Shades of Purple

Shades of Purple – Comprehensive Gallery of the Color Purple

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Purple is a spiritual, stunning, and regal color. One of the greatest things about the color purple is that there is an assortment of shades of purple available. There are a variety of purples from light and gentle violet colors to deep, intense maroons. This article will go into detail about the history of the gorgeous color purple and how you can use purple to hence your work.

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The History and Psychology of Purple

The first purple pigment that was discovered in 1200 B.C.E was called Tyrian purple. The shade was instantly associated with money and luxury. To create the shade tiny sea snail shells were crushed up, making it an extremely time-consuming and expensive color to produce. Thanks to this purple were reserved only for the wealthy, powerful, and influential.

Purple as Royal Color

Purple has henceforth been associated with opulence and elegance, and used by influential figures, from Alexander the Great to Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.


Purple as a Color Symbolizing Bravery, Wisdom, and Spirituality

Purple is not only associated with wealth, but also with spirituality, wisdom, and bravery. Types of purple are not only worn by royalty but also used as a commendation of bravery, as seen by the Purple Heart Medal awarded to soldiers for acts of bravery.

Clerical Purple Bishop Robes



Shades of Purple

On the color spectrum, there are an array of different shades of purple. To provide you with insight into each shade, we have listed below the many shades of purple, divided into groups of light shades, medium shades, and dark shades of purple.

Dark Purple Shades


Shades of Light Purple

We have put together a list of the different available shades of light purple. This list will assist you in understanding the color purple better. This list will offer you an assortment of purple shades from pink and blue undertones, to warm and cool shades.


Lavender Blush Purple

This color is a subtle hue, the lavender blush looks very similar at first glance to light pink, but is made up of equal quantities of red and blue. It is a gentle, subtle shade of purple, ideal for use in a girl’s bedroom as a soft wall color.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Lavender Blush#FFF0F5255, 240, 2450, 6, 4, 0 


Little Princess Purple

This color is made by the brand, Porter Paints, and is a light and enchanting color. this shade only contains a small amount of purple, the shade can be compared to ivory and cream hues. This hue is the perfect substitute to use instead of an off-white shade.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Little Princess#E9DCE5233, 220, 2290, 6, 2, 9 


Languid Lavender Purple

This gorgeous shade of purple can be compared to a peaceful Sunday afternoon. It is the ideal color to represent Spring. The pale amethyst shade is beautiful and versatile, the perfect dusky shade, making it a color that brings to mind young love and romance

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Languid Lavender#D6CADD214, 202, 2213, 9, 0, 13 

Lavender Purple


Thistle Purple

This particular shade of purple has gotten its name from the thistle plant that is native to Scotland. Much like the plant, this shade of purple offers a light, warm purple hue. The shade is made up of a gentle gray undertone.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Thistle#D8BFD8216, 191, 2160, 12, 0, 15 


Pale Purple

This is a very light, soft shade of purple, which is more of white color with a subtle tint of purple. The tint of purple is a light subtle hue that is quite warm. This color sits on the border between purple and pink.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Pale#FAE6FA250, 230, 2500, 8, 0, 2 


Fairy Tale Purple

This is another type of purple that is very close in color to pink as a result of it being so warm. While this could potentially be considered a pink shade, due to the underlying hues of lavender the color falls on the purple spectrum. The reason the shade is called fairy tale purple is that it is used quite often in fairy tale illustrations.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Fairy Tale#F2C1D1242, 193, 2090, 20, 14, 5 


Middle Purple

This shade is found in a Crayola set as the lightest shade of purple. This shade contains a lot of red, making it relatively close to pink. The shade is described as medium-light. This shade works well with tan and other neutral shades thanks to the slightly dusky undertones.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Middle#D982B5217, 130, 1810, 40, 17, 15 

Purple Wisteria Colors


Plum Purple

This is another shade that is light and warm, it evokes a playful feeling. This vibrant shade of purple has reddish undertones and is a lighter shade than plum fruit. Plum purple is close to being a pink shade and is so warm.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Plum#DDA0DD221, 160, 2210, 28, 0, 13 


