Best Metallic Paint for Walls

Best Metallic Paint for Walls – Give Your Interiors a Metal-Look Finish

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If you have been looking to add some pizazz and flair to your home, some metallic interior paint might be just the thing you need! We know that gold paint for walls sounds like a bit much, but it really is absolutely beautiful! You can literally transform a drab and boring space into a sophisticated yet dazzling room with a lick of silver wall paint, gold wall paint, or even a beautiful metallic grey paint. Turned out that beautiful gold wall paint that your best friend used on her bedroom walls was in actual fact just wallpaper? As we know, wallpaper is expensive, and you could easily achieve the same dazzling results with some gold wall paint instead! Read on to learn all about the best metallic paint for walls and how to apply your own gold or silver wall paint, or even metallic grey wall paint if you are a little nervous about being too bold!



Selecting the Best Metallic Paint for Walls

Metallic paint, also known as metal flake paint or sometimes called polychromatic paint, is a very popular paint type used on cars. The reason for this is that metallic paint has a unique ability to mimic metal or steel while simultaneously highlighting the vehicle’s bodywork contours, something normal paint cannot do. Other than being a popular paint choice for cars, homes are often full of metallic objects and decor, and now so are metallic walls! If you have not yet seen gold paint for walls, perhaps you are familiar with gold or silver wallpaper. This look is fully achievable with gold paint for walls! Not only is it more affordable than wallpaper, but it could completely change your home’s look and appeal! That said before you rush off to grab a tin of metallic wall paint, read what we have to say about the different types of paint and how to select the right type for your project.

Pearlescent Metallic Paint for Walls


Painting Interior and Exterior Walls With Metallic Paint Colors

There may be many different types of metallic paint available on the market, but not all of these are suitable or equal in quality. Many of these paints are intended for indoor use only and do not fare well when used on outdoor walls. It is so important to read the manufacturer’s instructions before buying paint, and do as much as possible homework to ensure you are purchasing the correct paint for your project. Just because it looks fancy, does not mean it will work well! Keep reading as a bit further on in this article we will give you our top recommendations for metallic paint options!

Silver Metallic Wall Paint


Adding Shimmer With Gold and Silver Wall Paint

Shine, shimmer, and glitz is the obvious reason for wanting to have a golden or metallic wall in your home. Regular latex paint just will not give you the desired effect. Metallic paint contains metal flakes or microbeads which result in that beautiful glittery look. Some metallic paints that do not possess these qualities dry in a hammered look or finish, or may even appear shiny, supposedly mimicking gold or silver. Your best option is to compare as many metallic paints as possible and to make sure they contain either glass flakes, microbeads, or metal flakes so that your end result is truly a metallic finish with a beautiful sheen and shine just like real gold or silver.

Metal Particles in Metallic Paint


Choosing the Correct Metallic Paint Colors

When you select your color, always consider the rest of your home. This includes the other walls and decor and even the furniture and ornaments within. You do not want to create a clash, and metallic paint is quite the commitment as well as a huge statement! If your home’s colors are lighter blues, pinks, or whites, metallic silver paint would be a better match than gold. Gold metallic paint looks beautiful paired with colors like black, green, and darker grey.

Pigments for Metallic Paint for Walls

A wise choice is to collect some paint swatches and then choose the perfect metallic paint after you have compared them to the rest of your home’s walls and interior.


Selecting Easy-to-Use Metallic Wall Paint

Normal paint is a lot lighter than metallic paint as it does not contain metal flakes inside. This also makes metallic paint much thicker and a lot trickier to use and work with. It is not advised to thin the paint as you may dull the shine. You will need to do some homework and find a paint that is easier to work with, often the packaging will indicate this quality. If not, a glance at the consistency of the paint will probably tell you how easy it is to work with, or not.

Gold Metallic Paint Applied with Brus

Another option that you should definitely consider is adding what is called a slow dry medium to your paint. This will slow down the drying time of your metallic paint, preventing it from drying too fast while you paint. If your paint dries too fast, it can cause quite a mess and look uneven.

