Have all your wood countertop maintenance and refinishing needs met and questions answered by looking through our extensive literature options and instructions included below.

Sales Team Training Resources

We’ve updated our Craft-Art Sales Training video to bring you the most up to date information on selling Craft-Art Wood Countertops. This video will give you a Wood 101 to help make your team successful! Print out the PDF version and take notes or reference during selling. You can also access the Dealer Resource Guide and Installation Guide here.

Drawing and CAD File Requirements

A CAD file is a electronic drawing generated using a computer automated drafting program. We accept dwg or dxf formats which are common export types of most cad software.

Daily Maintenance

A mix of white vinegar and water is all you need to clean and disinfect. Do Not use bleach or ammonia based cleaners. Download our daily maintenance guide here.

Application of Fresh Topcoat Instructions

For minor dull spots, minor discoloration from chemical interactions, or for water no longer beading up on the surface, follow these instructions before doing a complete refinish.

Scratch Removal Instructions

For isolated issues from scratches to chemical damage, download and follow our simple scratch removal instructions before trying a Complete Refinish.

Complete Refinishing Instructions

A full refinish may be needed every 3-5 years. Customers tell us they have much more time between refinishes by applying fresh top coats periodically. You know it’s time for a complete refinish if you see major damage or major chemical damage from bleach or ammonia for example.


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