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I'm a homeowner. Will my quote match my dealer's?

Quotes are for wood material only to give homeowners an expectation of price. Design fees, template fees, and install fees are not included in this estimation and will likely be a included by the dealer.

How do I create an Account? And why should I ?

Create an account by clicking “login” on any page of the quote tool.  Or just click here to create an account.

  1. Then click “create one”
  2. Fill in your information where prompted
  3. Click “Create Account”
  4. Your password will be automatically emailed to you.

Why Create an Account?

  • Save. Have easy access to your quotes for later.
  • Edit. Make changes to saved quotes.
  • Sort. Organize multiple quotes by job name.
  • Purchase. Process purchases securely and quickly online.

*Special Features available for Dealers. Email us at info@craft-art.com for more info.

The material I want to use isn’t showing up! Why not ?

The dimensions you’ve specified may be outside of the maximum size limits for that material. Because we don’t want to quote a top that can’t be built, or can’t be built without custom consideration/seams/joints beyond the standard, our quote tool won’t show you options outside the maximum size limit.Craft Art uses joints/seams to create custom shapes and extended sizes in many cases.

Maximum sizes of single piece materials are listed below. Or click the link below to download the PDF.

Size Limitations of Wood Countertops, Metal Countertops, Glass Countertops


Craft-art size-limit

My shape isn’t listed – what do I do ?

Show examples of Arc shapes.

Why a CAD drawing fee ? Is a hand drawing or physical template the same as a CAD drawing ?

Craft Art is able to create countertops to precise measurements because of digital drawings called CAD files. Undermount sinks, radius edges, edge profiles, and details that require precision all use this method of cut to insure a perfect fit when installed in the home. Every job requires a CAD file, even a square, so we can build every time to the same exacting standards.

Our team can create and edit this file for any customer. We charge a one-time drawing/development fee per job regardless of how many revisions are made.

I have a complicated order/multiple piece order. How do I get a quote ?

Quote each piece in the system. Each quote will be emailed to the email address you provide automatically. If you already have an account, each quote will save to your account.

  • When you are ready to proceed, put each piece in your shopping cart, and check out!
  • Still need help? Contact us! sales@craft-art.com or 404-352-5625

I am a dealer and want to see what my cost is, but it is not showing up. What am I doing wrong ?

To see dealer cost structure you must create a Quote Tool account.

Create an Account by clicking here.

Your account will then be linked within one business day to your exact dealer cost structure.

Need your cost now – can’t wait a day? No problem! Email us at marketing@craft-art.com to have your account approval expedited.

I logged in on your quote page, but your store doesn’t recognize me. What am I doing wrong ?

If you have already created a Quote Tool account but the store isn’t showing you correct dealer cost, email us at marketing@craft-art.com. Our system may not have recognized your email address and been unable to link you to a dealer cost. When you email us we can manually add the correct info!

My quote seems weird. Who can help me ?

Contact us here.

Or email us directly at sales@craft-art.com.

404-352-5625 – phone

404-352-0411 – fax

Is your quote tool an estimate or a final price ?

A final price. The Craft Art Quote Tool was  developed precisely to give you an exact and final product cost. Based on the information you put in, the Quote Tool will give you an exact price including freight.

If you are a current Dealer, create a Quote Tool account here to see your exact cost.

If you are in the trade, become a Dealer by filling out this short form online.

Designers and installers  have fees that will be in addition to this product only quote.

I want to buy this top, but I have questions first. What do I do ?

Contact us here.

Or email us directly at sales@craft-art.com.

404-352-5625 – phone

404-352-0411 – fax

I want another wood species other than what you have shown. What do I do now ?

At Craft Art we fulfill lots of custom requests. Our 25+ standard wood species are all woods that Craft Art has certified as being fit for countertop use with regard to hardness, moisture content, durability, longevity, and beauty.

If you’d like a species that we don’t have listed, we would be happy to research the wood species you are looking for and create a custom quote for you.

Email all the details to sales@craft-art.com.

Lead times on non-standard species may vary based on availability.

Is there a warranty ?

Yes! Click here.