process will save you a lot of time.

best fabric markers



Tips and Tricks When Using Fabric Markers

Permanent fabric markers have ink that cannot be washed out very easily. They are usually used to create designs or to fix a faded spot on the garment. Take note of the tips and tricks below when using these fabric markers:



This is an artistic process of making outstanding and unique letters on your fabric. You need a lot of practice to be able to do lettering very efficiently. Always opt for fabric markers rather than fabric paints, this is because fabric makers can create more defined designs.



This process is best suited for fabric markers. Ensure that you have the correct stencil before you start this process. Use the fabric marker tip and run it over the edge of the stencil. Ensure that you use the best and most suited fabric markers when doing this process.



You can run the fabric marker over the stamp as a means of coloring the stamps. Press the stamp onto the fabric when the ink has been transferred properly. Fabric markers are also a good option when trying to color stamps.

Note: If you are looking for a way of customizing fabrics and fixing stained and fading spots, then cloth markers are the best way to get started. Getting the right marker has to be a priority because you would not want to get the wrong product that would mess up your design. So before you go fabric marker shopping, ensure that you have the exact information on the tip and the color that will work well with your fabric.



Frequently Asked Questions


Is There a Way of Ensuring That My Design Lasts Longer?

To ensure that your designs stay for a long period, use permanent fabric markers. However, the process does not stop there, you need to ensure that your designs have dried properly before using them. Put a cloth over the design and iron it out. The heat will set the design. Do not wash your design until 24 hours have passed and you must use cold water when doing your first three washes.


Why Should You Use a Fabric Marker?

Cloth markers offer a convenient solution for coloring clothes and materials. They allow you to create detailed, precision lines and offer long-lasting inks that won’t wash out of fabrics.


Are all Fabric Markers Permanent?

Not all fabric markers are permanent. If you are using a permanent marker, then you should know that the ink is permanent and will not fade easily after washing. When it comes to non-permanent markers then the results are slightly different. This is because non-permanent markers can be washed out very easily either with water or by using a damp cloth.


Is it Necessary to Use a Fabric Marker?

Permanent fabric markers are important because they ensure that your design will not fade off so easily. If you want a long-lasting permanent design, then opt for permanent fabric markers. You can use these markers on several surfaces like shoes, pillowcases, and clothing.


Is it Possible to Remove Permanent Fabric Markers?

You cannot use water to remove any design that has been made from high-quality ink. Rather, you can achieve the process by using hot water on the fabric area. After that, you can pour alcohol on a sponge and rub it on your garment. Ensure that you use pressure when doing this and continue wetting your sponge in alcohol from time to time.


How Does a Fabric Marker Work?

Take note of the following steps when using a fabric marker. Begin the process by taking out the fabric that you want to work on. Make sure your fabric was stored correctly in a proper way in a cupboard, this will enable your fabric to remain stable during the process.  You can then use ink to draw designs onto your fabric. If you are working on several layers, ensure the first one dries before moving on to the next one. Leave everything to dry completely, thus finishing the process.


What Other Materials are Suitable for Fabric Markers?

Fabric markers work well on a variety of surfaces and fabrics. There are several suitable materials like cotton, polyester, and so on. You can also use them for decoration purposes. Moreover, make sure that your fabric markers are safely stored, and the lids have been closed properly.


Are Fabric Markers Suitable for Baby Clothes?

Fabric markers are safe to use on baby clothes. But you have to ensure that the fabric markers you want to use on baby clothes do not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals.


Does the Ink from Fabric Markers Last Long?

The durability of the ink used in fabric markers depends on the brand you will be using. Some fabric markers last exceptionally long even after being used so many times. However, other markers can only last up to at least 10 hours. You need to ensure that you choose markers that have high durability qualities.


Are Fabric Markers Suitable for Everyone?

Anyone can use fabric markers to draw a variety of designs onto fabrics. For instance, you can use fabric markers to do some retouches on the fading spots that may be on your garments. They are suitable for many projects.


Which Brands of Fabric Markers are Most Trusted?

There are a variety of fabric markers from several brands that are available online and in shops. The most popular brands are Liquitex, Crayola, and so on.


Are All Fabric Markers Toxic?

Some fabric markers are toxic while others are not. It is advisable to correctly check the labels when buying fabric markers so that you do not end up with the toxic brand. Always go for fabric markers that are marked as non-toxic and safe for children.


Fabric markers are a great way of adding some creative flair to your clothing – or any fabric items really! Make sure to choose the right set of markers, and you will be sure to enjoy the process of drawing and writing over fabric. We hope that our guide has helped you to find the best pens to write on fabric.


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