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Best Concrete Crack Filler – Best Concrete Crack Sealer Tutorial

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Concrete can be found virtually everywhere due to its durability and versatile scope of application. While it may provide an increased level of structural resilience, concrete is prone to the formation of cracks from exposure over time. This is commonly the result of water degradation through rain and extreme weather conditions. Should you notice the formation of cracks on a surface, there’s no need for alarm. Once you discover the best concrete crack filler solution you will rest assured. The guide that follows will help you explore the range of cement filler products available, and describe their application methods.



What is Cement Crack Filler?

A great advantage to using concrete in construction is it allows easy maintenance and repairs of any degradation or fractures that occur over time. As the name of the product suggests, cement crack filler fills in damaged, chipped, and cracked regions of concrete. The solution holds the damaged region together, preventing the formation of additional cracks or surface damage.

However, not every cement filler product is the same. A concrete patch is well suited to seal large gaps and cracks, while concrete caulk is best suited for filling smaller fractures that form. A liquid cement crack filler is also well suited for this. Deciding on the best concrete crack filler for the specifications of your project depends on the situation. The nature of the surface will determine your approach, the cause and size of the crack or damaged area, and what environmental factors are at play.

Cement filler is available in various mediums, such as epoxy cement, latex, polyurethane, and mortar composed compounds. Concrete damage cannot be repaired using concrete. Instead, a specialized cement crack filler solution is required.

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Filler vs. Sealant

It is useful to see the differences in characteristics when comparing concrete crack filler and sealant products. The best concrete crack filler is designed for filling cracks and holes, providing lasting durability to the surface once more, and is best suited for internal use. The best concrete crack sealer products are well suited for repairing a crack’s exterior surface, sealing it, and providing protection against weather conditions. This may also include concrete caulk filler.



The Best Concrete Crack Filler Products

With the wide range of products available, deciding on the best concrete crack filler can be challenging. How do you make your choice of the best concrete patch product for your needs? To help you in this process, we have chosen the best concrete crack sealers in different sections that follow. If you are looking for the best concrete crack filler, ensure you browse this list before making your choice.

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Best Concrete Crack Filler Solution: APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES Concrete Crack Repair Kit

If you are looking for the best concrete crack filler solution, this comprehensive repair kit from Applied Technologies is an excellent choice. The kit consists of all the necessary products required for effectively repairing your concrete damage. The product bundle incorporates a rapid drying surface sealant, injection polyurethane foam, protective gloves and eyewear, and every application tool required for use. There is also an instructional DVD included to aid you in the process.

This kit produces excellent results while being wonderfully easy to use. The poxy past adheres firmly to the concrete, allowing efficient application of the polyurethane injection. The sealant and polyurethane foam seal very rapidly, which makes application far more straightforward. When it has set, the sealant prevents water from penetrating. This bundle also includes two capsules of poxy paste, allowing the application to carry further than many other products.

This repair bundle covers and seals hairline fractures and larger areas of degraded concrete. It is a concrete caulk repair bundle that offers completely hassle-free applications, allowing even a beginner to use it. The main advantage is the bundle includes each necessary product required, which saves a great deal of time. Applications produce effective, lasting results and the rapidly setting polyurethane isn’t prone to shrinking.

APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES Fast Set Concrete Crack Repair Kit
  • Concrete surface sealer and injection polyurethane foam
  • A complete crack repair kit with instructional video
  • Fast curing and incredibly durable
View on Amazon


  • A comprehensive concrete repair bundle offering everything required for the job
  • Simplicity of application
  • Quick setting
  • Offers lasting, high durability adhesion
  • Well suited for a wide range of different sealing applications
  • Includes more than adequate amount of concrete filler


  • Caulking gun is rather simplistic


Best Liquid Cement Crack Filler: BLUESTAR Flexible Concrete Filler

Using liquid cement crack filler is an excellent choice to fill small cracks and for reaching inaccessible areas. This product from Bluestar is an ideal choice if you require the best liquid cement crack filler. This cement filler is well suited for sealing minor fractures that are less than an inch wide. All that is required is to run the application nozzle along the inside of the fracture, filling it as you go. Applying this filler requires no additional tools or challenging preparation measures.

