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Best Travel Watercolor Set – Paint Anywhere With Portable Watercolors

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Watercolor is an excellent choice for artists who like traveling or plein air painting. Portable watercolor sets allow for the variation of colors that you get in acrylic and oil painting without the need for a large number of materials, a complex setup, or even a significant amount of time spent on the activity. It is possible to optimize portability by picking the most appropriate travel watercolors set for your needs.



Types of Watercolor Sets

Whether you are a newbie to the watercolor world or an experienced artist, you’ll explore a wide selection and diversity of various watercolor sets to choose from. As a result, it is important to have a solid grasp of the types of watercolors. This can assist you in making an informed decision on which watercolors would work well for you. As a starting point, watercolor paint is composed of two primary ingredients: finely powdered pigments as well as a binder. Certain manufacturers use wetting agents to facilitate the flow of liquid and the absorption of solids.

Types of Travel Paint Sets


Professional-Grade Watercolor Sets vs. Student-Grade Quality Watercolor Sets

There are two main types of watercolor paints: professional quality and student-grade quality. The student grade quality is a great choice for beginners. While professional, as the name implies, is suitable for professionals. Compared to student-grade sets, the professional-grade variety is made with more pigment, which results in more vibrant colors.

Portable Watercolor for Plein Air Painting

Compared to the professional grade paint, student watercolor paint sets require the use of more paint to achieve a specific depth of color. Because student-quality grade watercolor paint kits are available at a lower cost, they are a much better option for those who are just starting out painting with watercolors.

Quality of Student Watercolors


Student-Grade Watercolors

Student grade watercolors are an inexpensive option if you are new to the painting world. These watercolor paints have a far lesser degree of quality pigment, but their color designations are often identical to those used by commercial artists and artisans. This ensures that you have a colorful and attractive finished product. However, it will not be as vibrant as what you could expect, had you used professional-grade watercolors.

Student Grade Travel Watercolors

Moreover, since most student-grade watercolors have color names that correspond to those used by professionals, you may get acquainted with the colors you prefer using by first testing them before moving on to the professional-grade version. The drawback of using this grade is that they may have varying degrees of fillers and pigments based on the colors. Furthermore, there may be some issues with how vibrant the color of your mixed watercolor is.


Professional-Grade Watercolors

These are professional-grade watercolors. They have a great quantity of pigmentation present in them. One main advantage of using this grade is that the pigment will be of a high quality. Another advantage of utilizing professional-grade watercolor sets is the brightness of the colors that may be created by blending different colors.

Outdoor Painting Using Watercolor Set

The cost of your watercolor sets might vary depending on the colors you choose. Certain pigments are much more difficult to get than others, and as a result, they might be more costly than others.


Watercolor Pans vs. Watercolor Tube Sets

Apart from the fact that there are several paint grades available, there are also watercolor paints of various qualities, including students’ and artists’ quality. Other types include watercolor pans and watercolor tubes.


Watercolor Pan Sets

Water Pan Sets usually have trays with a circle or sometimes rectangle shape. These are used to hold paint blocks that can be liquefied by putting water in them. Watercolor pan sets are more in demand and are easier to use than tubes. The pan sets don’t require much preparation and are more user-friendly.

Watercolor Pan Set


Watercolor Tubes

Painting with watercolor tubes is a great way to experiment with new techniques. It is really simple to use these tubes. However, it becomes very hard to use if the paint inside the tube gets dry. Additionally, with repeated wetting, the tube watercolor paints might grow dull.

Travel Watercolor Tubes



Best Travel Watercolor Set

There are several great travel watercolor sets on the market, as well as a couple that may fly underneath the radar a little bit. Quality, durability, pigmentation, the ability to not stain easily, portability, and excellent transparency are all characteristics that distinguish the best travel watercolor set from the others.

Water-Brush in Travel Watercolor Set

The best travel watercolor sets that we recommend are all of high quality, ensuring that you get the greatest watercolor sets for use on the go when you need to paint. We present you with suggestions for the best value, budget-friendly options, as well as premium options, suitable for your budget and requirements.


Our Best Value Recommendation: JERRY Q ART Water Colors Travel Pocket Set

This portable watercolor set offers 24 colors that are extremely simple to mix in a variety of ways. It comes with a built-in palette to help you get started and also comes with a water brush that can be simply refilled. Lastly, there is a pocket-sized sponge that is perfect for painting while on the move!