Uneven Gold Wall Paint


Preparing and Priming Your Wall for Metallic Paint Colors

Making sure your wall is properly prepared and clean is very important, both indoors and outdoors. Metallic paint will show all the imperfections underneath it, and that includes any holes, divots, cracks, or lumps. You should ensure all of these imperfections are filled or filed down, otherwise, your metallic paint will end up highlighting all the ugly bits on your wall. An undercoat or primer is always a good idea for any paint job. There are even some brands that manufacture undercoats specifically for metallic wall paints. A pale-yellow undercoat works well under gold metallic paint. Should you be using silver metallic paint, a light grey undercoat will work well.

Painting Primer for Metallic Wall Paint



A Guide to the Best Metallic Paints

With so many options of metallic wall paints available, you are more than likely confused as to which paint is best for you and your project. We have decided to make the decision a little easier on you by creating this list of the best metallic paints for walls, complete with pros and cons for each. We are sure that you will be able to make an informed choice of which paint to use for your wall after reading our informative recommendations. Save yourself a little time from all the paint research, too!


Top Choice Metallic Interior Paint: MODERN MASTERS Pearl White Metallic Paint Collection

Modern Masters’ premium selection of paints are unrivaled and as a brand, they are well known and respected in their industry. Modern Masters has an extensive range of metallic paints which all contain real metal particles within. The paints are water-based and decorative. You can expect about 350 square feet to be covered with a gallon of Pearl White Metallic paint, making it a very good choice for large paint jobs. Of course, being water-based means that it is easy to clean using just water and a cloth. The best part of this awesome paint? It comes in 42 different colors – perfect for the interior of any home!

MODERN MASTERS Pearl White Metallic Paint Collection
  • Contains real metal particles, pearlescent, and color pigments
  • Will not fade or tarnish in interior or exterior settings
  • Satin and matte sheens, ranging from opaque to semi-transparent
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  • Paint is water-based
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Perfect for interior painting
  • Good coverage
  • Colors may differ slightly from what is expected


Top choice Exterior Metallic Paint: RUST-OLEUM Painter’s Touch Satin Metallic Paint

What would a paint list be without RUST-OLEUM? This tried and trusted brand is loved by many, and its metallic paint is no different. Not only does this paintwork very well outdoors, but it can be used inside as well, making it a very good choice for many. This paint is so versatile it can even be painted on masonry. Just like our first product, Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch is water-based for easy cleaning and low odor. What is more is the low VOCs and high durability of the paint, resistance to chipping, and cracks. Just like the other products created by this brand, it is applied smoothly and covers an area well. If you have been hoping to create a shiny metallic accent wall, Rust-oleum has you covered!

RUST-OLEUM Painter's Touch Satin Metallic Paint
  • Covers up to 30 sq. ft. and touch dry in 30 minutes
  • Suitable for interior and exterior wood, metal, plaster, and ceramic
  • Durable, low odor, and water-based acrylic formula
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  • Water-based formula
  • Low odor
  • Perfect for walls
  • Versatile formula
  • Robust and durable
  • Upper price range


Top Choice Chalk-Based Metallic Paint: SHABBY CHIC Chalked Metallic Furniture Paint

The sought-after Shabby Chic chalk-based paints are a must-have. These paints allow you to replicate finishes only seen on antique furniture, and now they have a range in metallic paint too! Instead of its usual charm offered with their chalk paint range, they now offer glam and shine! This paint is best used for furniture rather than walls, but can also be used on masonry. To top it off, Shabby Chic’s metallic paint is eco-friendly and has very low VOC, all while remaining durable and of high quality. This paint is non-toxic and therefore ideal for both inside and outside the wall.

