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The term “butcher block” most commonly refers to finger-jointed wood work tops. To create this product, regular lumber is cut into uniform width, edge-grain style blanks that are joined together with a special machine to make longer pieces, sometimes up to twenty feet long! This process removes strength-reducing defects and character found in conventional boards. Finger-joints are specifically designed to be structurally strong and long-lasting, making them ideal for all kinds of trim, molding, and countless wood components. In strength, stability, and straightness, finger-jointed lumber rivals conventional methods by reducing warping and twisting sometimes found in full length boards and ensures a consistent final product.


Did we mention finger-jointing is even more environmentally friendly than traditional methods? By drastically reducing the waste from conventional glue-ups, finger-jointing maximizes the yield of every tree selected, greatly decreasing sourcing issues and lead times associated with long lumber.