The portable watercolor set is also lightweight, and the colors are available in a wide variety of hues. The package represents excellent value for the money. They have a little gritty feel to them, which is typical of most inexpensive watercolors, but unless you use the paint extremely heavily. Aside from that, they’re rather clear when washed with weaker solutions. A pretty excellent spectrum of colors is used, and they’re all vibrant and dazzling.

JERRY Q ART Water Colors Travel Pocket Set
  • Designed to fit a pocket, includes water transport and storage
  • 24 easy to blend color paints that conform to health standards
  • Porcelain calligraphy dish, sea sponge, and palette included
View on Amazon
  • Excellent value for money
  • It contains a large number of different colors
  • It has powerful hues
  • Includes a retractable watercolor pen for portability
  • It is equipped with removable mixing trays
  • It closes securely
  • The material used to construct this item is durable
  • It does not include any watercolor sheets


Our Budget-Friendly Recommendation: SAKURA Watercolor Set

This is one of the most cost-effective alternatives available. The Sakura travel watercolor kit has everything you’ll need to create little masterpieces or drawings while on the go. This portable watercolor set is perfect to bring along whether you’re going to the countryside, relaxing at the beach, or walking urban landscapes. The set is lightweight and affordable. Includes a refillable Koi water brush to transport and store water. The water brush technical qualities are polypropylene, transparent barrel and nib holder section, nylon fibers for brush tip. The portable watercolor set consists of 30 colors.

SAKURA Koi Field 30 Watercolor Set
  • Each paint color is individually tested to ensure easy blending
  • Ultra organized and compact, includes everything needed to paint
  • Paints approved by ACMI toxicologists
View on Amazon
  • A small, sleek design that fits into shirt or jacket pockets, perfect for painting on the go
  • The travel watercolor palette is lightweight and affordable
  • Portable travel watercolor set for use on the go or at home
  • The color intensity provided by the paint is immediate
  • It does not include any watercolor sheets


Our Premium Choice Recommendation: ARTISTRO Watercolor Paint Set

This portable travel watercolor set is one of the most cost-effective alternatives available. The Artistro travel watercolor palette has everything you’ll need to create little masterpieces or drawings while on the go. It is designed for both beginners and professional artists and has a case that is both attractive and durable. It is very much possible to fasten the pouch using metal snaps, ensuring that the items inside the pouch are readily secured and portable.

The Artistro watercolor set has everything you need to start painting anywhere you might be, these include 40 high-quality pigment colors including four fluorescent and four metallic colors, an exclusive water brush pen, 10 sheets of 300 g watercolor paper, metal box, sponge, drawing pencil, brush, eraser, swatch sheet. This travel paint set is said to be one of the best on the market and lets you enjoy your creativity wherever you go.

ARTISTRO Watercolor Paint Set
  • 40 colors, and 4 neon and 4 metallic paints from high quality pigments
  • Paper, water brush pen, sponge, pencil, eraser, swatch sheet included
  • Odorless, completely water-soluble, conforms to safety standards
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  • Everything you need comes in one set
  • Elegant design and packaging
  • Very affordable when compared to other brands
  • The travel paint set is non-toxic
  • The watercolors offer a range of bright colors
  • Some supplies are not usable



How to Choose the Most Appropriate Watercolor Sets for Your Requirements

If you want to choose the best travel watercolor set, you must consider several factors. You need to consider the type of watercolor paints to use, quality, lightness, transparency, density, costs, and whether or not the colors will produce stains.



Quality is a highly significant consideration when selecting painting supplies, and should not be overlooked. Watercolors are offered in two grades: student and professional grade. The former is often made with a higher concentration of pigment and is available in a variety of colors. Student watercolors, on the other hand, are made of synthetic binding materials and fillers, they are less expensive than professional-grade watercolors. The student grade is more appropriate for beginning students.

Types of Travel Watercolor Pans



Another thing to think about is the colors that are included in the travel watercolor palette. When painting, it’s important to be able to combine as many colors as possible to get the desired effect. As a result, if you are a novice, you may want to consider purchasing a watercolor kit that has around five or nine different colors. You may decide to make significant investments as time progresses. Furthermore, when you pick single pigment colors rather than combined colors, you will receive more bright colors as opposed to when you pick blended colors.

