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Best Pastel Highlighters – Top Pastel Highlighter Sets, Styles & Tips

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Most highlighters come in a range of bright colors which can be quite overwhelming. Pastel highlighters, however, provide a blend of balanced colors. This gives the highlighted material an incredible sense of calmness. So, which pastel highlighters should you choose? This article will enlighten you on some of the best pastel highlighters based on unbiased product reviews.



Color Highlighters

Highlighters are manufactured in different sizes and they come in a variety of colors. Some brands offer a lot of color options compared to others. Some brands offer different tips and a variety of pens for various projects. Colors are important not just to satisfy your preferences, but certain colors tend to add more texture and emphasis to your artwork.

Some colors easily pop and create an impact. For example, using a yellow highlighter creates a real impact on all kinds of applications. This makes it more eye-catching. You can use different colors to highlight different segments of a story or to section off different information. Clearly, colors are important in separating your topics, segments, and so on.

stabilo pastel highlighters



Types of Highlighters

Highlighters come in different shapes and the process of choosing the right ones can be stressful. Some are made of three tips. Some of them are made with different tips for one color, others are made in different colors for the same tip. Other highlighters have rectangular tips that can prevent them from drying very quickly. The other choice is to opt for are highlighters made from wax. These wax highlighters have effects similar to oil pastels .


Liquid Highlighters

These highlighters require at least a minute to dry before they can get smudged. They come in a variety of colors including metallic, glitter, and more. They are also known as the traditional range because they are lighter when compared to others. They are very bright and can stand out on any design. They last exceptionally long because they can be absorbed by the paper.


  • They come in vivid, bright colors
  • Can glow when exposed to a blacklight
  • Variety of colors available
  • They last longer than others


  • Quite hard to erase them
  • Can cause bleeding due to too much ink
  • Can smudge if they are not dry properly


Dry Highlighters

They are not like the other highlighters and tend to leave an effect similar to tape. When using a dry highlighter, it feels as if you are using a correction tape. You should not confuse dry highlighters and dry mark highlighters. They are suitable for thin pages because they do not cause any damage. Dry highlighters do not leak, bleed, or smear on the page you will be working on. These highlighters do not dry out and you do not have to wait for them to dry. Dry highlighters are refillable.


  • They can be erased so easily
  • They are refillable
  • Quite easy to use
  • They do not leak
  • Contains no liquid


  • Can be rubbed off easily
  • Do not last long


Gel Highlighters

These highlighters do not smudge or bleed because they use gel instead of a tip. They are quite different from other highlighters because of the gel stick inside. The gel also prevents your highlighters from drying when compared to the liquid ones. Gel highlighters tend to leave a matte finish on your page. They come with a twist base that you must use to bring the gel out. This twist base gives you total control over the highlighter. You will be able to control how much gel you want to use at a time.


  • A variety of incredible colors
  • They dry quite fast
  • They do not bleed or smudge
  • Offers total control over the pen
  • Offers a smooth gel finish


  • They are quite expensive
  • Complicated and tricky to use at first


Pastel Highlighters

They are quite similar to gel pens because of the same color ranges. They also offer the same smoothing effect as the gel highlighters. They also have a soft and colored palette. Pastel highlighters are the only group that consists of more greens, purples, and blues. They are made of pastel dyes, not like fluorescent ones. They cannot glow when exposed to a blacklight.

You may be forced to redo certain areas or colors because the shades and colors are a bit lighter than the paper. This is to ensure that you get your desired results. They blend easily with other colors which makes the lighter shades are more suitable to use in coloring and shading.


  • They can blend easily
  • Quite durable compared to traditional highlighters
  • Suitable for various uses
  • Come in softer colors and shades


  • Do not glow when exposed to a blacklight.
  • Quite lighter than neon highlighters

Midliner Pastel Highlighters



Best Pastel Highlighters

We have reviewed many of the different types of highlighters in order to help you find the best choice. Choosing the right highlighters can often be tricky as there are so many different options available. Take a look at the following reviews for our picks of the top products and brands available.


Best Overall: STABILO Pastel Highlighters

This is one of the best brands when it comes to quality highlighters. If you are looking for the best stationery brands, this might be your first choice. The highlighters from this brand are exceptional in every way. They are similar in shape and size to other neon-colored highlighters, but they have an added non-drying benefit feature. This feature prevents the highlighters from drying out even if you forget to replace the cap.

The non-drying technology keeps them moisturized for longer – at least four hours. Stabilo pastel highlighters are quite safe and easy to use.  The set comes with six quality highlighters. These Stabilo pastel highlighters are budget-friendly and include attractive colors like pink blush, mint, and so on.

STABILO Boss Original Highlighter Pastels
  • A 6 color set of stylish pastel highlighters
  • Includes anti-dry out technology for longer use
  • Safe to use water-based ink
View on Amazon


  • They are easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Consists of anti-dry features
  • From a well-trusted brand
  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • They are water-based


  • Shows through thin paper
  • Prone to bleeding and smudging


Best Budget: LUPI LUPI Zebra Midliner Pastel Highlighters

These Midliner pastel highlighters are quite affordable and made in Japan. There are three different packs in the set that include cool shades and colors. They have dual-sided tips that enable easy drawing. The dual-sided tip design can make thicker lines or show fine calligraphy lines on the other side.

This set of Midliner pastel highlighters offers great value considering the stunning variations that it offers to make your projects more fun. The added advantage is that they are not prone to bleeding and smudging. So you will not have to worry about anything seeping through your paper. They are highly versatile, so you can use them in your office, at school, for art and crafts, and so on. The variety feature makes them effective in producing incredible color blends.

