Live Edges

Want to do something really unique with your next wood countertop project? Check out Craft-Art’s live edge options. Craft-Art can source slabs that incorporate a tree’s natural edge. We can literally take the this natural edge and make it a part of your countertop, shelf, table, or other surface. Check out these live edge shelves featured in our Atlanta showroom.

Live Edge Shelves

Sourcing live edge slabs can lead to additional lead time depending on the species and size needed. In addition to sometimes being difficult to source, some of Craft-Art’s unique color options don’t always cater perfectly to the live edge.

Enter Craft-Art’s faux live edge.

Faux Live Edge

Using various hand techniques, our craftsmen create a simulated live edge that can be applied to any wood species and with any color options. The above photo showcases this look on our Driftwood Walnut.



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