This product is formulated to work both as a filler, and sealant at once. Specially formulated, it provides a protective finish with lasting durability. This liquid cement crack filler comes in two different grey shades, allowing it to discreetly blend with the tone of your surface. It is also formulated for use in high and low temperatures, which makes it a multi-purpose tool in its application. If you require an easy to use liquid cement crack filler, we suggest this flexible concrete crack filler from Bluestar. It offers a multitude of uses, hassle-free application, and lasting durability.

BLUESTAR Flexible Concrete Crack Filler
  • A flexible concrete filler for all temperatures
  • Can fill cracks up to one inch wide
  • Available in two different shades of grey to choose from
View on Amazon


  • Very simple application
  • Works by filling and sealing cracks simultaneously
  • Blends into the shade of the concrete surface
  • Remains pliant in high and low-temperature conditions
  • Easily workable consistency


  • Only well suited for minor cracks


Best Driveway Crack Filler: DAP Ready-Mixed Concrete Patch

Are you in need of the best concrete patch product for driveways and exterior applications? We suggest this Ready Mixed Concrete Patch from Dap, as it is a highly effective driveway crack filler that offers lasting durability and resists extreme weather conditions. You can apply this product in both interior and exterior areas to patch concrete and masonry fractures and breakage. This is due to the high durability, tough finish that is extremely weather-resistant.

This product isn’t prone to shrink once applied and is easy to use on a multitude of different surface types, including floors, walls, driveways, and many more. If you are tackling a hole or simply a hairline fracture, this is a product well suited for it. The consistency of its formula makes it easy to apply and provides you with a lasting solution for repairing concrete.

DAP Ready-Mixed Concrete Patch
  • For patching cracks and breaks in concrete and masonry
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Non-shrinking, dries to a very durable finish
View on Amazon


  • Good quantity
  • Offers lasting durability
  • Well suited for interior and exterior use
  • Simple application process


  • Longer drying time
  • The product is slightly less cost-effective


Best Concrete Caulk Filler: SIKA Self-Levelling Sealant

This self-leveling sealer product from Sika is a premium solution to fill concrete cracks. The excellent polyurethane formula requires no additional tools to apply. It sets and cures rapidly and levels on its own and provides a complete waterproof sealant solution.

This product is both versatile and high durability, ideal for preventing the growth of vegetation through concrete areas. It is also sufficiently pliant to allow resistance to differences in temperature levels and the damage that freeze/thaw cycles cause in winter.

This product is completely water and weather resistant and can be painted, stained, and sanded once applied. It will adequately fill gaps of 3.8 cm (1.5 inches). Overall this versatile concrete sealant offers hassle-free application, lasting durability, and resistance to extreme weather conditions. It is useful for multiple purposes in and around your home.

SIKA Self-Leveling Sealant
  • A self-leveling polyurethane sealant
  • Fully water immersible after curing
  • Flexible, durable, paintable, and stainable
View on Amazon


  • Hassle-free application
  • Formula is self-leveling
  • No additional tools required
  • Pliant once applied
  • Waterproof and resistant to extreme weather


  • This is a sealant rather than a filler


Best Concrete Crack Repair Epoxy: RUST-OLEUM Concrete Repair

If you require an excellent concrete crack repair epoxy, a brand worth keeping in mind is Rust-Oleum. This two-stage repair solution is a perfect option for toughness and lasting durability. This product bundle is well suited for both interior and exterior applications, effectively patching cracks and holes that occur in concrete.

The two-stage epoxy is in fact tougher than concrete when it has set, so you needn’t worry about weather degradation or erosion over time. This make is well suited to a range of applications. The resilient epoxy formula offers permanent adhesion to concrete without being prone to shrinking or cracking.