African Violet Purple

This shade of purple is a light warm purple hue. The shade is named after the African violet flowers. This is a welcoming, friendly shade of purple. This shade of purple leans more towards red and pink as opposed to blue, and it brings up feelings of fresh fields of wildflowers and summertime.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
African Violet#B284BE178, 132, 1906, 31, 0, 25 


Heather Purple

This shade of purple has elements of gray in it. The gentle shade of purple is named after the small heather blossoms that grow in Scotland on the moors. Much like lavender purple, this is a stunning and relaxing shade that works well with other purple hues.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Heather#9E7BB5158, 123, 18113, 32, 0, 29 


Brilliant Purple

When you hear the name, you may think it is a deeper and darker shade of purple, but this light hue is both playful and bright. This color is considered one of the defining shades of the light purple spectrum.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Brilliant#D399E6211, 153, 2308, 33, 0, 10 

Light Purple Shades


Mauve Purple

This s a vibrant and light shade of purple that is the same color as the mallow wildflower. This is a stunning and warm shade of purple, ideal for fields of flowers. Its soft hue works well alongside soft pinks and greens.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Mauve#E0B0FF224, 176, 25512, 31, 0, 0 


Good Tax Purple

You may have realized that a lot of the shades of purple have quite unusual shades of purple names, and this shade of purple is one of them. This shade of purple creates feelings of calm and relaxation and contains a lot of cyan.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Good Tax#C9A0FF201, 160, 25521, 37, 0, 0 


Periwinkle Purple

Most people assume periwinkle blue has tones of a baby blue hue, but this shade of purple is a stunning light purple hue. The periwinkle flower grows in a variety of shades along with the blue, purple, and white spectrum.

This gorgeous dreamy shade is inviting and warm.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Periwinkle#BE93E4190, 147, 22817, 36, 0, 11 

Shades of Light Purple Colors


Shades of Medium Purple

Thanks to purple being available in so many shades, we need to divide them into three categories. The next category we will go through is medium purple shades. These shades are lighter than the dark shades of purple but are darker than the lighter shades of purple. We have started the list with the warmest shades of medium purple colors.


Mulberry Purple

The medium shades of purple are closer to the pink end of the purple spectrum. This gorgeous deep mulberry hue is named after jam and berries of the same color. Just looking at the color makes one salivate.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Mulberry#C54B8C197, 75, 1400, 62, 29, 23 

Purple Berry Shade


Hopbush Purple

This shade of purple contains a lot of magentas and is close to the border of pink. The shade has been named after hop bush which is a fruit. This stunning shade works well in conjunction with green and bronze hues.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Hopbush#D05FAD208, 95, 1730, 54, 17, 18 


Pearly Purple

This shade of purple is one of the more muted shades on the purple spectrum. It was first used in the 1990s in a crayon set, this color is a little more understated than some of the other purples on this list.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Pearly#B768A2183, 104, 1620, 43, 11, 28 


Orchid Purple

This shade gets its name from the beautiful orchid flower and is just as striking as the flower is. This vibrant, stunning, and bright purple shade is beautiful. This shade of purple falls between hot pink and warm purple.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Orchid#DA70D6218, 112, 2140, 49, 2, 15 

Orchid Purple Color


Heliotrope Purple

This is another impactful and vibrant purple shade. This shade a slightly cooler than other purple hues in the medium purple selection. This particular shade has a little more of a blue undertone. The shade has received its name from the flower of the same color and name.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Heliotrope#DF73FF223, 115, 25513, 55, 0, 0 


Sunset Purple

This stunning shade of purple is that of a dusky sky at sunset, it is an inviting and warm purple shade. This shade is a little bolder and darker than lavender. This shade naturally works well when paired with other “sunset” shades, such as reds, pinks, and oranges.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Sunset#A865B5168, 101, 1817, 44, 0, 29 