LUPI LUPI Zebra Mildliner Highlighter Brush Pens
  • A 15 color set of extra-fine highlighters
  • Includes a wide range of mild pastel colors for greater versatility
  • Includes a useful pen case for easy storage
View on Amazon


  • Quite Affordable
  • Suitable for a variety of uses
  • Dual-tipped design
  • Consists of 15 different shades
  • They do not bleed or smudge


  • Dark colors are not suitable for highlighting
  • Not suitable for coloring


Best Erasable Brand: PILOT Frixion Pastel Highlighters

These Frixion pastel highlighters are produced by the well-loved brand Pilot, and they are one of the best products they have on offer. They can be erased and prevented from friction by using heat. When you buy this set, you will not have to worry about bright fluorescent colors because the set covers all features in six soft shades. They are mess-free considering that they consist of an eraser head.

However, these Frixion pastel highlighters cannot be erased because their ink reacts to heat. The ink is also thermo-sensitive. This is because the eraser head emits heat due to the friction caused when erasing from a page. So if you heat these pastel colors over certain temperatures they will turn clear. You can also try using heat to activate the ink if it happens to run out.

PILOT FriXion Light Pastel Erasable Highlighters
  • A set of five different light pastel highlighters
  • Thermo-sensitive ink formula that allows you to erase the ink
  • Versatile, quality highlighters for multiple projects
View on Amazon


  • They come with an eraser
  • Quite a good brand
  • It is affordable
  • Can be erased quite easily


  • Normal eraser does not work on them
  • Appears lighter due to heat sensitivity


Best Cool Highlighters: STABILO Cool Pastel Highlighters

This group is much thinner than the other thick highlighters from the same brand. These highlighters are cool, slim, and come with non-slip grip control. The highlighters can produce two lines with different widths. The non-slip grip control enables you to draw and write, making the highlighters suitable for producing lines of different sizes.

A great feature is that they do not dry out easily. This also prevents them from drying out even if the cap is not on for longer hours. You can even leave them for up to four hours without the fear of them drying out. They come in six pastel shades, making them the best cool highlighters in a small pack. They do not bleed because they leave a matte finish. The small pack enables you to carry them around for easy traveling.

STABILO Blister Swing Cool Pastel Highlighters
  • A set of six stylish soft pastel highlighters
  • The highlighters use anti-dry out technology
  • Formulated with safe and versatile water-based ink
View on Amazon


  • The tip consists of two-sized lines
  • Pocket-sized design for easy traveling
  • Does not dry due to long cap-off hours
  • Consists of a variety of colors


  • Colors can be much lighter than expected



Consideration for Pastel Highlighters

Now that we have covered the different types and the best brands of highlighters, we will need to look into the specific features that you should consider when buying them. Knowing the tiny little details will add more fun to your shopping while allowing you to make a more informed purchase. Consider these factors before you make up your mind:

Frixion Pastel Highlighters



Not every brand of highlighters has a wide range of colors, so it is vital to get a brand that can offer you a lot of options. Highlighting is all about different colors, so you will never wrong with a variety of colors. Most of them come in sets so it is best to play around with different colors and decide on the brand that works well for you.

Remember not all of the pastel highlighters will be suitable for highlighting work, but some of them you can use for writing or drawing. Some of them are perfect for bringing out important illustrations and colorful effects. The other important thing to note is that the neon ones offer bright colors whilst the others offer much gentler colors.


Tip Size and Shape

It is important to understand the purpose of your highlighters. Some brands offer multiple tips while others offer only one tip. It all depends on what you want. A dual tip also comes in handy because it enables you to draw thick lines and switch to finer lines. Consider the width of the tip because it determines what the highlighter is best suited for.



Most color highlighters are water-based consisting of ink or dyes enabling them to stay wet for long. Consider if the highlighter you are buying can bleed, smear or if the ink dries out too quickly.  The ink should be safe enough for children. You should be able to wash off the ink without much hassle. Some pastel highlighters also contain water-resistant properties, which can give you a hard time when you want to clean and wash the surfaces.


Brand and Budget

Also, consider the names that you recognize. Common and popular brand names are a better choice. Sticking to trusted brands gives you a good product, as well as good customer support. Consider your budget too, because you generally have to pay for better quality.

Color Highlighter



Frequently Asked Questions


Are There Any Differences Between Gel and Pastel Highlighters?

Gel highlighters are made up of gel filling which gives you the ability to control how much gel to apply each time. On the other hand, pastel highlighters are liquid-based, and they tend to smudge or bleed. They also consist of pastel-colored dye.


Are There Different Types of Highlighters?

Highlighters come in varieties just like any other stationery,  giving you more room to make your choices. Fluorescent and neon-colored highlighters are the most common. The other types of highlighters fall into the pastel and gel options.


How Do You Define Pastel Highlighters?

This is a group of subtle colors and shades of highlighter ranges. They are less bright because they do not fall in the neon or fluorescent group. They do not glow under a blacklight either. Because they come in gentle colors, you can also use them for layering, blending with other colors, and adding many illustrations to your projects.


Are There Any Best Pastel Highlighters?

The top brands are Stabilo, Pilot, and so on. However, read reviews on certain brands before purchasing a set of highlighters.


Now that we have covered the features of the best highlighters, it is up to you to get something that works for you. While you are at it, do not forget to play with different highlighting colors and try out different brands. Have a fun time highlighting!


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