SHABBY CHIC Chalked Metallic Furniture Paint
  • Great coverage and durable, little-to-no prep work required for wood
  • Suitable for interior and exterior wood, metal, plastic, brick, and stone
  • Non-toxic, water-based, low odor, and ultra low VOC
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  • Low in VOCs
  • Not toxic
  • Works well on masonry
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Very versatile
  • High durability
  • Lower quantity



Wallpaper vs. Silver and Gold Wall Paint

Luckily, you can choose between painting or applying wallpaper to create that beautiful metallic wall finish. These options are dependent on your needs and of course, how much you would like to spend. You can choose either metallic paint (which comes in a huge choice of colors) or metallic wallpaper. Of course, if you choose wallpaper, the application process is completely different, however, it is almost instant. It can be costly, especially the metallic ranges. You should be able to purchase wallpaper in a roll of up to 24 inches in width. What makes wallpaper so great is that you do not need to wait for it to dry before you can appreciate your beautiful new silver or gold wall.

Metallic Wallpaper


Applying Metallic Colored Wallpaper or Paint

Remember, painting your wall will be a far easier process than applying wallpaper, especially if you have never applied wallpaper before. If you are dead set on wallpaper rather than paint, it may be a good idea to hire someone who knows what they are doing, as you could end up wasting a lot of money in the end. Yes, a professional installer will cost you more money, but it is well worth it and far less stressful than trying to apply it yourself. If you are going to go with painting for your metallic wall, keep reading for our helpful tutorial and for more painting guidance.

Silver Painted Brick Wall


The Durability of Your Metallic Color

Chipping occurs quite easily when it comes to paint on walls, while wallpaper is a lot more chip-resistant. That said, if you live in a humid area, the wallpaper will likely not fair too well, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Just like many other paints do, metallic paint will need reapplication after a few years, whereas wallpaper is quite durable and of course, very easy to clean. The lifespan or wallpaper is good. Paint tends to show all of the wall’s textures, whereas wallpaper will be much smoother in appearance.

Using Metallics in Interiors


Affordability of Your Choice

Metallic paint is usually a lot more affordable and easier on the wallet than its wallpaper counterpart. That said, do not think skimping on paint and purchasing a cheap one is a good idea, often the cheaper ranges of paint will require more coats. But this is also true for wallpaper, if you purchase cheap wallpaper, it is likely to be far less durable and robust. You get what you pay for! All of this said it does not mean you should fork out for the most expensive paint you can find; mid-range options are usually quite sufficient and of good enough quality.

Choosing Metallic Wallpaper

Your budget will ultimately be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing between metallic paint or metallic wallpaper. And yes, while wallpaper is obviously the premium choice, the paint will offer you so much more variety and color options.



How to Apply Metallic Paint Colors

Once you have chosen your preferred metallic paint, it is time for the fun part! Painting your wall! It may seem quite daunting at first, so make sure you understand exactly how to apply your metallic paint. Metallic paint is tricky because it needs to dry slowly. You also want to make sure your surface is well-prepped and your floors and furniture are protected.

Metallic Paint Equipment


List of Supplies You Will Need


Preparing and Setting up Your Space for Painting

As with all paint jobs, protecting your floors is very important. A drop cloth, tarp, or even newspaper is an excellent idea. Cleaning up paint spills can be a horrible thing to have to do, so do not try to paint without completing this step first. Do not forget to use your painter’s tape to fasten your tarp down to prevent it from shifting. If you are painting an indoor wall, open the windows and some doors as breathing in the fumes from the paint is not healthy at all.

Secure Tarp for Metallic Painting

Washing your walls first is also important as it will help your paint to bond to the all a lot better. Using your TSP, get all the grime, dirt, and oily marks off your wall. You should mix a quarter cup of TSP into a gallon of warm water and then scrub the wall with this mixture and a brush. The walls will need a few hours to dry.

Wash Walls Before Metallic Paint

If you have any cracks, holes, or chips, crack filler will save the day! Let the filler dry fully before sanding and then cover skirting or trips with masking tape. This is important so do not be lazy about it! Prevention is better than cure!

