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Oil Painting Supplies – The Basics of Oil Painting Tools

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If you are eager to get started with oil painting, then you will need the right beginner oil painting supplies. When it comes to oil painting supplies, it’s best to buy quality that will last you a long time. Whether you are looking for an oil painting kit for beginners, or are after artist-quality oil painting tools, you can follow our guide below for the best recommendations and reviews.



Necessary Oil Painting Tools

When you are starting with oil painting you will require certain tools for a smooth and enjoyable process. These oil painting tools also enable you to achieve the best results. Here is a list of everything you need for the basics of oil painting:

  • Paint palette
  • Oil paint
  • Canvas
  • Painting easel
  • Paintbrushes
  • Dropcloth or newspaper.
  • Jars and containers for brush cleaning.
  • Paintbrushes

The process of choosing the best oil painting tools can be quite difficult. To make your life easier, we will reveal the best oil painting supplies available, and show you why you need them.

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Beginners Oil Painting Supplies

It is advisable to check the customer reviews before buying any paint product. This is quite helpful especially if you are a beginning oil painting. Once you have tried out different brands and products, you will find the ones that work best for you. The other important factor to consider is the price and value for money. Most oil paints are sold as sets and singles, so it would be wise to get an oil painting kit for beginners if you are just starting out.

From there you can move on and buy individual products to top up and replace certain colors. Paintbrushes, canvases, and mixers are the basic materials required for most painting jobs. Some of these paintbrushes are suitable for certain types of paints and they have different handling methods. If you use the wrong tool for your project, you might end up regretting it. To avoid any frustration, check out the guide below on the basics of oil painting.


Best Oil Paint for Beginners: ARTEZA Oil Paint Set

This set has 24 colors that allow artists to reveal their talents without any limitations.  These oil paints are thick, and they dry slowly, enabling enough time for smooth applications. This beginner oil paint set also offers great value for money. Their thick consistency allows you to create smooth shades and quality blends. The bold colors produce excellent color mixtures and layering options. They are safe to use since they are non-toxic.

ARTEZA Oil Paint Set of 24 Colors/Tubes
  • A versatile set including 24 different paint colors
  • Thick, flexible, and richly pigmented paints
  • Slow drying and easy to blend for easier working
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  • Comes from a reputable brand
  • Safe for all ages
  • Enables thick consistency and applications
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes in a wide range of colors
  • Suitable for easy layering and blending


  • The tube sizes are fairly small
  • No single color tubes available


Best Oil Painting Kit for Beginners: U.S. ART SUPPLY Oil Painting Set

This oil paint set for beginners includes 12 oil paint colors and 25 paint brushes suitable for most surfaces. The set also comes with an aluminum table easel. There is a plastic palette, two different canvas, and a color mixing wheel. However, the set does not contain the chemical solvent or oil mixer, so you must purchase it separately. This brand has made oil painting an enjoyable task for most beginners.

U.S. ART SUPPLY Oil Artist Painting Set
  • A professional-quality 14 piece oil painting set
  • The set includes 6 colors of artist-quality oil paint
  • Includes brushes, canvases, an easel and wooden palette
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  • Comes with a color mixing wheel
  • It has 25 multipurpose brushes
  • Good value for money
  • Aluminum-made easel
  • Comes with all tools you need for getting started


  • Does not contain a solvent

These top oil paint options are recommended for anyone beginning oil painting. We will now look at the best painting knives, brushes, and canvas suitable for beginners to oil painting. 



Oil Paint Brushes

Natural bristled brushes are the best when it comes to oil painting. This includes brushes made from hog hair or badger hair. Both work very well with oil paints. This is because natural bristles tend to hold oil paint much better and they offer much control during applications. Try not to use synthetic brushes with oil paints, they are best for water-based options.

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Best Brushes for Oil Painting: ARTIFY Professional Oil Paint Brush Set

These paintbrushes are made from white copper and natural wood handles. The bristles do not shed easily compared to other natural paintbrushes. This is because they are made from pure hog hair. They can hold their firmness and durability for a long time because they are made with a thick design.

The set has 11 brushes, including four-round tip brushes, one flat brush, five filbert brushes, and a fan brush. This set will allow you to get started on any oil painting DIY project easily. The set also includes a metal carrying box for east travel.

ARTIFY Professional Oil Paint Brush Set
  •  A versatile 11 piece oil paintbrush set
  • 100% pure natural hog bristles that won't shed
  • Comes with a convenient metal carrying case
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  • The brushes are handmade
  • 11 different shaped brushes
  • Great value for money
  • Suitable for beginners
  • A wide ranging set of natural brushes


  • Does not include very thin brushes


Best Oil Painting Tool Kit: MLUCHEE Oil Paint Brushes Set

This set comes with a quality painting knife, organizer tip, and a bag to carry all the tools, paintbrushes, and watercolor sponge. It has 15 different-sized brushes, including comb brushes, liner brushes, angular and flat brushes. This set is perfect for oil painting beginners. The brushes can also be used for other painting mediums like watercolor and gouache.

