Hand-planing and Distressing

Are you looking for a design that incorporates an antique or rustic look? Check out Craft-Art’s distressing option. Our craftsman work on your top by hand to create dings, gouges, and other marks that give your top the appearance of 20 years of use. An added benefit of this approach is that any damage that occurs use will simply appear as part of this pattern. No more worrying about the kids or guests causing that first gouge or ding!

Distressed top with Vessel Sink

In addition to our distressing options, Craft-Art now offers hand-planing. This technique mimics the unique texture found in antique timbers and beams. Our experienced craftsmen plane the surface, by hand, to produce a top that is one of a kind.

Hand-planed Countertop



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Live Edges

Want to do something really unique with your next wood countertop project? Check out Craft-Art’s live edge options. Craft-Art can source slabs that incorporate a tree’s natural edge. We can literally take the this natural edge and make it a part of your countertop, shelf, table, or other surface. Check out these live edge shelves featured in our Atlanta showroom.

Live Edge Shelves

Sourcing live edge slabs can lead to additional lead time depending on the species and size needed. In addition to sometimes being difficult to source, some of Craft-Art’s unique color options don’t always cater perfectly to the live edge.

Enter Craft-Art’s faux live edge.

Faux Live Edge

Using various hand techniques, our craftsmen create a simulated live edge that can be applied to any wood species and with any color options. The above photo showcases this look on our Driftwood Walnut.



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ChrisLovesJulia Strikes Again…

ChrisLovesJulia and we love them! After their amazing kitchen renovation in 2013, they’ve returned to turn a half bathroom into this stunning laundry room in their greatest DIY Project yet! If the tiny sink wasn’t cute enough, that full height backsplash is a classy look we’re drooling over.

Suddenly, laundry doesn’t seem like such a chore… Check out the before and afters here:

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Benjamin Jacobs House Renovation

We’re so happy to hear kind words from Sarah Toms after she purchased our wood countertops for her impressive kitchen renovation! Check her out at her blog post here or at to see the amazing things she’s done in her renovation. Beautiful job, Sarah. Thanks for choosing Craft-Art in your remodel adventure!

We <3 Black Walnut.

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Waterfalls and Water-Proof… A bathroom renovation 1 year later

This bathroom is just beautiful, and we’re loving being a part of it with our stunning black walnut wood. We are ever awed by the talent of the people who support our company, and Craft-Art is honored to be a part of this project.

That mitered waterfall leg… just stunning.

Their review of Waterlox on wood… just grin inducing.

“…As for the wood counter…I was most concerned about how it would hold up. Wood and water don’t typically go together. I’m quick to wipe up splashes on the wood after use. However, the basement is my boy’s hangout. When my boy’s friends leave I’ll go down and find water everywhere. I first have a slight panic attack while frantically wiping up the water but then I notice that it didn’t affect the wood. Like at all. We used Waterlox to seal the wood and that stuff is marvelous. It’s good stuff. The counter looks as good as it did the first day we installed it.”

For more photos and other products reviews, check the full blog out at and join us in our wonder and awe moment of these before and afters!

Well done, Michelle Hinckley and crew!

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