Once mixed, the product sets and cures rapidly and carries no toxic odors. Although working with epoxy may be a challenge due to the mixing procedure, the application is rather easy and the results are far more durable in comparison with other filler products.

RUST-OLEUM Concrete Patch and Repair
  • Effectively repairs holes and cracks in concrete
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Super durable and fast curing with no bad odors
View on Amazon


  • Offers high durability and permanent adhesion
  • Industrial-grade formula
  • Rapid curing
  • Produces no noticeable odor and does not contain solvents
  • Easy to mix epoxy


  • A singular product may be preferable to some
  • Epoxy application has a bit of work involved



Selecting the Best Concrete Crack Filler

As you can see, the best concrete crack filler products are available in a wide variety of options. So, how can you ensure you choose the best concrete crack filler for your needs? Consider the following procedures to help you understand the various product requirements.

cement crack sealer


Mixing the Concrete Filler

Cement filler comes in two variants, namely a pre-mixed formula or one that still needs to be mixed before applying. The unmixed products can include repair epoxy that contains epoxy and a hardening agent. Products such as concrete caulk are pre-packed and ready for immediate application.

Your choice is simply dependent on the specifications of your project. Some unmixed products may yield better results, while pre-mixed solutions may offer easy application but a higher price tag. Make your selection to suit your desired working conditions.


How it is Applied

Cement crack filler comes in a range of different mediums. Liquid cement crack filler is applied by inserting the squeeze bottle into the crack. A caulking gun is required to apply concrete caulk. Usually, the best concrete patch products have a higher viscosity, requiring application with a putty knife.

The technique used to apply the product is dependent on which usage type it is best suited for and how much work is involved in the application. Usually, you will find liquid fillers in bottles are better suited for repairing hairline fractures, will the products found in tubs are more effective for larger damaged regions and wider cracks.

You will also need to consider what tools are required for the application and how this procedure is affected by the temperature and weather conditions present. A few of the best concrete crack fillers come complete with all required for the filler application, while others may need extra tools and procedures.


How Long the Filler Takes to Dry

Once applied, the length of time it takes a product to dry is a necessary consideration. When working outdoors, take into account the drying time and also the weather conditions, as unplanned rain will spoil your fresh sealing job.

Water-based sealant types dry more rapidly than products that require mixing. The time required to dry can vary a great deal, as epoxy fillers may require up to 24 hours before they are properly set. Ensure your application and its time constraints are well considered before deciding on a concrete filler product.

liquid cement crack filler


Weather Resistance

Weather conditions are the main cause of damage that concrete fillers provide a solution for. The best concrete crack filler products require excellent resilience to extreme weather. They may be exposed to rain, snow, ice, and extended periods of direct sunshine, so the filler must also be sufficiently pliant to compensate for fluctuating heat and freeze-thaw cycles.

Providing a weather-resistant solution is essential for products such as exterior driveway crack filler. Generally, the best concrete crack filler products are both waterproof and resistant to adverse weather to prevent further structural damage from reoccurring, also with more exotic applications like fixing cracks in a concrete block raised garden bed.


Area of Application

Deciding on the best concrete crack filler is mostly dependent on the area and type of application. The various cement crack filler products available are each well suited for different application purposes. Ensure your choice is the product best suited to your situation.

Firstly, you will need to decide if you require a concrete crack filler for interior or exterior use. Not every product is suitable for both purposes, so ensure you find out that information from the packaging. You will then need to familiarise yourself with the filler product’s consistency and the techniques required for its application. Higher fluidity crack filler is better suited for horizontal surfaces like floor cracks, as it may drip when used vertically on walls. Liquid filler products are also ideal for repairing minor cracks, while putty-based fillers suit walls and larger damaged areas, and require leveling and sanding after applying.