The brushes are made from rust-free material which enables them to stay firm and secure even after long hours of painting. The brush work well for blending and watercolour painting. The painting knife is also made from stainless steel that is encased in a wooden handle for better durability.

MLUCHEE Professional Oil Paint Brush Set
  • A perfect painting toolset with a choice of 15 different brushes
  • Ergonomically designed thick wooden handles
  • Made from the highest-quality materials for a perfect finish
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  • An affordable set
  • Comes with a watercolor sponge
  • Portable organizer case
  • Quality painting knife
  • Consists of 15 different brushes
  • A complete, extensive artist set


  • The brushes are synthetic, not natural


Best Oil Painting Tools: CONDA Palette Knife and Brush Set

This knife set contains corrosion-resistant knives that are made from stainless steel. The set comes with five paint knives that create diverse effects in your paintwork. Every spatula is packed separately for safety when dealing with this set of knives. You can use these knives for blending, mixing, and spreading your colors. They are suitable for the scumbling oil painting technique. On top of this, the set includes a huge range of quality paintbrushes. If you are after the most complete oil painting kit for beginners, then we would recommend this option.

CONDA Palette Knife and Paintbrush Set
  • Includes a full stainless steel palette knife painting set
  • The set comes with a full 24-piece paintbrush selection
  • A diverse range of shapes and sizes for versatile painting
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  • Five different-sized knives
  • Super quality
  • Stainless steel
  • Includes a huge range of paintbrushes
  • A convenient brush and palette set
  • Perfect for getting any artist started


  • Sharp palette knives – to be handled with care



Oil Painting Canvas

There are different types of canvas available. Canvas also comes in different textures, and it can be primed or unprimed. Canvas can come in cut-out frames or actual sheets of canvas. The best canvas for oil painting should be primed to enhance the adhesion properties of the surface. If you fail to get a pre-primed canvas you can always buy a primer and do it yourself. However, this can be a bit time-consuming.

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Best Canvas for Oil Painting: ARTEZA Stretched and Primed Canvas

This brand offers primed canvases that are ready for use. They are pre-primed with gesso, saving you valuable time to focus on your art. This pack comes with eight canvas pieces that are 11 by 14 inches. They dry fast, are non-toxic, and are made from 100% cotton. They are perfect for oil painting, especially with their sturdy frame and well-coated primer.

ARTEZA Premium Stretched Canvas Pack
  • A pack of 12 professional-grade canvases
  • Pure cotton stretched canvas for a perfect natural look
  • The canvases are primed and ready for a wide range of media
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  • They have a sturdy frame
  • High-quality pure cotton canvases
  • They are pre-primed
  • Comes in a pack of eight
  • Good value for money


  • Not the best option for water-based paints


Best Primer for Canvas: MONT MARTE Clear-Texture Gesso

This product can be used with different paint mediums because it does not yellow, or stain compared to other watercolors and oils. It is suitable for sealing and preparing painting surfaces before painting. You can also draw over this primer using pencils, charcoal, and more because it has a clear look when applied. This formula is easy to use and is suitable for most surfaces like plaster, clay, canvas, and more. You can also mix it with white acrylic or oil paint to get a whitewash texture that will leave an opaque effect.

MONT MARTE Clear Texture Gesso Acrylic Medium
  • A premium clear texture gesso to prepare art surfaces
  • Non-yellowing formula that is suitable for all kinds of paint
  • Suitable for use on most porous art surfaces
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  • It is affordable
  • Used as primer, sealant, or wash
  • Used with different mediums
  • Produces a clear-coat sealant


  • Each coat takes one hour to dry

Now that we have checked knives, canvas, paintbrushes, we can now move on to another list of oil painting supplies. We will now be looking at oil mediums and solvents, as well as paint palettes and easels.

beginner oil painting supplies



Oil Medium Mixers and Solvents

Oil paints contribute a lot to the texture and shine of your paintings. Oil paints also affect the cleanliness of your paintbrushes. When working with oil paints, the most important part to consider is the oil mediums. Some artists prefer using paint-stripping chemicals in the form of thinners compared to oil mediums.

Oil mediums are perfectly suited for painting techniques, adding shine, and evening out most textures to gain a softer look and feel. They also affect the drying time of most paints. So, it is important to use oil mediums sparingly when using paints.


Best Oil Medium: GRUMBACHER Linseed Oil Medium for Oil Paintings

This linseed product can add some glossiness and shine to all your colors, including the texture of your paints. You can also use this oil for binding other mediums, such as powdered paints. This linseed oil medium is safe to use because it is a natural product.

This linseed oil medium can also be useful as a means of cleaning paintbrushes. Linseed oil can stick to and coat your bristles, reaching to the finer layers of your brushes. The oil keeps your brushes flexible and soft in the long run. This is a brand name that you can trust because it has been in the art industry for at least 100 years.