Sunset Purple Skies Shades


Dull Purple

While this is not the most inviting name, this purple shade is a stunning and warm hue. This deep and dark shade is similar to lilac purple. This purple is the perfect option if you are looking for a solid medium purple shade.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Dull#9861A5152, 97, 1658, 41, 0, 35 


Lilac Purple

While this shade is a light darker than the flower it was named for, it is a gorgeous warm purple shade. This is a lighter shade of purple, and the hue can brighten up any color pallet.  If you pair this purple shade with turquoise or another light blue, you will create stunning contrast.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Lilac#B65FCF182, 95, 20712, 54, 0, 19 


Fuchsia Blue Purple

This warm, vibrant shade of purple gets its name from the Fuchsia pink hue that is used to create it. This color is a combination of cyan and fuchsia pink, creating a bright and beautiful hue of purple.

It naturally blends well with fuchsia pink.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Fuchsia Blue#9C51B6156, 81, 18214, 55, 0, 29 

Vivid Purple


Purpureus Purple

This particular hue is the oldest one on this list, having been named in 1382. The vivid, stunning shade of purple is starting to lean towards the warmer end of the purple color spectrum. As the first shade of purple named it has been found throughout history.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Purpureus#9A4EAE154, 78, 17411, 55, 0, 32 


Twilight Lavender Purple

This shade is the color of red wine and evokes the thoughts of lavender fields at sunset. It is a gentle, mauve, warm purple shade. This hue looks stunning when paired with burgundy and other rich red wine shades.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Twilight Lavender#8A496B138, 73, 1070, 47, 22, 46 

Patterns in Purple Colors


Traditional Purple

When most people think of a warm shade of purple, this is the color that automatically comes to mind. This shade can be created by combing blue and red, or by combining cyan and magenta, using a pretty much even ratio split.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Traditional#8E4585142, 69, 1330, 51, 6, 44 


Razzmic Berry Purple

You in all likelihood have heard about this shade of purple before. This is an exciting twist on Crayola’s raspberry purple is slightly less red than the original. This is an exciting child-like berry shade of purple, which is fun to use!

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Razzmic Berry#8D4E85141, 78, 1330, 45, 6, 45 


Chinese Violet Purple

This hue is ideal if you are looking for a deep but light warm purple hue. This gorgeous soft aubergine shade reminds us of grape juice or red wine. This shade is named after a Chinese flower and is gentle whilst striking just like a violet.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Chinese Violet#856088133, 96, 1362, 29, 0, 47 

Violet Purple Color


Pomp and Power Purple

While this is a strong and deep purple shade it is slightly muted. This is one of the most moderate hues of purple and is often linked with luxury and royalty. This rich color provides you with a luxurious hue.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Pomp and Power#86608E134, 96, 1426, 32, 0, 44 


Strong Purple

This medium shade of purple is not as intense as the name suggests. This is a versatile color and makes us think of fresh summer fruits like blackberries. This hue works well with vibrant reds and pinks as found in summer fruits.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Strong#875692135, 86, 1468, 41, 0, 43 


Old Lavender Purple

This shade gets its name as it is similar to dried lavender flowers, this relatively gray shade of purple contains quite a bit of green and black in the mix. Thanks to it containing these colors it creates a distinct dried shade.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Old Lavender#796878121, 104, 1200, 14, 1, 53 


Blue Lilac Purple

As the name hints, this shade of purple contains a lot of blue, causing it to be closer to the cooler end of the color spectrum. This is a stunning color to use to paint your office walls with if you are a fan of purple. This color is known to heighten creativity and productivity while creating a feeling of tranquility and calm.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Blue Lilac#7B679A123, 103, 15420, 33, 0, 40 


Studio Purple

This is a vibrant shade of purple that is a combination of serenity and playfulness. This beautiful shade has a bit bluer in ratio meaning it is closer to the cooler side of the purple spectrum. Despite being cooler this color is quite cheerful.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Studio#7851A9120, 81, 16929, 52, 0, 34 

Twilight Purple Shades


Amethyst Purple

This is a gorgeous shade of purple that is slightly closer to the warm side of the purple spectrum. This hue is named after the crystal which is thought to promote healing, safety, and love. The shade is seen as spiritual and mystical.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Amethyst#9966CC153, 102, 20425, 50, 0, 20 


Iris Purple

This shade of purple gets its name from the vibrant purple flower of the same name. This is a dreamy and gentle, bright and light hue. The shade does not come across as lackluster or muted.

