Can a sink be put in a wood countertop ?

Yes, a sink can be put in a Craft-Art wood countertop. All Craft-Art wood countertops are finished with penetrating and waterproof organic oil called Tung Oil.

You should not put a sink in a wood countertop that has been finished with mineral or linseed oil, or with film-type finishes such as polyurethane, conversion varnish, or lacquer. Craft-Art does not use any of these products to finish our countertops.

Can I cut on the wood countertop ?

Craft-Art uses two different finishes on our countertops: Mineral Oil Finish and crosslinked Tung Oil Finish. If you chose our Mineral Oil Finish, you can cut on your wood countertop daily with few problems. If you notice any scratches in the surface, you can gently re-sand your wood top and re-apply our mineral oil finish. If you chose our crosslinked Tung Oil Finish, we recommend a companion cutting board for regular chopping. Check our our online store to get the perfect addition to your kitchen, a Craft-Art Cutting Board!

Can I get a “green” countertop ?

Yes, we offer an unmatched range of sustainable and reclaimed wood species that qualify for LEED points. Check them all out under the wood species tab!

Can I put food directly on the countertop ?

Yes, of course! The Tung Oil finish that we use is a natural organic product made from seeds. It is completely food safe.

Can I put hot pots and pans on a wood countertop ?

You can put hot pots and pans on the countertop if you add our set-down bar option. This option includes four stainless steel rods that are placed into a routed slot in your wood top and raised approximately 1/2″ from the surface. Without the set-down bar option, wood tops will have heat resistance similar to engineered stone/quartz. Exposing your wood countertop to extremely hot temperatures or prolonged exposure to temperatures over 200 degrees F is not recommended or covered by our warranty.

Can I stain the countertop to match my cabinets ?

At Craft-Art we pride ourselves on providing gorgeous wood surfaces that show the wood grain to their best advantage while being supremely functional. To meet this commitment, we do not stain due to the problems it could create for the waterproofing and the overall longevity of your countertop. We offer a wide range of species to meet your color needs.

One great benefit of our penetrating Tung Oil finish is that if you do get a nick or scratch it will not leave a discolored mark. This is because the oil is actually within the wood, so the scratch will be the same color as the rest of your countertop. This also means that if you decide to correct any scratches, rather than sanding and re-staining the entire countertop you only have to sand and re-oil the affected area.

Cabinet manufacturers also use a high-tech automated finishing process and different wood species than we use here at Craft-Art. Therefore, the look of your cabinets cannot be exactly duplicated by using our hand-applied Tung Oil finish.

Some species are available with a finish that contains an element of stain. We currently offer Black Walnut and Rustic Black Walnut in 3 different finishes:

  1. Absolute Black Walnut- nearly black in color and mimics the look of Wenge wood
  2. Espresso Walnut- dark brown, more consistently dark tone for those who like the darkest elements of the Walnut species
  3. Driftwood Walnut- a sun-bleached look with the light grey natural appeal of true driftwood

Can I use a cook top or range with a wood countertop ?

Yes, you can use a cook top or range with our countertops. Because ranges are fully insulated today and certified safe to use, the heat from the burners travels up, not out, and poses no risk to your countertop, just as it poses no risk to your cabinets.

Can I use wood for vanity tops in the bathroom ?

Yes, you certainly can, and at Craft-Art we recommend it! Wood countertops are just as beautiful and practical in a bath as they are in your kitchen. Because they are waterproof, a Craft-Art wood top is a great and unique option for your bathroom!

How do wood countertops compare in price to granite and other surfaces ?

Wood countertops compare favorably in cost to all high-end countertop surfaces.

How long can a top be ?

Our average countertop lengths range from 14 ft to 16 ft long. If you are interested in a longer countertop, please call our sales team and verify with us that we are able to construct the length you desire.

How long will it take to make my custom Craft-Art wood countertop ?

Craft-Art will begin to build your countertop once the order has been officially approved and signed off on with all details finalized. Depending on your order, our lead time begins at 14 business days to manufacture. We make each top to fit your exact specifications. Each board within each order is hand selected for your project and never cut down from an existing wood slab or plank. Ship times vary based on location. All template and installation service lead times are based on your service provider.

How much maintenance is required ?

Aside from cleaning the top, you will have to apply some additional Tung Oil every 2-3 years. This takes about one hour and is best performed by a Craft-Art service provider. Similar to resealing your granite countertops, this refreshing coat helps maintain the waterproof finish.

Daily maintenance is simple. Clean with a white vinegar/water solution or mild detergent. Do not use cleaners that contain bleach or ammonia.

What about bacteria getting into the wood ?

Craft-Art Wood Countertops are less porous than natural stone. The wood itself is protected by the Tung Oil finish. As with any countertop, you must wash and disinfect it to keep it free of bacteria.

What do I do if the top is damaged ?

Any damage to one of our tops is easily repaired. Usually, you can do it yourself with some simple directions from our staff. We have refinishing directions available here.

What do I use to clean the countertop ?

Clean your top with mild, non-ammonia soap; rinse and disinfect with a 10-20% white vinegar/water solution. Cleaning instructions can be found here.

What is your warranty ?

Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects for one year and the glue seams for as long as you own the top. To register your product for a warranty, fill out our form.

Where can I buy a Craft-Art Wood Countertop ?

We sell our countertops through retail kitchen and bath showrooms, design professionals, builders and contractors, architectural firms, and other trade professionals. Use our Dealer Locator to find the dealer nearest you or contact Craft-Art customer service at (404)352-5625.