5 Upgrades to Create a More Functioning Kitchen

5 Upgrades to Create a More Functioning Kitchen

Let’s face it we all want a more functioning kitchen. Your space isn’t efficient until it’s functional, regardless if it’s your large dream kitchen or a smaller kitchen you love.

If you’re looking to make your kitchen more functional space, Craft Art has the answer’s you’re looking for with our special options.

Drain Channels Wood Countertop

  1. Drain Channels. Eliminate the dish rack and add drain channels to your countertops. Dish dry racks take up unnecessary counter space and can be littered with bacteria. Waterlox sealer makes Craft-Art Wood Countertops highly water resistant, built in drain channels next to a sink allow water to run away from drying produce or dishes. Set-Down Rods Permanent Trivet Wood Countertops
  2. Set-Down Rods. Craft Art Wood Countertops are heat resistant up to 225 degrees F. However, set-down rods allow an ease-of-mind for the busy cook as a permanent trivet next
    to the stove!

  1. Prep Area. Butcher Block refers to countertops built in end grain construction or checkerboard. End grain tops are ideal for cutting surface as they don’t show knife marks as easily as other construction styles. They are typically finished with a food-grade mineral oil allowing you to create your perfect prepping station.
  1. Knife Slots. Add knife slots to your Butcherblock countertops for easy access. The knives are tucked safely into the countertop so that your children cannot access them.



  1. Trash Chute or Compost Drawer. What better way to take advantage of your custom chopping block than to add a trash chute directly in the top? With a trash chute, you can clear out your countertop with just one swipe. You have the choice of a wood lid, or try a stainless cover to match the face of your cabinets!
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