This shade of purple works great alongside green and light-yellow shades.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Iris#9867C5152, 103, 19723, 48, 0, 23 


Medium Purple

This medium shade of purple is a little cooler and is thought of as a classic shade of purple. This shade of purple contains a bit more blue than red, creating a bright purple hue that is slightly cooler. This shade of purple is often found in children’s crayons.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Medium#9370DB147, 112, 21933, 49, 0, 14 


Purple Heart

This is another Crayola shade and is one of the darkest hues of medium purple. This shade is paler than the color used with the medals of the same name. This color is similar to an intense shade of lavender. The shade has a light hue thanks to containing quite a bit of blue and only a small amount of black.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Purple Heart#7442C8116, 66, 20042, 67, 0, 22 

Purple Heart Military Medal


Shades of Dark Purple

This is the last part of our list. There are several shades of dark purple with a lot of variety. Certain dark purple shades are closer to green, while others are more reddish-brown. Dark purples offer you deep and rich shades.


Insolent Purple

If you are a fan of purple lipstick, then you probably already know this reddish-brown purple shade. This is one of Estee Lauder’s signature shades that is made up of deep purple and pink. This shade makes the perfect autumn lipstick hue.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Insolent#682E3C104, 46, 600, 56, 42, 59 


Black Currant Purple

This shade is another popular purple shade of lipstick and while it is dark it has a very red-purple hue. If you are painting dark berries and black currants then this is the perfect shade. This color works well when placed next to yellow and gold hues.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Black Currant#540E3284, 14, 500, 83, 40, 67 


Wine Dregs Purple

Think of slightly musty and old wine purple, then you will get to this warm purple shade. This shade of purple contains a small amount of gray which brings down the brightness significantly. This shade is something different that does not fit into the traditional box.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Wine Dregs#673147103, 49, 710, 52, 31, 60 

Wine Dregs Purple


Japanese Violet Purple

This is the official shade of violet color. This particular purple color is part of a Japanese group of traditional colors in 660 AD. This shade of purple contains quite a bit of red and is a slightly muted violet.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Japanese Violet#5B325691, 50, 860, 45, 5, 64 


Deep Ruby Purple

This is another type of purple option that has a very purple-red hue, this particular shade is made up of a lot of red. The color is particularly dusky, warm, and deep. By using this particular shade alongside brighter colors, they will pop.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Deep Ruby#843F5B132, 63, 910, 52, 31, 48 


Jam Purple

Picture a freshly canned jar of delicious blackberry jam, and you will imagine this warm, stunning, dark purple shade. The color has intense vibrancy thanks to the dark red in its composition. Using this hue of purple in your work will create a stunning impact.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Jam#67032F103, 3, 470, 97, 54, 60 


Cardinal Purple

This reddish, dark shade of purple may not make you think of purple, but at the end of the day, it does contain both blue and red. Similar to burgundy in shade, this hue looks amazing paired with emerald green or amethyst, and other such jewel tones.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Cardinal#8A244E138, 36, 780, 74, 43, 46 


Amaranth Purple

This hue gets its name from the amaranth flower, which is an unusual-looking plant. This is another hue that may be considered closer to pink as it too is reddish-purple. Whether you think this shade is purple or not, you have to admit it is a stunning color.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Amaranth#AB274F171, 39, 790, 77, 54, 33 

Red Purple Shade


Pansy Purple

This dark, warm purple gets both its name and color, from the pansy flower. This dark and deep purple hue falls somewhere between indigo and violet. This shade of purple works well when paired with greens.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Pansy#78184A120, 24, 740, 80, 38, 53 


