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Q: Can A Sink Be Put In A Wood Countertop?
A: Yes, a sink can be put into a CA Basics wood countertop. Countertops with sinks should be finished with Waterlox Tung Oil or Polyurethane. You should not put a sink into a wood countertop that has been finished with Chopping Block Oil.

Q: Can I Cut On The Wood Countertop?
A: If you choose our Chopping Block Oil Finish, you can cut on your wood countertop daily. If you notice any scratches in the surface, you can gently re-and you wood top and re-apply the Chopping Block Oil Finish. We do not recommend you cut directly on a countertop finished with Waterlox Tung Oil or Polyurethane.

Q: Do Wood Countertops stain easily?
A: The Waterlox Tung Oil Finish resists red wine, mustard and other food substances.

Q: Can I Put Food Directly On The Countertop?
A: Yes! All CA Basics finishes are completely food safe.

Q: How Long Can A Countertop Be?
A: CA Basics Wood countertops can be made in just about any size or shape you can imagine.

Q: Can I Use A Cook Top Or Range With A Wood Countertop?
A: Yes, you can use a cook top or range with our countertops. Because ranges are fully insulated today and certified safe to use, the heat from the burners travels up, not out, and poses no risk to your countertop, just as it poses no risk to your cabinets.

Q: Can I Use Wood For Vanity Tops In The Bathroom?
A: Yes, you certainly can, and we recommend it! Wood countertops are just a beautiful and practical in a bath as they are in your kitchen. Because they are waterproof, a CA Basics wood tops are a great and unique option for your bathroom!

Q: What Is The Maximum Unsupported Overhang?
A: Any overhangs greater than 6 inches should be supported.

Q: What About Bacteria Getting Into The Wood?
A: CA Basics Wood Countertops are less porous than natural stone. The wood itself is protected by a finish. As with any countertop, you must wash and disinfect to keep it free from bacteria.

Q: What Do I Use To Clean The Countertop?
A: Clean your top with mild, non-ammonia soap; rinse and disinfect with a 10-20% white vinegar/water solution.

Q: What Is Your Warranty?
A: Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects for one year and the glue seams for as long as you own the top.