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Best Copper Spray Paint – Copper Spray Paint Comparisons and Reviews

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Copper spray paint is versatile and can be used on almost anything, but that doesn’t mean that all brands of copper paint are of equal quality or the same. You will need to choose your paint with care, as some brands are better than others. Copper spray paint gives you a metallic, coppery finish and is great to use in your DIY projects on furniture, cars, etc.



Types of Copper Spray Paint

When selecting the best copper spray paint, it is necessary to do some research and get some experience. There are so many copper sprays available to buy, which makes choosing the correct one even harder, particularly as if you buy the wrong product you will be very disappointed in your results. Copper spray paint can transform an item from being dull and boring to trendy and decorative. Always test out your copper spray paint on an assortment of surfaces, before using it on any of your items.

The top-quality copper spray paints can be found on Amazon, and in most craft stores. You are looking for a spray paint that gives you the correct color, tone, and stunning finish to your DIY projects. A good quality copper spray paint should offer you value for money and should give you your desired results.

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Copper Spray Paint Comparison

Looking for the best copper spray paints? Out of all the products available, we have selected three of the best copper spray paints on the market. These will be sure to provide excellent results for all kinds of projects.


Overall Best: RUST-OLEUM Specialty Metallic Copper Spray Paint 

This copper colored paint gives the most realistic metallic finish, and can cover various surfaces. This is a copper paint for metal, wood, plastic, and many other finishes. Overall, it is the best copper spray available. The spray paint can be used on metal, masonry, plaster, and so on. As it is made of real metal leafing flakes, the paint is super shiny. The brand Rust-Oleum has a variety of copper metallic spray paints on offer, but this particular one, the specialty metallic copper spray paint, is the absolute best one.

The specialty metallic copper spray is long-lasting and can be used on several different surfaces, giving a reflective, bright copper finish. Using this spray paint, you will be able to bring your objects to life, even if you are a beginner. The spray paint is durable, resistant to corrosion, fading, abrasion, and weather. The paint gives a natural look, like real copper, adding a vibrant, bright finish to your surfaces, it can be purchased in an assortment of colors. While this is the most trustworthy, and well-known brand on the market it does have its negatives, in that it isn’t ok to use on objects that are used often, you will see many users complain about this on the Amazon reviews, make sure to keep this in mind when buying this particular product.

RUST-OLEUM Specialty Metallic Spray Paint
  • Offers a rich metallic shine over various surfaces
  • The formula contains actual metal flakes for a realistic effect
  • Bright and reflective finish for interior use
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  • Dries quickly (15 minutes)
  • Can be used on the majority of home décor items
  • The finish is reflective
  • Shiny, metallic finish
  • Can be used for leafing


  • If you spray too much, it can run
  • Can only cover 12 square feet
  • Can only be used for indoor items


Most Durable: KRYLON Fusion All-in-One-Spray Paint

This is an all-in-one option that can be used on several different surfaces, it offers both primer and paint in one bottle. It works well as a copper paint for metal, but can be used inside and outside on all kinds of surfaces. The paint adheres well to surfaces and is very durable. The product comes with a spray tip that enables you to apply the paint with ease, also ensuring there is no over-spraying and providing a smooth and even coat on your surfaces. The paint gives a rose-gold finish that is a favorite of customers and can be used for indoor items, as unfortunately, it isn’t weather resistant.

The copper colored paint gives a gorgeous rose-gold, metallic finish to your household items and furniture, the paint is long-lasting and can be used on most surfaces. The can should be shaken vigorously to give you the best overall results. It is a great option for DIY projects, as the paint dries quickly. As an all-in-one product the paint offers protection from rust, durability, class, and quality, all in one bottle, it also means that you do not require any preparation to the surface before using the paint as the primer allows you to paint any surface or item with ease. The product is known for its top-quality rust protection, but be aware that it takes time to paint the whole object as the paint is quite fragile. The spray pressure is very powerful, which can make it difficult to spray with accuracy.

KRYLON Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint
  • All-purpose spray paint for all kinds of surfaces
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Provides a sleek and modern metallic finish
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  • Offers excellent, and complete protection from rust
  • Extremely durable
  • The primer is included in the color
  • You will not have to prime or sand it


  • The high-pressure spray can make it difficult to use
  • Requires at least 25 minutes to dry
  • The paint dries to a slightly less shiny finish than other options


Best Budget: KRYLON General Purpose Metallic Spray Paint

This paint gives you a very shiny finish, making your items pop, bringing gorgeous metallic spray paint colors into your house. You will achieve realistic copper appearances using this premium paint, as opposed to a standard coat of paint. This is a stunning option for home décor.