Vivid Reddish Purple

The very predictable name of this shade sums it up well, as it contains more red than blue. A berry-like, warm purple that works well when paired with either muted shades or bright hues. This makes it a very versatile shade of purple.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Vivid Reddish#870074135, 0, 1160, 100, 14, 47 


Deep Magenta Purple

A vibrant, neon shade of purple, that contains a large amount of magenta. Some people feel this is a bright pink hue as opposed to a purple. This neon shade of purple is often used as a purple highlighter.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Deep Magenta#CC00CC204, 0, 2040, 100, 0, 20 


Electric Purple

While the majority of purples are calm and relaxing, this fun, bright shade is much more than that. If you are looking to add a vibrant jolt of color to your piece, this would be your go-to color. 

You can try pairing this shade of purple with yellows and greens to create an amazing attention-attracting appearance.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Electric#BF00FF191, 0, 25525, 100, 0, 0 

Electric Purple Color


Munsell Purple

This is another bright hue of purple that is part of the color system of the same name. This collection of colors classifies shades based on saturation, lightness, and place within the color spectrum. This is a warm and bright shade of purple.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Munsell#9F00C5159, 0, 19719, 100, 0, 23 


Hot Purple

This is the purple version of hot pink; it is another type of dark purple that is extremely vibrant and bright. Much like an electric purple, this will provide your workpiece with a stunning pop of color. we can recommend pairing this shade with yellow, bright greens, and pinks.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Hot#A420D0164, 32, 20821, 85, 0, 18 


Mauveine Purple

This was one of the first synthetic dyes to ever be manufactured, meaning this particular shade of purple has an interesting history. The research discovered this shade quite by chance whilst searching for a cure for malaria.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Mauveine#8D029B141, 2, 1559, 99, 0, 39 


Traffic Purple

This stunning deep shade of maroon is considered one of the warmest hues of purple. You can find this shade as part of the system for matching colors created by the European RAL. This shade of purple creates a feeling of warmth and richness.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Traffic#913073145, 48, 1150, 67, 21, 43 


FedEx Purple

As you can deduce this color is synonymous with FedEx, the well-known delivery company, particularly known for their signature purple branding, and of course their fast delivery service. This shade contains slightly more red than blue, making it quite warm.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
FedEx#660099102, 0, 15333, 100, 0, 40 

FedEx Purple Color


Luxury Purple

This is one of the shades of purple that attributes to its luxurious name, this warm, dark, deep shade of purple is beautiful when used in jewelry. By pairing this hue with either green or gold you will completely elevate it.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Luxury#743089116, 48, 13715, 65, 0, 46 


Imperial Purple

A stunning, dark, deep hue of purple has a feeling of royalty to it. this dark purple shade has blue accents that look stunning when paired with blue and deep green hues. This rich purple creates a feeling of luxury.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Imperial#602F6B96, 47, 10710, 56, 0, 58 


Kingfisher Daisy Purple

Another shade of purple is named after a plant of the same name; this is a gorgeous hue of blue daisy. This stunning shade of purple works so well when paired with cooler blue shades, and is a wonderful addition to purple palettes.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Kingfisher Daisy#653780101, 55, 12821, 57, 0, 50 


Eminence Purple

This shade of purple lives up to its name, providing a shade that is elegant and shines brightly in comparison to certain other shades of dark purple. This color has been used by royalty since the 1800s.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Eminence#6C3082108, 48, 13017, 63, 0, 49 


Ripe Plum Purple

If you are looking to use a shade of purple that is both bright and bold while being a dark purple, then ripe plum is your go-to! This is a particularly deep and quite warm shade that creates an impression whenever it is used.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Ripe Plum#41005665, 0, 8624, 100, 0, 66 

Purple Plums


Séance Purple

You will get witchy-type vibes when using this gorgeous warm purple shade. The hue has an otherworldly and ominous tone, and the hue contains a large amount of blue and black.

