Waterfalls and Water-Proof… A bathroom renovation 1 year later

This bathroom is just beautiful, and we’re loving being a part of it with our stunning black walnut wood. We are ever awed by the talent of the people who support our company, and Craft-Art is honored to be a part of this project.

That mitered waterfall leg… just stunning.

Their review of Waterlox on wood… just grin inducing.

“…As for the wood counter…I was most concerned about how it would hold up. Wood and water don’t typically go together. I’m quick to wipe up splashes on the wood after use. However, the basement is my boy’s hangout. When my boy’s friends leave I’ll go down and find water everywhere. I first have a slight panic attack while frantically wiping up the water but then I notice that it didn’t affect the wood. Like at all. We used Waterlox to seal the wood and that stuff is marvelous. It’s good stuff. The counter looks as good as it did the first day we installed it.”

For more photos and other products reviews, check the full blog out at http://www.4men1lady.com/bathroom-review-1-year-later/ and join us in our wonder and awe moment of these before and afters!

Well done, Michelle Hinckley and crew!

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