Color Quality of Watercolor Paint



This refers to the paint’s resistance to fading and cracking when exposed to light and humidity. Typically, the quality of the pigments used, as well as the quantity of filler present, determines how long the pigments last. As a result, you will want to consider the rate of permanence of the colors you want to use while making your selection.

Permanence of Watercolor Paint



Some watercolors are known to leave stains on paper after piercing through the surface of the paper. Others, on the other hand, do not penetrate the paper, but rather lie on top of it, allowing you to quickly erase any undesirable lines with a sponge or even by scraping the paper away. The amount of staining caused by the watercolors is determined by the pigment used.

Travel Watercolor on Paper



To get a washed-out look, watercolor paints allow light to penetrate through them. The opaqueness of watercolors is usually indicated on the tubes or palettes by the manufacturers. To get the layered look of several watercolors, it is vital to keep in mind that you can thin out the opaque colors.

Transparency of Watercolor Paint


Tubes or Pans

Watercolors of superior quality are available in pans or tubes. A pan is a tiny tray that is used to store dried paint. The majority of painters, on the other hand, opt for tubes because you have the choice to get your colors. On the other hand, pans available in palettes are a significant drawback. Consequently, you are unable to choose your preferred colors since they are packaged in sets of specified colors.

Watercolor Tubes and Tray



Pigments with a high degree of granularity are heavier and larger when compared to pigments with a low degree of granularity. The usage of these granular pigments produces gritty characteristics on the surface on which they are applied, and they do not distribute uniformly. People have different preferences when it comes to color. Some like smoother colors, while others prefer colors that have a little roughness to them. The decision is totally up to you and is based on your preferences.

Detail of Watercolor Paint



When it comes to purchasing watercolor paint, the price might have an impact on the quality of the colors you get. When compared to lower-cost paints of lower quality, professional or artist-grade colors often provide much higher quality and reliability. This means that you will be able to pick between professional-grade and student-grade depending on your needs. However, regardless of the kind of paint you choose, be sure to try getting those from reputable brands. A little research can be very helpful too.



The quality of paint has a HUGE impact on your art right from the beginning. It works with you to create the desired effect. The key is to buy the most reputable and best quality paints that you can afford and the watercolor sets listed here can do the trick for you. These travel watercolor sets are of great quality and offer great value for money, try them and they will not disappoint.



Frequently Asked Questions


Can You Use Watercolor Paint on Canvas?

Because it is not absorbent enough, regular canvas is a terrible choice for watercolor paintings. Even though there are certain specialist watercolor canvases available, it is typically recommended that you work on paper.


What Is the Process of Making Watercolor Paint?

Watercolor paint is created by crushing pigments into small particulates and combining them with a binding material. When the pigment dries, the binder is responsible for holding the pigment to the paper.


Is Watercolor Paint Toxic?

Paints made with water are typically safe, yet certain older pigments like cadmium, cobalt, as well as zinc, may be hazardous. Even yet, it would take a significant quantity of pigment to be harmful, which is why most industries have shifted away from using such pigments throughout recent years.


Can You Use Watercolors on Wood?

The answer is yes, albeit it will take some skill and careful prepping of the wood. Additionally, since wood has a propensity to absorb a large amount of moisture, we would suggest using less water and more color instead. Once you have completed it, be sure to protect the wood with transparent varnish to prevent it from becoming discolored over time.


Do Watercolor Paints Have a Shelf Life?

Yes. They have a shelf life and the length of time it lasts may vary based on the brand. Some may survive for up to five years while others may stay for an even longer time. Having said that, it’s typically feasible to rejuvenate expiring paints by dissolving them in water for a short period.


What Is the Difference in Quality Between Pans and Tubes?

There is no discernable difference between watercolor tubes and watercolor pans. However, when it comes to using these materials, you may notice some differences. For example, reusing the paint from tube watercolors may be very hard if the watercolor paint is dried. Due to the difficulty in making the pigment soluble, the paint will be extremely challenging to remove with your watercolor brush.


Where Can I Find the Best Watercolor Paints for Beginners?

There are a plethora of different watercolor paints commercially available, which might be a little intimidating for someone who is just starting. To guarantee that you are selecting a high-quality product, you may want to go for well-known brands.


What Colors Should You Start With to Get the Ball Rolling?

There are several colors you can go with and the ones you choose will depend on your preferences. You should always have a variety of watercolor paints on hand while painting to be able to generate both translucent and bright colors as required. The best solution is to start with a set of colors selected by the manufacturer.


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