The paint can be used on several different surfaces such as choice-metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, paper, and so on, giving you a finish, which looks like it has been plated as opposed to looking simply painted. Within 10 minutes of spraying the paint on your object, you can touch the surface, and the item is ready to be used in just two hours. The finish is smooth and glossy, more so than with any other product. The paint is perfect if you are looking to spray an item and require it to instantly dry, this is your best option for fast-drying spray paint. Krylon is easy to use and has a gorgeous color, making it ideal for most users. It can only be used on indoor items as it will not stick-on outdoor surfaces and items. A huge plus is that this paint is budget-friendly, so will not cost you a fortune.

KRYLON General Purpose Metallic Spray Paint
  • A fast-drying and durable metallic spray paint
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of different surfaces
  • Formulated for indoor use only
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  • Gorgeous metallic finish
  • Dries quickly
  • Comes in several color options
  • Can be used on an assortment of indoor objects
  • Ideal for a variety of surfaces
  • Offers a very durable finish


  • Can only be used on indoor items
  • You will need to use a primer first to get the desired results
  • Not as bright as other metallic spray paints

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Tips for Using Metallic Spray Paint

Specialty metallic spray gives a gorgeously rich, luxurious finish to your furniture, it is particularly great when used on an accent piece as the stunning finish adds to your home. You can use it for pieces anywhere in your house and is considered the best thanks to the metal leafing flakes it contains.

  • Always remove any dust, and clean your project before spraying the copper paint. Dust, dirt, and fingerprints can all negatively impact your finished product.
  • Ensure there is sufficient ventilation in the area you are working in. Spray paint gives off harmful fumes which can be dangerous to your health, the best option is to do your spray painting outside.
  • Before spray painting, shake your can thoroughly. We recommend you shake the can for at least a minute, this will ensure the mixture is mixed sufficiently. Continue to ensure you shake the can between each spray.
  • Hold you can further enough away (roughly 30cm) from your object’s surface. This distance decreases any chance of your paint running.
  • Spray an even and light coat, ensure each coat dries completely before spraying the next coat. By allowing each coat to dry properly, before spraying the next one, you decrease your chances of spoiling your completed project.
  • Ensure you are wearing protective and appropriate clothing. Wear a mask to protect yourself from the harmful fumes given off by the spray paint, as well as wear protective clothing.
  • The spray paint comes in a pressurized container and is very flammable. The spraying process is made easier, thanks to the can being pressurized. Being able to spray the product allows you to work faster and with ease.
  • Ensure your container is stored in a well-ventilated area and is closed tightly. If the container is exposed to excessive heat, there is a chance it could rupture.



Choosing the Best Copper Spray Paint

You must select the right spray paint; the incorrect product can completely ruin your project. You will need to consider many things before you select your paint, such as the following aspects:

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Type of Finish

Take into consideration the type of finish you are looking to achieve. Examples include, if you are looking for a hammered or Matte finish, select a spray paint that isn’t as lustrous. Alternatively, you should use a product that provides a metallic copper finish if you want a shinier result. Despite that, the ideal spray paint is one that ensures a gorgeous finish and is durable.


Exterior or Interior Spray Paint

You need to take into consideration the location of your object or piece of furniture, as well as consider the durability of your piece to stay away from flaking or wearing off. Think of the wear-and-tear your object experiences every day. For example, durable spray paint is ideal for outside patio furniture, as the paint will stand up to the outside elements, and the regular use.


Primer or No Primer

A paint that includes a primer is great for wood, metal, and slippery surfaces, it has its advantages as you will not have to prepare or sand the surface of your items before you begin painting. You should definitely use a primer on an object that experiences a lot of wear-and-tear, as it ensures the paint adheres well to the surface and will be long lasting. You don’t need to prime your item if it is an unfinished item, such as a picture frame.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Copper Spray Paint Work?

Copper spray paint has a stellar reputation in the arts and crafts community, this is since that it is so versatile and easy to use. Many times, you will only require one coat of paint, to turn your dull boring object into a bright, vibrant piece.


Can Paint Stick to Copper?

Yes, paint can adhere to copper, but it will not last too long, rather do not paint on copper, particularly as paint can cause moisture which results in copper corroding.


How Do you Paint Metal to Look Like Copper?

You will have to begin by painting the metal with a primer and allowing it to dry, once completely dry add an additional coat of primer. Once both layers of primer have dried you add the first layer of Metal Effects copper paint and allow this to dry completely you can then apply a second coat.


Which is the Better Brand, Rust-Oleum or Krylon?

To answer that question, it all depends on the results you require, if you need the product to be durable, Rust-Oleum is your better choice, while if you require the product to dry quickly rather buy Krylon.


Why Do Many Artists and Craftsmen Prefer Rust-Oleum?

Rust-Oleum provides its users with six benefits being, value for money, durability, style, adhesion, easy to use, and sheerness. This brand has been around for a long time and produces some of the most trustworthy, quality products available.


Copper spray paint is an easy way to achieve a unique and impactful finish over various surfaces. Whether you are doing interior touchups, or want to add a durable metallic finish to exterorior surfaces, metallic spray paint works well. Follow our guide above on the best copper spray paint to help you find the perfect paint for your project.


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