Design Guide

Our finish seals the pores of the wood countertop. You get the natural beauty of wood with the resistance strength of phenolic resin.
The diverse nature of wood is never more evident than when cut at different angles to show colors, grains and structures in the same plank.
Craft-Art can put virtually any sink made or dreamt of into our countertops and warranties our construction and finish to provide a waterproof surface.
An overhang is the distance the countertop extends from the front of the drawer, the door fronts, or the end panels.
Our distressing option is where we hand-distress the surface of your countertop to make it look like it has been in use for 20 years.
An alternative to distressing, hand-planing mimics the unique texture found in antique timbers and beams.
We’ve gathered the relevant industry knowledge and information regarding the strengths and drawbacks of various countertop surfaces to help you make an educated decision.
Craft Art countertops can achieve an even broader range of looks with our selection of edge profiles. The subtle touch that really takes your look over the… Edge!
Craft Art builds our tops in the industry-norm surfaces industry thickness of approximately three centimeters (1-1/4”) up to 6” in thickness.
Craft Art can build virtually any size or shape countertop/island you desire. Any length limitations will be based on your design and selected wood species.
Joints are used to create “L” or “U” shapes.  Wood grain direction is used to accent the size, shape and configuration of your Craft Art countertop.
We offer 2 finishes for our wood countertops and chopping blocks: a Crosslinked Tung Oil finish and a Penetrating Mineral Oil finish.
Craft-Art offers a number of unique options that add to the look and function of our custom wood countertops.
Have all your wood countertop maintenance and refinishing needs met and questions answered by looking through our literature options and instructions.