This is considered a warm shade, but thanks to the two tones, the heat is slightly dialed back.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Séance#61346B97, 52, 1079, 51, 0, 58 


Tacao Purple

If you are looking for a shade of purple that offers you a subdued, cool hue, then this might be what you are looking for. This shade has more blue than red and works well in conjunction with both neutral and bright shades.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Tacao#6F3096111, 48, 15026, 68, 0, 41 


Ocean Purple

While we are aware that the sea as a whole is not purple, the deepness found in this color makes us think of the depths of the ocean. This shade is particularly calming thanks to its blue-green undertones.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Ocean#6E2D91110, 45, 14524, 69, 0, 43 

Purple and Warm Yellow


Spanish Violet Purple

This particular purple has a significant backstory, as it received its name from the Spanish book of colors. This shade is understandably rich in cultural traditions and history. Somewhere in the middle between cool and warm, this is a stunning and versatile dark shade of purple.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Spanish Violet#4C288276, 40, 13042, 69, 0, 49 


Number 4 Purple

This shade falls on the cooler side of the spectrum, simply called Number 4 purple. This shade is not overly dark, but sufficiently dark to create an impact. This shade of purple is slightly understated, while still being energetic.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Number 4#551A8B85, 26, 13939, 81, 0, 45 


Aztech Purple

This is one of the brightest types of purple on the list of dark purples. Much like bright blue, this cooler shade of purple is made up of a lot more blue than red. This shade has an electrifying hue, with a relatively neon quality.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Aztech#893BFF137, 59, 25546, 77, 0, 0 

Bright Purple Color


Mythical Purple

This calming, relaxing, warm shade of purple looks stunning when paired with either gold or green, making the other shade pop. This hue of purple is used in illustrations of wizards and magic and lives up to its mythical name.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Mythical#53277E83, 39, 12634, 69, 0, 51 


Aesthetic Purple

This purple shade is pleasing to the eye and is considered a lovely, deep hue. This elegant deep blue-purple works so well when paired with silvers, yellows, golds, and greens. This shade of purple is rich and enticing.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Aesthetic#50238080, 35, 12838, 73, 0, 50 


Metallic Purple

While the name may not make sense, this particular shade of purple works beautifully with sparkles. You can pair it with golds, silvers, yellows, or even an assortment of light blue shades, and it will just work!

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Metallic#520E7D82, 14, 12534, 89, 0, 51 


Lakers Purple

This is another example of a shade receiving its name from a sports team. Lakers purple is the signature shade of the Lakers Basketball team. As you may be aware this shade works so well when paired with yellow.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Lakers#55258285, 37, 13035, 72, 0, 49 

Lakers Purple


Vulgar Purple

The name may seem unpleasant, but this dark and cool hue of purple is much like grape jelly. It contains slightly more blue than red and is particularly versatile. This shade pairs well with lime green.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Vulgar#3E2F8462, 47, 13253, 64, 0, 48 


Ultraviolet Purple

On the dark purple spectrum, this shade falls on the cooler side. While we may associate ultraviolet things with being outrageous and bright, this particular shade is quite muted. This shade of purple pairs well with gray hues, and olive-green hues, creating a calming feel.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Ultraviolet#645394100, 83, 14832, 44, 0, 42 


Cyber Grape Purple

This has one of the more unique shades of purple names, and the color itself is particularly original and beautiful. This particular shade of purple has a calming effect, thanks to being made up of a large amount of blue.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Cyber Grape#58427C88, 66, 12429, 47, 0, 51 


Deep Purple

This lovely deep, and relatively cool shade contains a lot of blue. In comparison to shades like navy blue and other dark blue shades, this hue is warmer and lighter. This shade is often mistaken for blue as opposed to purple.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Deep#524F8182, 79, 12936, 39, 0, 49 


Navy Purple

If you are looking for a shade of purple that is the navy-blue equivalent, then this is the go-to option. The mix contains significantly more blue than red. This cool shade of purple is often mistaken for blue.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Navy#4E518078, 81, 12839, 37, 0, 50 