GRUMBACHER Linseed Oil Medium for Oil Paintings
  • Can be added directly to oil paint for creating glossy effects
  • Can also be used as a paint binder for powdered pigments
  • Made from purified alkali-refined linseed oil
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  • Made from natural linseed oil
  • Safe to use
  • From a trusted brand
  • Good value


  • Slows the paints drying time


Best Solvent for Oil Painting: WINSOR & NEWTON Sansodor Solvent

This product is an odorless mineral spirit. It is safer to use compared to other spirits and paint thinners. Sansodor is perfect for artists who do not like harsh chemicals and smells but also want quality and effective results. It dries fast, so you can complete your artwork without wasting unnecessary time. You can also use it for brush cleaning, thinning, and blending with other oil mediums. It works well with alkyd and oil paints.

WINSOR & NEWTON Sansodor Low Odor Solvent
  • A low odor solvent that evaporates slowly
  • Increases blending time and thins oil paints
  • The solvent is suitable for oil and alkyd colors
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  • Made from a popular brand
  • Suitable for brushing and thinning oils
  • Easy to use for various paints
  • It speeds up the drying times


  • It is quite toxic

When it comes to oil painting, you can also consider some soap options. These soaps are suitable for deep cleaning your paint brushes up to the bristles. The soaps are made from olive oils and consist of other natural products. This makes them suitable for hand use too!


Best Artist Soap for Oil Painting: SPEEDBALL ART PRODUCTS Escoda Natural Artist Brush & Hand Soap

This is a natural bar made from extra-virgin olive oil. This is a durable formula that is best suited for flexible bristles. If you use this soap with a solvent or oil, you will be able to protect the quality of your paint brushes. Since this is a natural formula, it is safe to use on your hands and body. You can also use this artist bar with any other paint mediums, whether they are oil- or water-based. The soap effectively works in releasing paint from deep within your brush's bristles. These soap bars come from Spain.

SPEEDBALL Art Products Escoda Artist Brush & Hand Soap
  • An all-natural bar made from extra-virgin olive oil
  • Effective for tough brush cleaning and hand washing
  • A gentle soap bar that cleans and conditions
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  • Safe to use on hands and body
  • They are affordable
  • Natural products
  • Ability to condition and protect bristles
  • Suitable for most paint mediums


  • Requires an oil medium to be effective
  • Only comes in one size

oil painting tools



Paint Palettes and Easels

These products are essential for color blending and mixing when oil painting. They come in different sizes and shapes and are made from different materials. The most popular palettes are made from plastic, but others are made from wood or ceramic.

Easels hold your painting in place and prevent it from getting dirty during the application process. You can get easels in different shapes and sizes just like the paint palettes. It all depends on your personal preference when choosing the best product.


Best Paint Palette: STKYGOOD Clear, Non-Stick Artist Paint Palette

This brand is well known for producing the best paint palettes with an incredible design. You must remove the protective film before using the product. You can easily use this palette whether you are left or right-handed. It is also easy to clean.

The palette has a plastic base that makes it suitable for most paint mediums, whether the mediums are water or oil-based. The palette is comfortable to hold and you can easily control it when painting. This set also includes a pair of palettes - so a double benefit from one set.

STKYGOOD Acrylic Artist Paint Palette
  • A clear oval non-stick paint palette for artists
  • Can be used for a wide variety of painting practices
  • Easy to clean and suitable for left and right hands
View on Amazon


  • Easy to clean
  • Two palettes included in the set
  • Cannot be stained from paint
  • Easy to hold and use
  • A clean paint palette


  • Tricky to remove the protective film
  • Can be stained by oils after several uses


Best Easel for Oil Painting: T-Sign Adjustable Tripod Artist Easel

This excellent value easel has various uses. You can also use it in basically any position. For example, you can paint while it is sitting at 21 inches on top of a table. It extends to any size up to 66 inches in a standing position. The easel can be folded for easy storage. It also comes with a bag that you can use for carrying around. You can easily assemble and store it. This is also a durable easel made from quality materials.

T-SIGN Reinforced Aluminium Artist Easel Stand
  • A fully adjustable and portable display easel
  • Can accommodate a wide range of canvas sizes
  • A reinforced design to withstand wind or bumps
View on Amazon


  • Eeasy to assemble
  • Folds with no difficulty
  • Can be stored easily
  • Can be carried in a bag
  • Fully adjustable size
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Works better with a small canvas

oil painting kit for beginners



Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Most Important Oil Painting Tools?

For successful oil painting, you will need a canvas, an easel, a paint palette, paint brushes, cleaning solvents, and of course the paints.


What Are the Basics of Oil Painting?

Just like any other painting medium, there are a few rules that you must remember when oil painting. The most important one is to understand that oil mediums take much longer to dry when compared to water-based mediums. However, you can use them for layering and blending and they are suitable for various surfaces. Oil painting requires a lot of tools compared to watercolor or acrylic paint to achieve excellent results.


What are the Requirements for Oil Painting?

If you are a beginner in oil painting, then you should get quality oil paints. This is the first essential step. Then you will also need good brushes as they will make a huge difference to your painting work.


This is the complete list of some of the best oil painting tools that you might have been looking for. You will not be able to enjoy your oil painting art or projects, without using the best products. Be sure to check out some of these oil painting supplies when gathering your equipment - you will get plenty of joy out of using them. Happy oil painting!


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