Taping Before Metallic Paint


Priming the Wall

Using a nap roller of about ⅜ inches is the best type of roller to use when you are painting with metallic paint. However, first, get your corners and edges painted. To avoid an uneven coat, paint a “V” or “W” pattern on your wall, and spread the primer around. Use a primer specifically for interior walls if you are painting inside your home.

Roller for Metallic Paint on Walls

Primer is important because just like clean walls, it will help your metallic paint bond to the wall better. Primer also helps with coverage so you will use less paint. If you can match your primer to your paint, such as light grey under silver paint or pale yellow under gold paint. If this is not possible, white primer should suffice. Make sure to use an oil-based primer if your paint is oil-based.

Priming Wall for Metallic Paint


Applying the Gold or Silver Wall Paint

You are ready to start applying the metallic paint once the primer has fully dried on the wall. By adding a bit of slow dry medium to your paint, you can paint the wall knowing that it will not dry too quickly, resulting in uneven coats. If you live in a warmer climate, this is highly advised.

Gold Metallic Paint on Wall

Apply the paint as you did the primer layer by doing the edges of the wall first. You can use a sponge if you are worried about brush lines from a paintbrush. Using your ⅜ inch nap roller, start applying your metallic paint in a “W” or “V” shape again. Before you apply your second coat of metallic paint, make sure the first coat has dried properly. Use a faux finish sponge roller for your second coat. Depending on the make of paint you have used, drying time should take around 24 hours, just remember that factors like temperature and humidity could affect the curing time. Once your paint is fully dry, you can peel the painter’s tape off and remove your tarp or newspaper floor covering. If your paint is water-based, roller and brush clean-up should be easy – just place them in warm water!



Add some glamour and shimmer to your life with metallic paint. Not only will this unique paint type make your home lighter, it has a lovely, class feel! It is also a unique and more unusual paint type, bound to make your friends and family look twice. With so many different metallic colors out there, ranging from grey metallic paint to pink and gold and even blue, you are bound to find the perfect one for your home that suits your taste perfectly. Do not forget to select a high-quality paint that contains real metal flakes or microbeads and take some paint swatches home first before you decide! Happy painting!



Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Use Gold or Silver Wall Paint Instead of Wallpaper?

While many metallic finishes are in fact wallpaper, the same beautiful shiny and shimmering effect can be created with paint! It is also a lot more affordable and easier to apply yourself without the need for a professional.


Why Should I Choose Metallic Wall Paint?

If you want some glam in your home or office, metallic paint can offer you exactly that! Paint just an accent or feature wall for a more low-key look, or use different shades of metallic golds or silvers. Not only will you create a more glamorous feel in your home, but you can help bring more light into your space as well.


Can I Paint Over Metallic Paint Colors?

If you wish to paint over a wall that has been painted with metallic paint, it is advised to first use an oil-based primer. You will likely need multiple coats of primer in order to cover the metallic paint efficiently and to make sure it does not show through.


Is Silver and Gold Wall Paint Toxic?

No, metallic paints are not toxic. The metallic flakes and microbeads cannot make you sick as lead-based paints do. Luckily, lead-based paints are no longer used today. If you have sensitive skin, try not to get the paint on yourself as it may cause irritation, however, this is rare. Always paint in a room with good ventilation as inhaling paint fumes of any kind is never a good idea.


How Should I Apply Metallic Wall Paint?

The recommended method of metallic paint application is to cut in the edges of your wall using a small sponge and then apply the first coat with a ⅛ inch nap roller. When your first coat is properly dry, the second coat can be applied, this time using a faux finish roller.


Should I Prepare My Wall Before I Paint It With Metallic Color?

To ensure better adhesion of your metallic paint, preparing your wall properly is a good idea. It will also result in a better finish. Make sure any cracks on the wall have been filled, and use TSP to wash the wall before you use your primer.


Will Metallic Paint Brighten the Room?

The answer to this is both yes and no, it all depends on the room and how much light enters it. Metallic paint is reflective and will reflect any light that enters through windows and doors. Avoid darker metallic colors on walls in very dark or dimly lit rooms, unless that is the look you are going for.


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