The degree of shrinkage that occurs post-application is worth considering, as this will differ with every product. On occasion, a concrete crack filler application will shrink while the product sets, which can result in loose sections of concrete and ineffective crack filling. Ensure to select a product with a formula that is not prone to shrinking to avoid these problems. It is always recommended to slightly overfill the crack to compensate, as surplus filler can be sanded down afterward to ensure an even surface.

best concrete patch



How to Apply Concrete Crack Filler

As you are now familiar with the best concrete crack filler products, you can proceed to the application. Thankfully, fillers and sealants offer hassle-free application, requiring no precision tools or proficiency. The procedure does vary with each product, so the guidelines that follow should be helpful when you apply the best concrete crack filler.


Get Your Concrete Crack Filler

Firstly you need to decide on the correct crack filler for your needs. Go through the previously mentioned guidelines as they will assist you in your choice. Simply put, concrete cannot be repaired with concrete, instead it needs a specialized cement filler. There is a range of products to choose from, and this requires you to choose one that is best suited for the cracked or damaged area. Ensure to purchase a sufficient quantity for the completion of your entire repair job.


Prepare the Concrete Area

The region needing repairs will require certain preparations before applying the concrete crack filler. In this instance, we will make the assumption the crack is slightly larger than a minor hairline fracture. You can begin by getting rid of any loose pieces of concrete with a scraper or a small hammer. You can then use steel wool to rub over the cracked region to ensure the surface is solid and no loose material is present.

It is important to clean and wipe the cracked region, as this will ensure effective adhesion between the concrete filler and the surface. Make sure it is free of any dust or remaining loose concrete before proceeding. If you are working on a wall, for instance, the material you clear out will fall onto the floor below. So make compensation for the dust this procedure will create by laying down protective surface sheeting and ensure you use a respirator mask while working.


Apply the Concrete Crack Filler

Once you have finished prepping the area, you can begin the crack filler application and then allow the region to dry. We have explained the procedure for two widely-used filler products below.


Mortar Mix Application

When filling larger cracked or damaged areas, you will require the use of a mortar mixture. Mix the formula to begin with, which you can create yourself or simply purchase a powered product and add water to it.

When your mix is complete, use a wet cloth to moisten the damaged region slightly. You can then make use of a putty knife or a mason’s trowel for applying the mixture into the crack. With each application, ensure you apply pressure to prevent air bubbles. Continue to fill the region, one layer after another, until it is properly filled. Then smooth out the surface with your tool and allow the drying to commence. You should allow 2 to 24 hours for this process. Once the area is completely dry, it may require sanding to ensure the surface is even. You can then start painting over this region if necessary.


Epoxy/Latex Application

When repairing cracks of around 0.3 cm (0.125 inches) or smaller, epoxy or latex fillers are well suited. Begin by mixing the epoxy solution. This comes in two individual parts, requiring thorough mixing to ensure effective application. When you have finished mixing, use a putty knife or a mason’s trowel for applying the mixture to the damaged area.

The procedure is identical to the previously mentioned application, except for the time required to dry completely. These details can be found in the product manual. Finish filling the hole completely, and ensure the filler is pressed and smoothed to avoid any empty pockets or air bubbles. You can then allow the region to dry properly.

best concrete crack sealer



Frequently Asked Questions


Which are the Most Effective Concrete Floor Crack Repair Products?

Concrete floor crack repair products require toughness and durability for high-traffic areas. So your selection is dependent on the size of the damaged region. Usually, an epoxy concrete sealer, polyurethane product, or specialized mortar mix can be used to repair the crack.


What is the Drying Time of Concrete Crack Filler?

Drying times are dependent on the product type and quantity applied, and the temperature or humidity levels present in the area you are working in. A typical filler may seem dry on the surface within 2 hours, but it may take up to a few days to dry properly.


Can Hairline Cracks in Concrete Get Worse?

Hairline fractures are a very common trait of concrete, so won’t be a major concern. Although, it is better to closely monitor and repair them as early as you can. Some of the finest concrete crack filler products are well suited to this task.


When you understand the process, repairing your concrete surfaces is not half as daunting as it may seem. By following these guidelines, you will easily find the best concrete crack filler for your needs, and the application should be a breeze. With this in mind, we hope your future projects go smoothly!


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