Navy Purple Shade


Kikyo-iru Purple

This dark shade of purple has a brown undertone, and falls in the middle between blue and red, with equally large amounts of each color. The complementary color for this stunning purple is a gently muted green hue, much like olive green.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Kikyo-iru#5D3F6A93, 63, 10612, 41, 0, 58 


Purple Violet

This shade can only truly be seen if you look closely, this is a dark, warm shade of purple. This is another RAL shade and can be compared with dark red shades to slightly brown shades such as Oxblood. This shade pairs well with neutral shades of green thanks to the brown undertones.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Purple Violet#47243C71, 36, 600, 49, 15, 72 


Matte Purple

Initially, this shade looks like some time of black but is a dark inky hue of purple. It makes a great addition to a black pallet. This shade of purple can sometimes feel quite flat and does not pop. Instead, it can be used to add shadows and depth.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Matte#392A4857, 42, 7221, 42, 0, 72 


Dark Byzantium Purple

This shade reminds us of the extravagance and luxury of the ancient city in Greece, Byzantium. This is a luxurious and dark shade of purple. This hue of purple is ideal for creating depth and shadows, while still staying true to purple.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Dark Byzantium#5D395493, 57, 840, 39, 10, 64 


Murasaki Purple

On this side of the spectrum of darker purples, it starts to get difficult to see the difference between each shade. The name of this shade of purple is the Japanese translation of “purple”, although the word is also used to describe an assortment of vegetables of the same hue.

If you are working on a light background and are looking to create a dramatic accent, then you should consider using this purple shade.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Murasaki#4F284B79, 40, 750, 49, 5, 69 


Rustic Purple

Thanks to this shade’s gentle dusty undertones, this shade receives its name. This warm and dark hue pairs so well with neutral tones, such as heather gray shades. This shade of purple is used when creating a rustic aesthetic.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Rustic#59316389, 49, 9910, 51, 0, 61 

Warm Purple Color


Baltimore Ravens Purple

This is another shade that has received its name from a sports team logo and is the official color worn by the team. Thanks to the darkness of this color, you can pair it well with other dark hues, and with black.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Baltimore Ravens#28035340, 3, 8352, 96, 0, 67 


Embassy Purple

This shade is almost green, thanks to it being so cool and dark. Ralph Lauren created this color. This shade is very similar to black cherries, and if you are printing on fabric, we recommend using this shade as opposed to black.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Embassy#3B343C59, 52, 602, 13, 0, 76 


Eggplant Purple

This deep, dark shade of purple is one of the most recognizable. This shade is named after the vegetable of the same name. This shade of purple works well when used with shades of green and creates a regal look.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Eggplant#31143249, 20, 502, 60, 0, 80 

Eggplant Purple


Purple Taupe

Another shade of purple which seems closer to grey than to purple, purple taupe is more of a neutral shade of purple. Taupe is a shade of beige and this particular purple is a combination of taupe and a warm purple. This shade is the ideal addition if you are working with a neutral color palette then this is the perfect addition.

NameHex #RGBCMYKShade
Taupe#50404D80, 64, 770, 20, 4, 69 



As you can see, there is a variety of purple shades to choose from, you will be completely spoilt for choice. You will be guaranteed to find the ideal shade of purple regardless of your project’s requirements. from deep, dark mulberry shades, to neutral, light purples the options are endless and are stunning and varied.



Frequently Asked Questions


How Is a Bright Purple Color Achieved?

To form a bright shade of purple, you will need to combine a warm blue with a cool red. This will result in a vibrant, lively shade of purple. Try to not use any colors that contain yellow when trying to create a bright purple, as the yellow can cause the shade to become muted and muddy.


Does Blue and Red Create Purple?

Blue and red do create purple. However, what shade of purple you create will all depend on which red and which blue you choose to combine. Different reds and blues will result in different shades of purple.


Is Violet the Same as Purple?

Many people consider violet and purple to be the same, there are actually vast differences. Violet is found between red and blue, located directly next to purple. Violet is located closer to blue, while purple is located closer to red. Violet is also a spectral color, which means while purple is a combination wavelength, violet is visible in a single wavelength.

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